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Greek Medical Tools

Greek Medical tools played a part in healing the Greeks used

many techniques with these tools. The following are examples of
what procedures they did

• Cutting out arrows

• Spreading salves
• Sucking out of blood
• Binding of wounds
• Application of opium to wounds
• Application of helpful potions
• Surgery
• Stitching of wounds
• application of plasters
• diet
• exercise
• baths
• purges
• warm compresses
• blood letting

Hippocrates had a thorough understanding of fractures. He

knew of the principles of traction and counter-traction. He
developed special splints for fractures of the tibia, similar to
external fixation. Hippocrates also developed the Hippocratic
bench or scamnum. Of all the developments that Hippocrates
has given to us, his careful clinical observation and rationale
thinking must be particularly commended.