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Maintenance Technician Electrical

USS Pre-Learner

Ivy Tech Community College, Northwest And United States Steel Corporation Partnership
Career opportunities exist for skilled and/or trained individuals in Electrical or Mechanical Maintenance due to attrition and increased demand. Completion of the attached Industrial Technology Maintenance Technical Certificate Program does not guarantee employment, but does guarantee that you will be given the entrance test given to all US Steel applicants for the position for which you are applying. To give yourself the best opportunity for hire with US Steel you must: 1. Successfully complete the Industrial Technology / Maintenance Technical Certificate for either Mechanical or Electrical Maintenance. Completion of the program will substitute for the one year of experience requirement that US Steel mandates for any new hire. a. To enroll in the program, follow all admissions procedures of the college. b. Minimum of 12 credit hours per semester (excluding summer) highly recommended. c. Upon enrollment please contact Tom Box at (219) 980-7706 or tbox@ivytech.edu to ensure proper student tracking for US Steel. 2. Apply for electrical or mechanical maintenance positions on line at: www.uss.com. 3. Successfully pass the US Steel MTM or MTE test. 4. Successfully pass the US Steel interview process. 5. Successfully pass the US Steel drug screen, background check, and physical exam. 6. Keep in contact with Ivy Techs Career Services Department during the entire application process to ensure proper tracking for Ivy Tech graduates.

USS Pre-Learner

Sample US Steel Job Posting

Title Maintenance Technician - Electrical Description Primary Responsibilities & Requirements:
Installs, maintains and repairs a broad range of electronic systems and equipment. Must have thorough background in industrial electricity and knowledge of schematics, AC/DC systems, PLCs. Must be able to troubleshoot and repair electrically driven operating systems and equipment. Operates equipment in conjunction with repairs and provides assistance in operating functions as necessary to maintain continuous operations. May work alone with minimal supervision or other maintenance technicians.

Work Environment:
Heavy Industrial Environment Environment Conditions/Temperatures vary through-out the year Safety Highest Priority Safety Procedures/Guidelines Requires working rotating shifts, including Saturdays and/or Sundays Punctuality and Attendance A Must Overtime as needed

Pay & Benefits:

The starting salary for these positions is $22.65 per hour, with additional variable pay with the following benefits: Medical/dental/vision/life and disability coverage 401(k) Profit sharing plan Pension plan Tuition assistance Paid vacation and holidays

USS Pre-Learner

Ivy Tech Community College Northwest

United States Steel Corporation Pre-Learner Curriculum

Industrial Technology (INDT) Technical CertificateMaintenance

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The Industrial Technology Maintenance Technical Certificate Degree Prelearner program prepares students for work as electricians in industry. The program course content reflects the specific skills set unique to the technologies employed to produce and process steel.

Attributes and abilities looked for in a Maintenance Technician Electrical PreLearner will include problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and sound judgment.

Basic electrical repair and installation skills are supplemented by exposure to the principles and applications of electrical control systems, electronics, electrical power distribution, blueprint reading, Allen-Bradley programmable controllers and the National Electrical Code. Safety issues are covered and safe work practices are consistently stressed and modeled by the teaching staff.

Certificate requirements can be satisfied in several ways: Credits earned in traditional classes conducted at Ivy Tech campuses. Equivalent college-level courses completed at accredited educational institutions. Previously acquired skills can be demonstrated and evaluated for proficiency and subsequent granting of technical credits.

USS Pre-Learner

Industrial Technology (INDT) Technical Certificate - Maintenance School of Technology

GENERAL EDUCATION 7-9 CREDITS COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking *IVYT 1XX Student Success Elective MATH 118 Concepts in Mathematics 3 1-3 3

PROFESSIONAL/TECHNICAL CORE 9 CREDITS INDT INDT INDT 104 Fluid Power Basics 113 Basic Electricity 104 Print Reading 3 3 3

STATEWIDE ELECTIVES - 15 CREDITS INDT INDT INDT INDT INDT INDT PROC 103 204 205 206 122 211 131 Motors and Motor Controls Electrical Circuits Programmable Controllers I Programmable Controllers II Electrical Wiring Fundamentals Industrial Instrumentation Introduction to Process Technology Total credits = 31-33 *Program Ready students take IVYT-104Critical Thinking 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

USS Pre-Learner

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS FOR: Industrial Technology Technical Certificate - Electrical Maintenance

COMM 101, FUNDAMENTALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING Introduces fundamental concepts and skills for effective public speaking, including audience analysis, outlining, research, delivery, critical listening and evaluation, presentational aids, and use of appropriate technology. Prerequisite: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of C or better in ENGL 025 Introduction to College Writing II and ENGL 032 Reading Strategies for College II

IVYT 104, CRITICAL THINKING Assists students in developing critical thinking strategies with academic and workplace applications. Prerequisite: None

MATH 118, CONCEPTS IN MATHMATICS Through real-world approaches, present mathematical concepts of measurement, proportion, interest equations, inequalities and functions, probability and statics. Brief survey of college mathematics. Prerequisites: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or a grade of C or better, in MATH 015 Fundamentals of Algebra I, MATH 023 Essentials of Algebra I, MATH 050 Basic Algebra, or MATH 080 Mathematic Principles with Algebra.

USS Pre-Learner

INDT 102, INTRODUCTION TO PRINT READING Provides an introduction to reading and interpreting machine shop symbols, welding blueprints and working drawings used in trades and crafts. Focuses on dimension, shape, fabrication and assembly. Applies basic mathematics to the solution of print and performance problems. Class will focus on blueprint reading for electricians. Prerequisite: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of C or better in MATH 015 Fundamentals of Algebra I

INDT 113, BASIC ELECTRICITY The study of electrical laws and principles pertaining to DC and AC circuits is the focus of the course. This includes current, voltage, resistance, power, inductance, capacitance, and transformers. Stresses the use of standard electrical tests, electrical equipment, and troubleshooting procedures. Safety procedures and practices are emphasized. Prerequisite: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of C or better in MATH 015 Fundamentals of Algebra I

INDT 104, FLUID POWER BASICS Introduces the student to fluid power principles and components. Teaches basic circuit design through the use of symbols and schematic diagrams to build a foundation for career work in fluid power technology. Prerequisite: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of C or better in MATH 015 Fundamentals of Algebra I

USS Pre-Learner

INDT 204, ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS This course is designed to provide an understanding of circuits using alternating current and the motor operation. The course will provide fundamentals of single- and three-phase alternating current. Analysis of series and parallel circuits, containing resistance, inductance, and capacitance will be covered. Transformer applications both single phase and three-phase along with power distribution will be covered. This course will give each student a general understanding of common types of electric motors, extending from the small shaded pole fan motors to the large three-phase motors. Direct current motors will also be covered. The student will receive an education in motor theory, magnetism and how it affects motor rotation, and how capacitors affect a motor circuit will be included. Prerequisite: INDT 113, Basic Electricity INDT 205, PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLERS I Introduces the basic theory, operation and programming of programmable logic controllers. Demonstrates programming examples, set-up examples and troubleshooting, as well as PLC timing, counting, arithmetic and logic and sequencers. Prerequisite: INDT 113, Basic Electricity and TECH 104, Computer Fundamentals

INDT 206, PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLERS II Serves as a further introduction to the field of industrial controls. Students will learn the principles of control systems and how they are applied to a production system to achieve automation. Systems included in the courses are stepper motors, programmable logic controllers, microprocessors, computers and feedback systems. Emphasis is placed on programmable logic controllers and the local area network. Prerequisite: INDT 205, Programmable Controllers I

USS Pre-Learner

INDT 122, ELECTRICAL WIRING FUNDAMENTALS Introduces the student to the National Electrical Code and its application in designing and installing electrical circuits, selecting wiring materials and devices, and choosing wiring methods. Includes electrical safety, terminology, interpretation of electrical symbols used in construction blueprints, branch circuit layout, over current protection, conductor sizing, grounding, GFCI & AFCI protection, tool usage, and material/device selection. Prerequisite: INDT 113, Basic Electricity INDT 211, INDUSTRIAL INSTRUMENTATION Provides instruction in the purpose, function, and application of process control instruments relative to manufacturing and industrial technology.
Prerequisite: INDT 113, Basic Electricity


Introduction to power plant systems including boiler, turbine, generator, condenser, pumps, and auxiliary equipment. Emphasizes the use of schematics and diagrams in discussing plant systems. Includes plant safety training. Prerequisite: NONE

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