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Today we find ourselves tired and worn out. We do so many things to keep ourselves looking spiritual.

We keep ourselves looking good and people think we are good, but God wants us to be more than that. God wants us to remember not only who He is but what He has given to us. To Israel He had given the Law. To us He had given us the gift of salvation. For most Christians salvation is understanding Christ as the gate to heaven and relationship. Israel had to sacrifice regularly. In these verses we find that each tribe had a gift to keep the tabernacle worthy of worship. The Church has been given gifts that do the same thing. We all have gifts which should function to help each of us, as tabernacles of worship to God be worthy. Keeping the Sabbath was more a day of rest. It was more than just a law to be kept. What we find here is that it was a time for God to show He is keeping his side of the agreement. He not only cleans the tabernacle of sin through the blood of Christ for us. He makes it worthy of His presence. He has promised to live in us, but he cant live when it is not sanctified. He cannot empower us if there are things that take away the focus from Him or take away the effective empowerment of our lives. In todays world we clean our houses. We work hard to stay clean in our lives. But we need to not only be clean but allow God to do the cleaning so He can fill His promises in our lives and in the Church. Are we working too hard to be clean and not letting God do the cleaning? Are we scared that God will want to change things in ways we dont want to change? Are we holding on to things that God wants to throw out? Sanctification is a big word, that is true. But it is allowing God to do the cleaning in our lives so we can be empowered and experience His peace and power, which will give us the confidence in times of stress.

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