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They saw the nations around them being successful and they were in the wilderness.

God had made promises but they never seemed to be fulfilled. Isnt this what we do sometimes? We all know God is powerful. We all know God can do anything. We desire to see more of God doing great miracles. I met a Korean at the train station. He said he wanted more gifts. So I asked him what gift he had already. He thought for a moment and said, Counseling! The second questions was do you think you use it? It is his job a bit but he didnt have time to answer. Israel was chosen by God to show the world what a living God can be like. Different than the dead idols that people worshipped. Now we dont worship idols like they did then. But we often do like this friend. We seek for more miracles, more power, more of the physical and not the relational. When we have a relationship with El- Shaddai there is nothing God wants more than to show us how much he cares. The key in these verses is repeated. The first is to rest in your relationship. The second is to commit your life to God by saying it constantly. When we truly believe it without hesitation. Third when we focus all of our emotions (love) on God. Most of the time emotions take away our focus on God. We get angry because we see God as doing what we want. We demand from God. In this psalm we are to relax and rest. The difference between what is from God and what is not is that we can know and rest in His ability to get His job done. When it is not of God we find we get stressed because of our insecurity. What is keeping you from the blessings of El-Shaddai?

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