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Example Documentation for Disciplinary Action

Current Date

Dear Employee: The purpose of this letter/memo is to inform you of my recommendation to.. The reasons for my recommendations are based on.. (insert a statement describing the infraction and reference the specific tribal policy iolation! Describe pre ious or related infractions and disciplinary action "hich occurred "ithin the past #$% months if applicable. &nsert a statement "ith a reminder to the employee that another similar or related incident may result in further or additional and more serious disciplinary action. 'utline due process and a statement that the employee has the right to present the employee(s ersion of the e ents to management "ithin a specific time frame. )ight to appeal as outlined in the *ashoe Tribe personnel policy/handboo+ under section ,, Employee -rie ances and .ppeals (not a ailable to probationary employees!. *ithin three business days after the receipt of this letter/ please schedule a meeting "ith me to discuss this issue or reply in "riting. & "ill consider the information you pro ide me at that time before & for"ard my recommendation to 0). 1incerely/