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Opposition Instructions:

Ask your assistant manager in staff responsibilities (only do this if his tactical knowledge is above 15) Wingers - show to weaker foot/hard tackle Mids - close down/weaker foot Strikers - hard tackle/weaker foot Fullbacks - weaker foot/close down/tight marking if good attacking fullbacks

Match Prep:
team cohesion/tactics until season starts attacking movement against teams with weak/leaky defence defending when up against the big boys Team ork

Suggested Pla!er t!pes:

1) Goalkeeper: Good old fashioned Keeper normal shot stopper etc (Maarten Stekelenburg, De Gea, Cech). 2) Full Backs (attacking fullbacks): Good on defense and positioning, high work rate, good marking, plus:
good at running with ball and passing crossing is essential! (Azpilicueta/Alex San ro/Danilo/!iec"tensteiner/ Si#ueira)$

") %entrebacks:

Composed and determined, pace# and good anticipation is a must, ball pla#er, not necessar#, $ust a good centreback! (Moreno, &ou'a/(a son/)e*er/+ta'en i/,u''els). Good stamina, work rate, tackling, strength teamwork, passing and positioning, good old fashioned Centre %efensi&e mid, an all round good midfielder adept at defending and attacking! (-ann M./ila, Ben ers/(a*i Garcia) .

4) Defensi*e Mi : ') %entre 'i )) %entre 'i

rig"t: Good at passing, creati&it# and high stamina, good at tracking back helping on defence and picking up the ball deep, he will drop deep and and pick up possession and spra# the passes out wide to the wingers, creati&it# is essential and a good first touch with techni(ue decisions work rate (Fernan es/0roos/1ogba)$ left: * good defensi&e t#pe central mid, think C+ , -upport t#pe pla#er, good all rounded mid ()o'ulo/(ucilei/(a*i Martinez).
4xtre'el5 #uick, agile, determined good decision makers, high flair and dribbling and crossing finishing. Good off the ball mo&ement, stamina are also &er# important (,ulk, 6illian, Di Maria, Sal*io, Gaitan, 6alcott) . .arget +an or Complete /orward! (%ar ozo/!ukaku/Girou )$

7) 2nsi e For3ar s: 8) Striker: