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Worksheet 6 – Designing a Questionnaire

The following questionnaire has been designed to find out some information about the users of
Greenwood's Public Library. There are some errors in this questionnaire. Read through and see how many
you can find.

Name ___________________________________

Telephone ________________________________

1. How often do you use the services offered by the library?

2. How many books or publications have you borrowed from the library?

___ 0 ___ 1–5 ___ 5–10 ___ 10–15___ 20–50 ___ 50–100

3. The last time you used the library, what was the purpose of your visit?

___ search for a book

___ search for a periodical
___ get information from a librarian
___ study peacefully

4. Were your needs satisfied?

___ Yes ___ No

5. How satisfied are you with the quality of service provided by the library and the attitude of the
library staff?

1 2 3 4 5

6. What do you dislike about the library?

7. Are there any improvements which could be made to the library in order to provide better service?

Yes ___ No ___

CC 204 0 E ng lis h fo r Acad e mic S t udie s ( He alt h C are) – S tudy G uide

8. Do you approve or disapprove of the recent proposals made by the Library Management Review
Committee, such as the proposal to double fines for overdue books?

___ Approve ___ Disapprove

(Go to Question 11)

9. Are you aware of these proposals?

Yes___ No ___

10. Why do you disapprove of these proposals?

11. Are you against not having longer opening hours?

___ Against ___ Not against

12. Level of education ______________________


Source :
“Questionnaire Exercise.” Statistics Canada. Internet Resources. 2006. 11 Feb. 2008.

Answers are available at:


CC 204 0 E ng lis h fo r Acad e mic S t udie s ( He alt h C are) – S tudy G uide