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Applied Instrumentation Lab

Department of Electronic Instrumentation & Control Engg.

B.Tech. 8th Semester


Maximum Marks: 75

Table of Contents

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Name of Experiment Setting Analog & digital link Study & Measurement of losses in optical fiber Measurement of Numerical aperture of fiber Plot V-I & PI characteristics of LED Plot V-I & P-I characteristics of LASER To study the indirect BP measuring method and to measure BP using sphygmomanometer and electronic BP instrument To obtain ECG of a resting human subject and verify the algebraic relationship amongst units leads To find out various lung capacity measurements using pneumotachograph To obtain EEG signal of a normal subject with the following conditions: a. Eyes open b. Eyes closed c. Thinking d. Writing e. Reading For the above conditions energy levels of a different area of brain should be plotted To study the effect of exercise on HR and BP

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Global Technical Campus, Jaipur