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McKee Nelson
1053 Hermes Ave 661-703-3810
Encinitas, CA 92024 steffani.m.nelson@gmail.com

Certified personal trainer and graduate student in Nutritional Sciences. Skilled in developing and
implementing research-based nutrition interventions in both individual and community settings.
Experience in patient screening, food service, community nutrition. Strong leadership and organizational
skills. Vast knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle interventions, nutrient content of various foods, and
nutritional needs of various socioeconomic populations. Speaks basic Spanish with intention of fluency.

Lifestyle Intervention
Clinical Experience
Development of practical means to improve health
Patient screening, blood draws, and biomarker
based on individual/community needs
Community Events
Research Skills
Interaction with community members
Research study design and execution
Organization of events, materials, and personnel
Navigation of research journals for current
nutrition developments
Technical Skills
Food Service Experience
Proficient in Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and
Proper food preparation protocol
HACCP signage and planning
Extensive experience in The Food Processor SQL
Food and allergen labeling
for nutrition analysis


Personal Trainer, Independent Contractor, January 2012-August 2013.
Clientele included general healthy population, those with musculoskeletal injuries, older adult and
elderly, type I and II diabetics, overweight and obese, those recovering from heart surgery, and those
with low back pain. Recognized for high success and retention rates in clients seeking healthier lifestyles.

Graduate Assistant, Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, San Diego State University, 2013.
Drafted, edited, uploaded, and graded exams and assignments for over 1,000 students. Responded to
technical issues while taking online exams, and to questions regarding assignments and course content
Recognized for prompt and thorough responses to student issues.

Personal Trainer, Fitness 19, San Clemente, CA, February 2011-March 2012.
Recognized for creating seventh-highest sales revenue in one month at all Fitness 19s in region.


Sports Nutrition Intern, Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista, CA, June 2013-present.
Drafted nutrition facts labels based on recipes used in facility kitchen; analyzed recipes for allergens and
labeled foods accordingly; evaluated quality of food available in accordance to standards set by US
Olympic Committee; evaluated food preparation for adherence to recipes and adjusted nutrition labels

Retail Program Intern, Network for a Healthy California, UC San Diego, January 2013-present.
Drafted Get Fit Toolkit, an incorporation of Harvest of the Month Initiative and Power Play Initiative, for
approval by State of California for use on state website and community events. Developed Harvest of the

Month Initiative presentation design. Named point of contact for schools/community groups for Fruit
and Veggie Fest. Recognized for reliability and leadership potential.

Volunteer Research Assistant, Nutritional Sciences, San Diego State University, January 2013-present.
Assisted in various components of research study; screened patients; evaluated blood samples of
participants; conducted 24-hour food recalls with participants; recognized for thorough and precise work
and was selected to be responsible for investigating questionable nutrient data.


Currently completing Master of Science, Nutritional Sciences and Didactic Program of Dietetics, San Diego
State University, 2012-present.
Teaching Credential, Social Science, and Bachelor of Arts, History, California Polytechnic State University,
San Luis Obispo, 2007-2009.


Certified Personal Trainer American College of Sports Medicine
CPR/AED Certified American Red Cross
Attendee American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Expo, 2011


Institutional Research Board Approval February 2014. Designed and drafted protocol documents for
original nutrition research study
Kasch-Boyer Endowed Scholarship November 2013. Awarded to fund original research with
intention of future publication
Selection for University Grants Program January 2014. Original research proposal selected by Dr.
Mark Kern to submit to University Grants Program, awarded $8,820 to fund research.