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Bridgeport Middle School Library

If you weren't able to tell by the quotes on the front cover of this e-book, I love reading. And you are probably thinking, "Of course you love reading. You're a librarian!" My fascination with reading started long before I decided to be a teacher and promote literacy. It started before I was old enough to read, and my daddy sat on the edge of my bed at night weaving stories about the mountains and the mysterious things that lurked in them...howling, creeping wampus cats and mountain lions, coyotes, and bears. (Oh, my!) His words opened up a world blending fading facts with pieces of fantastic ction, and I didn't know where one world began and the other ended. His stories led me to pick up books before I could recognize the words and jump into worlds through wardrobe and wilderness. I solved mysteries with Nancy Drew, and rode on covered wagons with Laura Ingalls. Books became my hideaway, a sanctuary. Many years later, I would begin the journey of becoming an English teacher and eventually a librarian. I love my calling...and I adore every child who walks through my doors. I am grateful to share a part of their lives-to introduce them to the power of words. My hope is that BMS Library becomes a resource for your entire family. For up-to-date information on books, resources, and other library activities, check the website at http://bmsbraveslibrary.weebly.com/.

Mrs. Melissa Hinerman Librarian

When Can I Go To The Library? Library Hours Library Opens at 7:00 a.m. Students must check-in with bus teacher and sign out on the clipboard before coming to the library in the morning. The library is available for book check out, computer usage, and research. Students may come to the library any time during the school day with a pass from their classroom teacher to checkout a book, complete research, or use the iMac lab unless the library is occupied by a class and the librarian is not accessible. Students should have their classroom teacher call ahead for availability. Teachers may schedule time during the day to bring students for book checkout, research, or technology projects. The librarian is available for collaborative teaching or research assistance after 11:00 a.m. each day due to her morning teaching schedule. Library is open during AA from 2:00-2:35. AA teachers may schedule the library for checkout and silent reading in advance. Students must have a note from their teacher in order to use the computers, work on a project, or stay in the library. AA time in the library is academically focused, so unless there are special circumstances, students must check out a book and return to AA.

How Can The Library Help My Family?

Use Destiny Quest Online By accessing the online card catalog, Destiny, and setting up a student account, families can log in to the student account, search for books housed in the BMS library, view new arrivals and the top 10 checked out books, look to see what books are checked out and when they are due, and perform safe searches using educational databases. All searches can be saved in a student list that is accessible by the student at any time.

Setting Up A Student Account in Destiny Quest

Access the Destiny Online Catalog from the Bridgeport Middle School homepage or Mrs. Hinerman's webpage. Click on Create Account in order to customize your electronic library and search experience.

Setting Up An Account In Destiny Quest

You will be directed to a page that asks for your last name and barcode number. Your barcode number is your student WVEIS number. You will only be able to create an account if you are enrolled as a student at Bridgeport Middle.

Setting Up An Account In Destiny Quest

You will have to choose a username and password. Making it the same as your school Edmodo account makes it easier for you to remember. The email address is optional, but it provides you with a method of retrieving your username or password if you forget.

Setting Up An Account In Destiny Quest

Now you are ready to logon and explore your virtual library. By clicking on the Destiny Quest Home tab, you can keep track of the top 10 most checked out books, new arrivals, and access resource lists (books, websites, and databases) created by your librarian. You can also take a look at the resources you added to your search list on this page. You can populate your virtual shelves with books that you have read, books that you are reading, and books on your "must read" list. You can read book reviews and summaries and search for books in the BMS library and through interlibrary loan. You can also search subjects by typing in the "Find" box and clicking "Go."

Searching Made Easy With Your Virtual Library

Let's assume you have a research project about volleyball. With your virtual library you won't have to search all over the Internet for resources. After you enter your subject and click "Go," you will be directed to a page with several tabs. The rst tab shows you what books are available in the Harrison County School district as well as BMS. If the book listed says "In," the book is available for immediate checkout from the library. "Out" means that it is currently unavailable, and "Ask" means that it isn't available at BMS, but it is located at another school in Harrison county.

Searching Made Easy With Your Virtual Library

Click on the third tab "One Search" and the website will automatically search subscription databases giving you a variety of options. It even includes a Webpath Express database that nds safe and reliable Internet sources for students.

Searching Made Easy With Your Virtual Library

Another advantage to using Destiny for research is the feature allowing you to bookmark or save sites in a list that you can access later for information or bibliographic reference. Just click "Add To List" and Destiny automatically saves your spot.

West Virginia InfoDepot

Another way Bridgeport Middle School Library can be a resource to your family is through WV Infodepot, a partnership with EBSCO Databases and the WV Library Commission. This site gives our families access to thousands of magazines and periodicals, online encyclopedia access through Grolier Online, a career planning database, WV e-encyclopedia, medical databases, and literature resources. This exciting resource includes archived newspapers, a database for researching opposing viewpoints and perspectives on controversial topics, and a learning center that provides tutorials and practice tests for occupational certication testing, reading comprehension, math skills, and college prep tests just to name a few. WV Infodepot can be accessed with the username BMS and the password braves.

BMS Library website is designed to meet the various needs of our students and staff with helpful links to other resources, videos that highlight learning and celebrate student life at BMS, Symbaloos that are set up for specic research topics making it easier for students to nd reliable and accurate information, student learning blogs, a parent resource page that provides reviews of the latest books, technology and software applications/ apps. The library website also contains links to the book club website where students can keep up with the newest books and join the book discussions

Stay Connected Online

New E-Book Collection For Non-Fiction Reference

Harrison County Schools is working to bring resources to our families outside the 4 walls and in various formats. Gale Virtual Reference Library is another avenue of resources for our families. With 15 different reference sources, students can check out reference material and never leave the house.

There is so much information you can gather from the library, but don't forget one of your most valuable resources in the search for knowledge: your librarian. Feel free to ask for help researching topics, taking notes, citing sources, nding the right book, or using technology to create an amazing project! I never turn down an earnest seeker, and I love an adventure! See you in the stacks! Mrs. Hinerman