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WORLD RELIGIONS: 2014 BUDDHISM - REVIEW SHEET KEY TERMS the Middle Path dukkha samsara dharma KEY

QUESTIONS: In what country and in what year was the Buddha born? What was the Buddhas name? What social condition (caste, lifestyle, etc.) was the Buddha born into? How did this position aid in the early spread of Buddhist teaching? What are the 4 encounters/visions experienced by the Buddha as a young man, which prompt him to begin his quest for enlightenment? What are the Four Noble Truths? What are the eight components of the Noble Eightfold Path? What does each mean? What is the difference between Karmic and Nibbanic (Nirvanic) Buddhism? Who is on each of these paths and what is the goal for each? What was the traditional/original Buddhist view concerning the existence of god (or gods)? What is the nature of Buddhist cosmology? Is it egalitarian (all are equal) or is it hierarchical? How does it compare to the caste system of Hinduism? How does one achieve nirvana in Buddhism? When Buddhism rst came into being, women were not seen as equal to men in the roles they played. Why not? Name the two major branches of Buddhism discussed in class. Which is the greater vehicle and which is the lesser vehicle? What are some signicant differences between the two? In what geographic regions or countries do each of the two branches dominate? What does Buddhism teach about community and ethics? Is there a moral code? If so, what are some actions that are prohibited? What is the main focus and practice of Zen Buddhism? Where is Zen Buddhism most commonly found? What are the titles of the two leaders of Tibetan Buddhism? What area of their religion does each oversee? sangha karma bun bap nirvana bodhisattva