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QUESTION 1 List down four (4) out of five (5) enforcement activities by the Department of Occupational Safety and

Health. (4 mar s)

QUESTION 2 Social Security Or!anisation (SO"SO) provides protection by insurance includin! medical and cash benefit. #hat are the other two ($) protection provided by this or!anisation. (4 mar s)

QUESTION 3 Occupational health and safety are often !rouped to!ether% but they are not the same even thou!h they are closely related. &t is important to understand and differentiate the two. #ithout safety and health% we will be e'posed to ha(ard% e.!.% e'posure to ha(ardous substances may affect the body instantaneously or have a delayed effect. Differentiate what is health% safety and ha(ard. () mar s)

QUESTION 4 Occupational health and safety is concerned with the identification% evaluation and control of ha(ards associated with the wor place. "ompanies and or!ani(ations often have occupational health and safety pro!rams% which the ob*ectives are to reduce + occupational in*uries% which includes any harm from wor place accidents (e.!.% fracture% cut% burn)% and occupational illnesses% which includes abnormal conditions caused by e'posure to factors associated with the wor place. Discuss how occupational health and safety improves the wor environment and in turn affects the economy.

(,- mar s) QUESTION 5 Health and safety in the wor place is a shared responsibility. .mployers and employees must cooperate in the area of health and safety in the wor place. /nder the Occupational Health and Safety 0ct% OSH0 ,114 (0ct 5,4)% employers% wor ers% suppliers and contractors each have a set of responsibilities. .mployers must protect the health and safety of wor ers% wor ers must be able to wor safely and comply with their employers2 health and safety pro!rams. Suppliers must provide tools and e3uipment which are safe to operate% and contractors who have employers wor in! for them must ensure the employers are complyin! with the 0ct. ob*ectives of OSH0 ,114 (0ct 5,4)4 () mar s) #hat are the

QUESTION 6 0s an ethical senior mana!ement in industrial% you must be committed and be involved in all aspects for successful health and safety performance. List four (4) industrial ha(ards and e'plain how they can be ha(ardous to an employee. 5ive your ideas on how to reduce or prevent it. (,- mar s)