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EDUCATION ! ! ! ! ! University of New England, Biddeford, ME ! Masters of Education, Educational Leadership 2014 ! Summa Cum Laude 4.0 Springeld College, Springeld, MA ! Bachelors Degree, Movement and Sports Studies & Physical Education 2006

CERTIFICATIONS ! ! ! ! Maine Assistant Building Administrator Professional Certication Exp. 2018 Maine Professional Teaching Certication Endorsement: Physical Education K-12 American Red Cross First Aid & CPR/AED for Adults, Children and Infants American Red Cross Prevention of Disease Transmission

CAREER EXPERIENCE Instructional Strategist Acton School, Acton, Maine 2013-Present Data Coordinator: Collect and analyze various sources of data Design and facilitate School Board presentations The data will be used to provide focused individualized professional development of the staff Assist in teachers implementing standards-based education into their classrooms Facilitate and attend various professional development sessions Explore and report out on the Smarter Balance Assessment Work in partnership with the building Principal to assist teachers in reaching their learning goals Classroom visits and observations Coordinate and facilitate staff development and meetings Successfully delivered presentations, facilitated faculty meetings with the focus to educate and inspire teachers for the introduction and development of standards based learning Assisted teachers in the implementation of standards based learning with specic content delivery ideas and assessment variations Lead Teacher Acton School, Acton, Maine 2013-Present Coordinate and facilitate common team meetings Works in conjunction with administration to conduct school-wide business Promotes alignment between content areas and grade levels Additional professional development focused on leadership and creating cohesive teams

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Physical Education Teacher Grades K-8 Acton School, Acton, Maine 2007-Present Design and implement bi-weekly physical education lesson plans with a focus on motivating students of various ages, interests and ability levels Students learn a variety of manipulative and non manipulative skills to increase skill level Create motivation and inspiration to promote lifelong skills in leadership and teamwork Successfully reinvented the structure of PE class with high expectations in class management and behavior management Member of the Discipline Committee (2011) Successfully created rubrics and matrixes to rene the discipline policy Member of the Steering Committee (2012-Present) Assist all stakeholders in creating a vision and mission for Acton School Member of the Scheduling Committee (2008-2012) Assist in creating an organized and effective schedule for all students grades K-8 Coached Middle School Soccer (2008-2010) Acton College Tour Supervisor (2008-2010) Supervised and organized a weekend trip for high school seniors to attend college tours.

Online Physical Education Instructor Grades 8-12 Virtual Learning Academy Charter School, Exeter, New Hampshire 2012-2013 Reason for resigning: To pursue a career in administration. Teaching online Physical Education and Health courses grades 9-12 Create and maintain consistent communication and relationships with student and guardian(s) Provide monthly progress reports and monthly calls to parent and student Manually grade assessments Help guide to meeting competencies in subject area Assist students to staying on pace with their lesson schedule Modify lessons and assessments to meet individual student needs (Differentiate Instruction, Scaffolding) Physical Education Teacher Grades K-3 RSU # 6 Steep Falls Elementary, Steep Falls, Maine 2006-2007 Reason for resigning: To pursue full-time employment at Acton School. ! Teaching position for an elementary school grades K-3 ! Design and implement weekly physical education lesson plans in skill themes and movement concepts ! Students learn various manipulative and non manipulative skills to increase skill level and create motivation for physical tness ! Lessons focus on safety, health, tness, and team work! ! Lessons designed to increase interest for physical activity outside of class
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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable This professional development was designed by our building Principal to focus ve main strategies on leadership and team cohesion from the author Patrick Lencioni. The lead teachers met once per month to focus on this professional development and discuss skills we could take back to our common planning teams to promote a positive, safe place for discussions and effective practices. R.I.S.C. Classroom Design and Delivery (CDD) This training was part of the R.I.S.C. (Re-inventing Schools Coalition) program that was purchased by Acton School. The RISC program focused on promoting a positive, school-wide culture and a common language driven by a standards-based approach. R.I.S.C. Instructional Design (ID) This training was also part of the R.I.S.C. program. The ID training focuses on how teachers delivery their instruction to best t the needs of students using a standards-based curriculum. This training digs deep into standards by discussing rigor, multiple learning styles and teaching styles. M.C.C.L. Leadership Meetings The MCCL (Maine Cohort for Customized Learning) is a group of state educational leaders that meet once per month to discuss best educational practices for Maine students. The leaders design professional development for teachers, hold discussions on what is best practice, focus on standards-based curriculum, partner with the Maine Department of Education for the most current and up to date information as well as have an collaborative opportunity for all districts involved to discuss pertinent information amongst one another. Art & Science of Teaching By Bea McGarvey Bea McGarvey designed this intensive three-day training to present methods and strategies for being a reective teacher. These strategies were taken back to the schools and shared with teachers to us in their classrooms with a focus on improving teacher instruction. Better PLC By Kevin Perks Kevin Perks is an educational consultant that has been working with a large array of school districts that range from Southern Maine to Arizona. Kevins philosophy proves to be intriguing by suggesting that teachers must utilize their common planning time more efciently. The strategies and protocols that Kevin has designed can prove to be a successful method to increasing student achievement through best professional practice within teachers Professional Learning Communities (PLC). ABOUT ME ! I am a very active and a driven person. I enjoy spending my free time with my family of six. I have a favorite outdoor activity for each of the many seasons that Maine has to offer. I have grown up with strong morals for family time and believe that is very important to pass this along to my children. One of my favorite times of the day is dinner time where we sit at our very large table while laughing and sharing our day together.
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REFERENCES ! References can be provided upon request.

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