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Alvarez1 Melina Alvarez Mrs.

Frank Senior Capstone, Period 1 22 September 2013

Childhood Cancer Proposal I. Introduction Childhood cancer has become a serious problem because so many children are dying from this disease, so people should help out by donating money. It is the leading cause of death by disease in children in the United States (National Cancer Center). Cancer has no limits; it kills all people regardless of age, and it cannot be prevented. About 36 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer everyday in the United States (PAC2 Statistics and Data Committee). There are many organizations that raise money for people who cant afford these treatments, as well as organizations that fund for research to ultimately end cancer. There are many different types of cancers so the treatments may vary. Some cancers are more easily treated than others depending on what type of cancer it is. Some childhood cancers can be cured and they wont return, but other times the cancers return. The treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer cells as well as the normal cells, and thats what sometimes causes second cancers (Caring4Cancer). My initial argument will be that cancer is causing so many deaths, and raising money could help these children with cancer. If people donate money and other necessities, we can help many struggling families who cant afford the cost of their childs cancer treatments. Treatment costs are sky high and there are many ways in which people can get help, but sometimes the problem is that we arent well informed. There are many organizations that fund money and other necessities to cancer patients. Kids cant fight cancer alone so we should try and help them in the ways that we can. Capstone will be a challenge to me personally when it comes to the fundraising. I want to raise enough money to donate to childhood cancer. I also want to try and spread awareness on childhood cancer and get people more informed. Another


challenge will be managing my time and keeping everything organized. I have to work on trying to get all my assignments turned in on time, managing to get the volunteering in, and doing my fundraising activities. It was be a challenge overall to make this a successful capstone project. My Capstone will address Communicating Ideas and Taking Action from the Asia Society GPS Leadership Outcomes. I will be communicating ideas by understanding the problem of cancer faced by these families and communicating it to others. I will also be taking action by trying to raise money and donating for cancer. How much do cancer treatments cost? Are there countries in which people dont get any help from the government for their treatments? How does the government distribute the money for cancer patients?


Learning Objectives A. To learn more about cancer and its effect on the children B. To interact with these kids and get a better understanding of what they go through C. To try and make a difference by fundraising money D. To write a 6-8 page research paper on kids with cancer E. To share what Ive learned with others F. To motivate people to help in any ways they can and spread awareness


Activities and Timeline Date 9/24/13 9/24/13 9/27/13 10/2/13 10/4/13 Activity I will revise and edit my proposal rough draft. I will meet with my sponsor. I will turn in my proposal rough draft. I will meet with my sponsor. I will make a fundraising event


10/11/13 10/14/13 10/15/13 11/4/13 11/6/13

I will turn in my final proposal. I will volunteer at the Healthbridge Hospital. I will meet with my sponsor. I will volunteer at the St. Judes hospital. I will meet with my sponsor.


Form My Capstone project, Childhood Cancer, will take 2 forms. I will create a 6-8 page research paper with citations that will include everything I learned and all the research I did. The second form will be to volunteer with these children, and Ill raise money to give to kids with cancer. In my presentation and defense of learning, I will share all the information I found. I will also talk about my experience volunteering and fundraising. I hope to inform my audience on Childhood cancer, and share with others the impact it made on me.


Preparations To complete this capstone I will need: A. USB B. Capstone binder C. Sponsor D. A hospital to volunteer at E. Fundraising goods F. Access to Internet and Microsoft word G. Cancer patients H. Approval for fundraising events

My greatest obstacle will be feeling more confident while talking in front of people. I hope to improve on my public speaking skills and getting my


assignments turned in on time. The first step I will take in my Capstone project will be starting our volunteering service and getting familiar with cancer patients.


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