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Kasun Ranatunga Ms.

Nelson February 7, 2014

Picture Report
We start ourselves off in shallow depths of the ocean. The surrounding water is dark with mystery while floating, almost suspended in time is a faint, distributed orb of light that awakens ocean floor details. The darkness of the ocean seems to want to block out all light, yet the orb of awakening prevents the murky, for aiding waters of the ocean from doing so. What spans the majority of the ocean floor is what appears to be granite sand mixed in with a white mineral of some sort. The sand itself could have a number of recoiling objects to the point of not even mentioning them. Though what does sit and scatter around and in the sand, at least the most viewable part which would be the front of the frame, would be pieces of coral. Theses tiny pieces of coral are few in number. Some have even formed what many would say a mini coral island. Only two is noticeable. The most important figure which dominates the frame is the body of the hive coral, the coral reef. The reef spans from left to right, giving little space for our special sand and mini islands. These lengths of coral do not take up the entirety of space as they seems to almost flatten out at the edges, yet still manages to hold its girth at the frames edges. The coral reef is dominated in itself by its two massive hills, both at least over 10 feet tall. As coral would be, it's not as smooth as one would take it to be. No, the coral itself is littered with many nooks and crannies that the complexity of this living structure could rival even the infamous labyrinth of Ancient Greece. Scattered around this complex landscape are phosphorescences of a greenish hue rebounded by what we might call, "flowers". Except underwater. There seems to be a light source but that shall be dealt with later. It seems we have overlooked a creature living it's daily life here. Ah, it seems we have found either a very large sea urchin or what looks to be the smallest "monemonee," as Nemo would have called it. Sadly he is nowhere to be found. But some of his special...friends are here. Yes, you know who exactly I'm talking about. Humans.

Divers to be exact. And here we find the light source if our flowers. The diver closest to us is actually the one pointing his flashlight in our flowers direction and he appears to be at least 6 feet from the ocean floor. His buddy is about 4 feet above and about 3 feet behind about him and appears to be looking at something else entirely but we do not know what. The other two divers are in front of the most prominent hill from our view. One appears to even be "sitting" on our hill. The last diver appears to be looking at something not entirely from the reef itself. What is this? This creation is not nature made. It appears to be a life sized tiki, a moai as it has been called, lying in eternal sleep against the coral reef. It also appears that this tiki is meditating. The reef has already decided to take over the tiki and claim it as it's own. The last thing that can be added is our starting point. Our last two divers appear to be exhaling. As they do, their breath travels upwards quickly in a tight stream in the cool waters of the ocean towards the radiating orb of light above. This powerful orb of light could very well be our own sun close to or maybe even after midday.