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Personal Leadership Plan Yara Bezgina Touro University Nevada OCCT 650


Mission Statement

It is my goal to assume beginner leadership position in next five years, I also want to become more engaged in the community and support a cause I am passionate about. In addition, over the next five years I want more nurturing and capable practitioner that my patients can trust and rely on, and my goal is to become a better-rounded therapist. Developing all of these skills will help me to enhance and develop my leadership and communication skills. In order to accomplish this, I will take on and seek available opportunities for leadership, and also join activities and clubs that promote public speaking and professional development. I am also planning on learning Spanish in order to allow myself to effectively communicate with a greater number of patients and professionals in healthcare field. Furthermore, I will also find a mentor and will try to pick work settings that will provide me with the opportunity to express my ideas and partake in leadership roles.


According to strength finding assessment I possess good communication and interpersonal skills, as well as I am easily able to meet new people and adapt to situations. Empathy and mediation are the skills I think are my strongest virtue as a person and a future leader, and I need an environment in which I can communicate and grow as I develop into more goal-oriented and organized leader. Growth Needs I think my biggest growth need is developing self-confidence and better organization skills. I tend to stress about the way people view me and developing a stronger sense of self-identity is


crucial to achieving my leadership goals. I also need to work on my public speech skills and performance anxiety in ability to be a better leader, and professional. Leadership Model or Style I think I mostly identify with lead the way leadership model as I take enjoyment in encouraging and enabling others. I would like to develop a situational leadership style which is going to be one of my long term goals. As a student that is about to graduate I am not sure which leadership I identify with, but I think servant leadership style is something that I would choose when describing my style of leadership. One Year Goal Established Date: March 23, 2014 By September 15, 2014 I will pass NBCOT exam and will become registered licensed occupational therapist. Then by March 23, 2015 I will be working full time as Licensed Occupational Therapist in rehabilitation Department. By April 28, 2014 I will be able to use conversational Spanish with my clients/ Actions and Resources I will achieve these goals by studying for my board exams, and by developing a good resume and work ethic, and applying for the job. I will observe at rehabilitation clinic. I will utilize online resources or classes to build a better resume, and will take classes and online exams to prepare for my licensing exam. In addition I will find a mentor who will guide me through the job searching and professional development process. I will sign up for Rosetta Sone language program and will study Spanish at least three hours per week.


Three Year Goal Established Date: March 23, 2014

By September 15, 2017 I will assume a role of fieldwork educator for Level II occupational therapy students. By September 28, 2017 I will receive specialty certification in hippotherapy, and will be working with pediatric population either part time or on volunteer basis. Actions and Resources I will achieve my three year goals by maintaining full time employment and taking on continued education classes. I will partake in fieldwork educator training and will make sure I maintain my professional competency and credentials. I will conduct research regarding hippotherapy certification program and will set aside time and financial resources to complete within one year of the beginning of the first class. In addition I will find and get a mentor that has practiced hippotherapy and will dedicate my free time to learning or volunteering my occupational therapy service for children in need. Furthermore, I will keep up to date with all the current and relevant evidenced based research that pertains to my areas of interest such as adult rehabilitation and hippotherapy. Five Year Goal Established Date: March 23, 2014 By October 28, 2019 I will assume a leadership position and will serve as a manager of the clinic or as supervising occupational therapist.


Actions and Resources I will utilize resources such as continued education classes that will concentrate on management, finances and on developing better communications skills and conflict resolution methods. I will make sure I expose myself to leadership and management positions or opportunities prior to becoming manager or supervisor. I will engage in a number of professional organizations and will attend AOTA conference and hippotherapy conference every year. I will participate in volunteerism and will continue to provide education and supervision to the Level II occupational therapy students. I will also become a mentor to a second year student. Ten Year Goal Established Date: March 23, 2014 By 2024 I will own or establish my own rehabilitation clinic or hippotherapy program. Actions and Resources I will continue working on my managerial and leadership skills by reviewing literature and writing my own articles and reflections. I will continue attending continued education training and conferences. I will receive an additional degree in business management in order to establish my own business and implement my own practice. I will continue updating and adding my personal goal every year.