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me iel Electronic ena een ears | ‘A comprehensive guide for everyone interested in electric guitars | tep-by-step explanations with over 350 photos, drawings and schematics, Contents Introduction : Section I: Pickups TYPES OF PICKUPS CONTACT PICKUPS 7 Types Function Popular Models Barcus Berry DiMarzio Frap Ovation D. Use PE>rr MAGNETIC PICKUPS B Design and Function Major Pickup and Guitar Accessory Manufacturers: Armstrong Bartolini Birch Cook ope ic GUITAR ELECTRONICS DiMarzio Duncan Fender Gibson GRO Gretsch Guild Lawrence Mighty Mice Overland Peavey Rowe Schecter Shadow Shergold Stars Scring Vision Velvet Hammer Electric Basses Section Il: Electric Guitar Circuits HARDWARE COMPONENTS. DESIGN AND FUNCTION 48 Grounds Color Codes Lead Wiring Pots Volume Pot Operation Tone Controls Knobs Types of Switches Jacks Cords Cordless ‘Amps and Speakers PATH rammonp> SERVICING ELECTRIC GUITAR CIRCUITS 62 Tools and Equipment Shielding Squeals and Feedback Repairing Circuits one> w 3. goe> HOT RODDING ELECTRIC GUITARS n Choosing a Speciality Pickup Coil Rewinding Multi-lead Wiring Advanced Wiring: By-Pass Phasing Series/Parallel Splicing Stereo Tapped Pickups Varitone Volume Extras Combination Circuits Installing Sound Modifiers LC Networks Electronic Volume and Tone Controls For Lefties and Jimi Hendrix Fans