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Database Management System (DBMS)

Data and Information


Manual Database & its Problems

Example of Address Dictionary Example of Payroll System Example of News Paper Subscription

Traditional File Processing System

Definition Characteristics of File Processing System A group of data files Each file is independent Limitations of File Processing System Separated and Isolated Data Duplication of Data Data Dependence Difficulty in representing data in Users View Data Security Transactional Problems Concurrency Problems

DBMS Approach
Advantages of DBMS Redundancy Control Integrity can be enforced Inconsistency can be avoided Data can be shared Standards can be enforced Restricting unauthorized access Backup and Recovery Concurrency Control

DBMS Approach

Disadvantages of DBMS Complexity Size Performance Higher Impact of a Failure Cost of DBMS Cost of Conversion

Components of DBMS

Hardware Software Data


Types of Users

Nave Users Online Users Application Programmer Sophisticated Users Database Administrator (DBA)