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Lesson Plan

Subject: Science Grade Level: 4th Time Estimate: 30 minutes Unit: 13th (Alief ISD pacing guide) Topic: Forms of Energy Goal(s): he students !ill learn that energy e"ist all around us and in many different forms# Objective(s): $% list the forms of energy $% summari&e three !ays they use energy $% ma'e dou(le (u((le map of t!o forms of energy TEKS: 4#)A differentiate among forms of energy* including mechanical* sound* light* electrical* heat+thermal Materials !esources Tec"nolo#$ needs: Flashcard Anchor chart Stemscopes he Science ,oo' of Energy (y- .eil Ardley /lic'ers (student response system) 0ar'ers computer 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 %nstructional Procedures &ocusin# Event: As' students !hat !e ha2e (een tal'ing a(out all !ee' in science# hen re2ie! the forms of energy using !ith them through reading he Science ,oo' of Energy# 3energy is the po!er to change things and the a(ility to do !or' 3energy is all around us 3mechanical4mo2ement 3 light4 tra2els in !a2es 3thermal4 heat 3sound4 heard 3electrical4 made (y electric charges Teac"in# Learnin# Procedures: al' a(out mechanical* sound* light* thermal* and electrical energy and ho! they relate to the things !e do daily# 5o o2er stemscope 2oca(ulary# As' the follo!ing 6uestions7o! do e2eryday o(8ects produce or use energy9 7o! do !e use energy9 ell me !hat type of energy you can sue !hen it:s cold in your house9

5i2e students a chance to turn to a (uddy and share (3 minutes)# hen let them match the picture !ith the terms on the anchor chart# As' the students if they can thin' of any other times !e use energy# ;ecord the ne! ans!ers on the anchor chart# &ormative '"ec( (on#oin#): Students !ill then pic' t!o forms of energy and compare them using a dou(le (u((le map# his !ill (e done at their seats in their science note(oo's# 0onitor participation and group !or'# /larify and remind as needed# !eteac" (alternative used as needed): ;e2ie! light* sound* mechanical* thermal* electrical energy# ;efer to the notes on the anchor (oard and do practice acti2ities !ith group or students as needed# 'losure: As' students to thin' a(out time !hen they needed light energy )ssessment Summative Evaluation: 5i2e a < 6uestion e"it tic'et on the (oard that !ill (e ans!ered using clic'ers# 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1 Modi*ications +otes: Sho! pictures to 'eep the interest of AD7D students and 2isual learners# Also ma'e sure to ha2e dictionaries a2aila(le for those !ho spea' English as a second language# =ull the lo!er le2el students to small and help them start their dou(le (u((le map#