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We all need reminders as to the vast amount of quality books available for our learning, our

pleasure, or our learning pleasure! BEFORE YOU DECIDE:

Below is a list of tasks youll complete: Design an attractive, readable, and informational poster border, lettering, images, information, ect!" #esearch an area or genre of literature $resent your poster Display your poster in the classroom for the remainder of this semester


%ou have the option to work alone or with one other student! &hink about what is best for your


'ach group must select an area of research! &he list includes: Biographical (ovels *utobiography +istorical fictions *dventure fiction .lassic fiction #omance fiction /ports fiction #ealistic fiction ,antasy fiction War fiction )ystery fiction Diary (ovels ,olktales )yths anything but -reek" *nimal /tories +orror (ovels from a series

&here are many other options0 my only condition is only one group per topic!

%ou must gather a variety of information on your topic, give specific details, and inform your audience about the topic! /ome ideas are: 1dentify and define characteristics of the genre 1dentify authors2titles in this genre #esearch one author in this genre and identify why he2she chooses this genre 1nterview readers /urvey #eaders

%our own ideas

SHOWING YOUR INFORMATION Design a poster that blends colour, design, a border, images, and information in a rough draft! NOTE: 3n your poster you will want to balance visuals with te4t! %ou cant put every last detail on your poster0 save some of this for your presentation! $ut main points on your poster and complete cue5card notes for your presentation! 6pon teacher approval, transfer your rough draft onto poster paper! PRESENTING YOUR INFORMATION $resent your poster and information to the class! 6se point5form notes on cue cards to elaborate on the information on your poster! )arks will be deducted if you read from your poster! EVALUATION THE POSTER Vis !" A##e!$!n%e: 6ses colour and design to create interest! .reates a polished finished product! O$(!ni)!*ion: 3rgani7es information with headings and subheadings! $laces information for readability! Balances visuals and te4t! Con*en*: 'ffectively interprets and communicates a variety of information! 6ses own language to communicate ideas! Con-en*ions: 'dits conventions effectively!

&' &' &+, &' &.'

THE PRESENTATION Con*en*: &opic is clearly defined and e4plained! .ommunicates a variety of relevant and accurate information! ,ully e4plores the topic! O$(!ni)!*ion: 1ntroduction effective, interesting opening, development, conclusion clear, concise, logical order" De"i-e$/: 6ses voice effectively to communicate information audibility, enunciation, pronunciation, variety speed, enthusiasm, confidence"! 6ses appropriate vocabulary and grammar! .omposure is maintained throughout the presentation!

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