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Student Teaching edTPA Lesson Plan Template

Subject: Read/ 4th Grade Essential Standard/Common Core Objective: Central Focus: Summarize the book Number the Stars to find the characters, settings, and character conflicts.


Describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., a character's thoughts, words, or actions).

Date submitted:

Date taught: 3/17/14

Daily Lesson Objective: Given the book Number the Stars, students will be able to list the different characters in the story, list the setting(s), and compare and contrast the character conflicts within each other and nature. 21st Century Skills: Academic Language Demand (Language Function and Learning and Innovation Skills, Life and Career Vocabulary): Skills Compare and Contrast the characters and their conflicts, and summarize the different character lives and settings. Prior Knowledge: What a setting is What comparing and contrasting is What the book is about Activity Description of Activities and Setting The students will listen to the short chapter book read aloud for 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks, the students will go over what a character is, a setting is, and what character conflict looks like. Once they have finished the 2 week period, the students will be asked to pick out the setting, characters, and character conflict in the story and write about it. They are required to put sticky notes in the sections of the book that they find the requirements in and write what it is (ex. The setting is.). Once they have listed all of the requirements throughout the book, they will be asked to create a vin diagram of two characters and compare and contrast them. They will finally be asked to write a reflection about the book and what they liked and didnt like about it. This lesson is about setting and characters. By the end of this lesson, students will be able summarize what the setting and character are and compare and contrast character conflicts. I will start the class by finishing up reading the book Number the Stars for 10 minutes while the students surround me on the carpet. In between interesting parts, I will remind the students to be listening for the setting, characters, and any conflicts that they have between each other. I will ask the class to move back to their desks from the carpet, and take out their reading journals that they have been writing about for the past 2 week when they had been learning about setting, character, and character conflict. I will instruct the class to go back to their personal copies of the book and to make sticky notes in the last section of the book that we just read and mark the characters, settings, and conflicts. I will then instruct them to pick two characters from the book and compare and contrast them in a vin diagram.

1. Focus and Review

2. Statement of Objective for Student

3. Teacher Input

4. Guided Practice 5. Independent Practice

Students will listen and follow along with the book being read and answer questions I ask. The questions will be like: What is the setting? Who are the characters? What conflicts are the characters facing at this moment? Students will skim through the last section read in class and write on sticky notes what the character, setting, and character conflicts are. Students will be placing these on the page they find the information. Students will then pick out two characters from the book and create a vin diagram of them, comparing and contrasting the two.

6. Assessment Methods of all objectives/skills:

The students will use these learning and innovation skills for the future when applying critical thinking, creating, and collaborating.

7. Closure

They will write a paragraph reflection paper on what the liked and disliked about the book Then they will make an alternate ending to the story A few students will then share it with the class.

8. Assessment Results of all objectives/skills:

They have either mastered, are proficient, or need to work on summarizing what the setting and character is and comparing and contrasting what the character conflicts are. Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations For any ADHD student, I would have them do For ELL students, I would work with them a little more this these activities individually with me so I during the independent practice and check for can make sure they are grasping all of the understanding there. I would also make sure I have a knowledge they need to know. copy of my notes translated into the necessary language needed for my student(s). For IEP students, depending on their disability, I would also work with them one-on- one and I would write down their answers are, to be graded. Materials/Technology: Number the Stars books for each student Writing books Pencils and Pens Sticky Notes Vin Diagram worksheets Reflection on lesson: The students have learned how to summarize setting, characters, and compare and contrast in character conflicts.

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