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Spin, spin, spin the thread The thread that holds the life for one Pull, pull, off the wheel Her birth, so unclear to some Her name will be Crystal, for no other reason than its meaning. Icy cold and hard as rock, Just like diamonds, shell never break Smart as silver, yet dark as coal Her true feelings wont ever show Ugh Clotho, youre so cruel! Lets make this girl better; thats what I do, For I am Lachesis, the longer one. Ill make this child icy cool, Not with a heart as hard as steel But with a smile instead, a heart made of jewels. Off to the side, here I sit, My names is Atropos and I will wait. It is not my turn, and it wont be until a long time.

So I will be patient, I will sit. Besides, I am not up for such work yet. Now back to me, see where I stand? Another birth, to my command! His father is Hephaestus, so I name him Noah. A blazing inferno, a mind like machines, But with the genes of a monster, His life wont be easy. Oh I see what you mean! But his heart, its made of pure gold. I shall make it tainted by the world of the unknown. I wait and wait NO! I know how this ends. Yes the boy and the girl, theyll die together. I know not of how, or why, but they will be tethered. Spinning a thread; this one is very hairy, But of only cat hair, I wonder why? Born from a nymph and the animal god, Oh how she only is cat, I wonder.

No she is not CAT! There is more behind it. This Adrienne, she struggles With all of her duties. To aid her assignment, to aid herself, It confuses her so She dies, she dies--- No she doesnt! Shell live, become immortal; Her only death is possible, By an unknown force, by the one of ice and snow. Oh how awful! So sweet, so melodious, Ill call this thread Melody. But whats this? A fortunate string of gold? She is a Seer I see! How delightful! This girl is a Seer? Thats impossible!

The last one was Delphi, but even she was a pain! Pestering us with questions because Apollo was never there; Well then, Ill just have to let her mind be bombarded by the things shell know! A Seer? Then shell have to die a death with meaning Oh, but Ill do it another time. I dont have the heart. Or the energy. This thread that now comes to me, It splits as I pull and pull, Why is it becoming two? Shall this child be one of Huntress? Shes always said two is better than one I will name it Ben and James May the thread come apart. Oh how sad, Only a strand of connection from the past I shall make it more exciting For one shall sit in a dungeon crying.

They hold the key to the heart, Half and half, like they were from the start Together theyll die, Together theyll complete, The mission they were given, They cant retreat. That is it for the century! I have run out of thread and will gather some more! Yes Im sure youll do that Clotho! Lets go Atropos. I shall come, just will lag behind; Im not as excited to start more work, but for your sake I will. Trudge, trudge, trudge. The wheel is left behind. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. The threads are left resigned.

Chapter 1: Crystal

Thats it. I must be mad. There is no other explanation. My life has turned upside down ever since those bat girls. It all happened two days ago; it was the first day of school, er, well, for me at least. The rain pattered on the road like millions of marbles. I was standing at the bus stop, drenched and cold. The only things I wore were a sweater with a black jacket on top, some skinny jeans and a pair of black vegetarian boots. My long, black hair was pulled up in a ponytail. Not the best outfit for a cold, windy morning. The worst part was this: I couldnt see. My glasses were so blurred out by the rainwater; I was practically tripping over myself, at the bus stop. How lame was that. The bee patterned bus slowly came to my rescue, the hum of the engines roaring in my ears. I took a deep breath and climbed up the steps, fearing what awaited me.

It was chaos. Some people had their phones on full volume while others were having a food fight. The bus driver pointed to the back. Great, where all of the chaos originated from; I am so lucky. Pushing up my black-rimmed glasses, I let my face take on a look of pure steel. I started to walk down the aisle, but it was like a warzone out here. BOOM! The bus lifted off the ground, and I was practically thrown all the way to the back of the bus. Regaining my balance, I whispered What kind of crazy driver is this? Pfft. You must be new. The driver on this bus is practically blind. See back then, she just hit a bump, on full speed, said a girl in a seat next to me. Come sit here. Its the only sane seat. She wore black everything. Her shirt said in white, dripping letters on a black canvas, Like me or die. Some black skinny jeans and a leather jacket to match, with some combat boots to top it off, she looked like a gothic goddess. She wore a chain with a golden stud in the center; her earrings were literally spikes on a circle. I didnt want to sit next to her, but she was the only friendly face around. I asked Is it always like this? Out of all the schools Ive ever been to, this has got to be the worst. And Ive been to every state in America. Thats not all. When we get to school, you should avoid the Pink Trio. Theyre called that because they love anything pink. Theyre also the most vicious and beautiful girls in school. I like to

think of them as little demon heads. Their names are Patricia, Megan, and Alice. Patricias blonde, Megan is round, and Alice looks like an apricot. Yay. Great, just another problem for me to worry about; this is going to be a rough day. Because of the speed of the bus, we got to school in less than ten minutes. I am never going to set a foot in that bus again. The girl and I parted ways when we entered the building. It was small and minute with only room for at least five people standing next to each other to walk. As I turned the corner I almost slipped, but then someone grabbed my arm. Whoa Lone Soldier! Dont walk too fast. I looked up to a familiar face; with long auburn hair and sparkling green eyes, most people would have thought she was pretty. That was, until you saw the rest of her. In a fluffy tutu and mismatched socks, it was no wonder she looked crazy. But as my best friend, she was amazing. Adrienne Woodlow is actually my parent, if you will. When I was younger, my dad was never around, and about three years ago, my mom died in a fire. Thats when she came in. As a family friend, she thought it was best if she took care of me. Adrienne never treated me like a kid; it was more like she acted like a kid while I was the adult. She liked to call me lone soldier because she was my only friend, hence the name Lone Soldier. She liked to come to school early on the first day so she could get to know the teachers. The best thing was she could pull off being a teenager so she could go to school with me.

Hey Adrienne; how do I look, as messy as ever, hopefully? What! No! You cant be serious! Any guy would fall for you, with your dark and luxurious black hair and piercingly bright blue eyes! Yeah right. And who have you ever seen fall head over heels for me? No one I bet. You see? Im NOT beautiful, even if you say I am. And of course all of the guys would like you! Youre, like, twenty! Am not! Im nineteen. And you should appreciate that Im here to help you through high school. Oh and that reminds me, happy birthday! I looked at her incredulously before opening the door to the classroom. What birthday? We sat down at some random desks near the back of the room before she told me, Youre fourteen now, remember? October 30th? Oh yeah I guess I am. Huh. Well, see you after school! I turned away from her as soon as the teacher decided to talk. The morning passed like a blur, with the same rituals such as role call, sharing about myself, and the actual lesson. By the time lunch came, I was hungry and bored out of my mind.

I had math after lunch period, so I went in ahead of time. As usual, the classroom was empty. I sat at a desk and waited for the teacher to get here. Math was also my last class. As you could imagine, I was pretty tired by the end of the day. I must have dosed off or something because I woke to the sound of a screaming woman. Her voice boomed against the walls of the room. --- How dare you sleep in my classroom? Oh? And whats this? Youre also the new girl! How delightful! Well, if youre so smart as to sleep in my class, why dont you solve this problem? If you answer it correctly, then you wont have to stay in this class, ever! But if you fail, you fail for the whole school year. The woman wore a black suit with a blazer and had a wicked smile on her face. She pressed a button and the screen behind her changed. Gasps filled the room. Mrs. Dilckenstein! Thats the hardest problem of the grade! Even you couldnt solve it! someone cried out. The woman, Mrs. Dilckenstein, shushed everyone. It started to feel like there was stillness in the room. Hmm. Well, if this is the hardest problem of the grade, then Im dead. I looked up to see the equation, and just as I was giving up, something clicked in my brain. It was like I knew exactly what everything meant in the problem. Five times seven minus three eight squared subtracted by negative thirteen squaredplus nine divided by six to the eighth powerequals The words were out of my mouth before I finished thinking. Twenty-seven. X equals twenty-seven. Mrs. Dilckensteins jaw dropped. Grabbing a calculator from her desk, she hurriedly punched in numbers and symbols. Shes right. It is twenty-seven, but how? You did that so

fast. A look of pure wonder came upon her face, but it quickly changed into something more violent, something more aggressive. Get out. Get out of my classroom. You are to never return, you understand? Leave! Shocked by this random performance of emotions, I picked up my things and ran. The door slammed shut behind me, a thundering sound that vibrated my skull. Hiding behind a corner, I shuddered. I waited there for the whole period, afraid she might come chasing after me. She did not. The bell rang. Crap. I didnt even know what bus number I had. Just then, hundreds of kids rushed out from behind doors, punching and kicking to get outside. I was jostled and pushed around till no one was even in the hallways. Then I noticed that the buses were starting to move. I started to run, but by the time I was outside, the last bus was pulling out of the lane and onto the waterweathered road. Now what? ************ Walking; I was spending my time walking around the schools perimeter, when I came across the gym. Personally, I thought it was the worst room in any school at all. I wasnt very athletic at all, and the mile runs were the worst. My best score was twelve thirty. I heard cheers and immediately thought cheerleaders. Nice! Something else I dreaded. They were, after all, my worst enemy. A girl pushed open the door and then looked down at me. Hi! Are you here for the cheerleading tryouts? I can tell you right now that

youre not even fit enough to try, but if you want to, you can, she said in a high, snobby voice. I flinched at the sound as it rang in my eardrum. She cackled when she saw that and left. I entered anyways. I wish I hadnt though. My life was scarred when I saw the fattest girl I have ever seen land upside down, on her head. The buzzer went off as I walked down the steps. The stench of sweat and despair filled the room. Get out! I saw a blonde girl sitting at a table say. Her face was so angular and tan, she looked like a beauty wannabe. The girl on her left had a round, but long face, with straight hair to match. The girl on the blondes right had skin the color of peaches and with brown eyes; the only pretty one. Im sorry Patricia! Please! Let me try again! the fat the girl pleaded, but the blonde just glared at her. Looking for help, her eyes gazed over Megan, but she shook her head furiously. As a last resort, she looked over to Alice, but she said, Im sorry. Running out of the gym, tears trickling down her face like water drops in a pond, she tripped and fell; that made the three girls laugh maniacally. Ashamed and embarrassed, the fat girl ran faster, until she was out of the room. I felt sorry for her; no should be treated like that. Hello. Are you here to tryout? I turned around to face the Pink Trio. The very thought of them sent shills up and down my spine.

You really should, said Megan. We could use you! said Alice. I looked at them like they were mental patients. Who would ever ask me to do what they just did? Then I did something I would never do: I raised my eyebrows and said defiantly, Yeah right; like Im ever going to do that. Then they changed. Their hair formed into slithering snakes that hissed as they moved; from their backs ripped out the leathery wings of a bat, their skin a mahogany color. Ignorance is a crime against all! You must die for this! screeched out a scaly voice, a voice that generated from all three of them. I gasped in horror as they swooped around me, circling me. Closer, they caved in closer. I hunched in a ball, ready to die a horrid death. This was it. Fifteen years of life worth nothing now. Oh how innocent I am! Suddenly, the doors burst open and an earsplitting sound echoed off the walls as claws tore through skin. The bat girls retreated to a corner and I could finally see my savior, Adrienne. She looked like her hair was a flame and her eyes wild and crazed; something Id never seen before. Go, get out of here! Go to the parking lot! Now, Crystal! she screamed before throwing something sharp and shiny at the girls. Another shriek filled the room. Cupping my ears, I ran. I didnt even know where I was going until I was outside. One step behind me was Adrienne. She scanned the parking lot, looking for something. Then she ran to a side, an exclusive side. I followed her. A sign said Reserved parking for Principal. I looked back to Adrienne, but she was already inside.

Get in the car! But its the principals! Well return it later! Just get in. Howd you open it? And why choose this car? I asked. It was the only car open in the first place. Do you know how to hot-wire a car? What! No! Why would I? She started to open latches and boxes before shouting, I got the keys. The engine roared to life and then we were jerked back in our seats. Oops. Sorry. She backed out of the slot before driving out onto the road. I looked back to see three angry flying bat girls. Theyre coming! Step on it! We started passing cars and running many red lights, but I didnt care. Soon, we were at a dead end. The only way to get out was to go through a sign that said Closed off highway. Stay back! Boulders up ahead. I said You cant drive through here! Its closed off for a reason! She replied back with a shrug, Do I look like I care? and crashed right through the sign. We entered a highway. It was as barren as the desert. The road was cracked while wind as dry as ice blew around. By now, the girls have gained on us. You drive! says Adrienne. What! I dont know how!

Youll figure it out. She jumps out of the seat and in to the back. Then she whips out a gun, but not any gun. It was glowing with weird symbols, like hieroglyphs. What the heck! You have a gun? Just drive! I hop into the drivers seat and look at the controls. Uh. A loud bang erupted from the back and we were sent flying. We screamed. CRASH! A moment of silence crept into the moment. My glasses broke and suddenly I was seeing triple. Are you okay? Can you hear me? A hand grabbed my arm and pulled me through the broken glass. Pain washed over my legs like a raging typhoon. I gasped and crumpled to the ground. Youre arm! And legs! Theyre wounded! I leaned on her as she placed my arm around her shoulders. She took my book bag and slung it over her other shoulder. Then I turned my head and looked at what we faced: three snake-haired teenagers with batwings that held them up in the air. A screech broke through the silence and the bat girls dove. Oh crap.

Chapter 2: Adrienne

What are the odds? On Crystals fifteenth birthday, one of the most dangerous monsters came after her: Furies. Furies are also Hades servants; they punish those who did crimes of jealousy, anger, and murder. To be chased for nothing, though, is peculiar. Our names are Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera! We are the Furies of Hades! And for your crimes, you are to die! Starting with the blue-eyed one! they said in unison. I shout back, Yeah! We kinda already knew you were trying to kill us! What do you think we are, dumb? Their eyes glowed in fury. Talk about a major glare. Oops, I guess I did that. Crystal gave me a look that meant something

along the lines of Cut it out! I turned back to the Furies and I started to transform. A spark ignited in my chest. It grew until I was felt numb all over. My hair started to grow shorter, my arms and legs longer. A tail crept its way from my back. My skin began to sprout tufts of orange and black fur until finally I was a tiger. Crystal gives out a gasp of surprise as I launch myself at the Furies, claws slashing and ripping; I knew this was mind blowing to her. One by one, they fell, but still could walk. I let out a breath of exasperation before attacking again. A long, black talon raked against my skin; I roared as pain spread through my body like a stone dropped in a pond. Running back to Crystal, I morphed back to human form and slung her arm on my shoulders. Carrying her, I looked for a way out, but there was only road. That was, until I saw a rainbow. Okay. Crystal, we have to move. What! But how did you just---! she crumpled to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I sighed before dragging her unconscious body across the road to the rainbow, waving my arms. Iris, goddess of Rainbows and Messages, help us! Please! We need to get out of here! The rainbow formed into the words: One Drachma please. Ugh, a goddess who wants money. I dug through my pocket till I found a shiny, golden coin. I threw it into the shining mist, and it disappeared. A womans face showed up, her hair different colors and in spiky short waves. Freckles covered her face and her shirt had an envelope on it with a tie-dye canvas behind it. This is the

Iris Communications Service. How may I help you? she said, her voice of a receptionist. We need to get to The Academy of Descendants! Quickly! One moment please. The rainbow rippled and changed to show an alley in a bustling city with overcrowded streets. We need to be exactly there! Not in the middle of Chicago! I say. Iris gave a sympathetic look before disappearing. Im sorry. Its all I can do, what with Hermes blocking up the line. Look on the bright side; the Academy is only a short distance away, her voice faded away as the city reappeared. I sighed before throwing Crystals body through. I jumped in after her. The rainbow disappeared behind me the second I left its touch. Squish! I look down at my clothes and then to Crystal. Wet. We were both wet. Oh yeah; thats what happens if you use Iriss delivery system. Id forgotten. Great; now Crystal was unconscious, cold, and wet. I pulled her up and dragged her up, deciding to go onto the streets, but then that would be weird. Even in a big city, this would be weird. I dropped her gently in the floor and ran out there. I found a decent looking car and walked towards it like was mine. I willed my finger to form a claw and picked the lock. The door burst open and I slipped inside. Looking through nooks and crannies, I found the keys and started the engine. Driving a circle

around the block, I went back and parked at the alley. Then I dragged Crystals limp body into the back and shut the door. Almost instantly, a car was smashed somewhere ten blocks behind us. I looked back, only to see a hideous beast, also known as a chimera. With three heads, the body of a goat, lion paws, and a snake tail, this monster was one of the deadliest in the world. I hurried to the front and slammed the door behind me. Driving on full speed, I turned the corner. Why the heck would there be a chimera here, unless it too is after Crystal? But how? Why? Two monsters are after her? How could this be, unless her parents? Doesnt matter; all I have to do is look for a shining, glowing bubble. Then we will be safe. I gulped. Up ahead, I saw a bubble; it looked like those from a soap bottle, but I knew it wasnt. Driving faster, I came to a stop at it. Chicago Central Park Square the sign read. Then it changed. The letters moved, blurred and even broke to form the words Academy of The Descendants. I jumped out of the car and grabbed Crystal. Her body slumped on my back, I ran through to the entrance. But I didnt go through. What? Why cant I go through? My fist slammed against the invisible barrier. Let us in! NOW!!! The chimera was right behind us. I turned around to see a paw loom over us. I clenched my eyes shut and waited for a sweet and short death. Suddenly, a hand grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled hard. I screamed.

Chapter 3: Adrienne

I look up to green eyes with flecks of gold: the eyes of a boy. He wore Greek battle armor that was too big for him, but it didnt seem like he cared. He grins at me before saying, Sorry, you almost died, but my beauty sleep takes time. I frown in anger. This was Noahs way of saying he was sleeping on the job; great. We almost died! How could you be so foolish? I shout. Thud! I looked back to see the chimera, crashing into the invisible wall; oh now the shield was working. But you didnt right? Youre welcome. And whos the we? I let out a breath in exasperation. Shaking Crystal, I say This is the we. I push him aside before taking a look at the place around us. The buildings were made of marble and the rooftops were made of pure gold; nothing like I remembered. This

place is so different. How did this happen? The last time I was here, this place was a dump. But you havent been in three years! We can change this place in that much time. Oh, yeah, I think I should blow the Horn. Grabbing a tubular shaped cone, he blew hard through it. A sound echoed through the whole campus. Boys and girls of all different sizes and races ran out of the buildings and rushed over, every single one of them holding a weapon. My shock was overcome by situation of the place. Jerking my head at Noah, I asked where the Hospital was. He pointed to the very corner of the area, and I dragged Crystal over. The door creaked open and the smell of sweet nectar and honey wafted out. The room was filled with beds, hundreds of beds. I placed Crystal in the one near the middle and called over to a nurse. She was one of Apollos daughters. Whats wrong with her? she asked. Her left arm is wounded and her legs are too. Both of them? Yes. I sigh and wait on a stool next to her bed. I watch as the girl, about Crystals age, maybe younger, took off Crystals clothes and lathered on a mixture that looked like the colors lime and gold on her injuries. Then she places bandages on top. An hour passed as she did this. I went outside to check up on how the chimera was doing. I couldnt see much, but by the looks of it, it was getting pretty beat up. Oh, it is good to be home, and I smile.

I came back in to see the girls hand suddenly rip off the band that held up Crystals ponytail. Whyd you do that? I exclaim. She looks up and says I dont know how long she will be unconscious, but I know that if the rubber band was still there, shell have a headache. So, can you tell me as to how she got this many injuries? A car crash. The girl looked at me in disbelief. What? We were being chased by furies! She nods as if this makes even more sense, but then freezes. F-Furies? Did you just say F-Furies? I give her a curt nod, my face as pale as hers. I know. Whats even worse is that a chimera followed after the Furies. I have to tell Headmaster Polydectes and Counselor James. Im so confused. She nods before going to the back of the hospital. I looked at Crystal. She was so helpless, so fragile. I was actually sad for her, but no. Shell know soon. We all will know soon. Then this mystery will be over.

Chapter 4: Crystal

wore khakis, a worn-out jade jacket, a white t-shirt, leather fingerless gloves and black sneakers. Her belt has many pockets, all filled with something shiny; I realize that they are knives. Smiling through the doorway, she said I see youre up! Have a good sleep? In her arms were my clothes and my backpack. What is this place? Where are we? I ask. I feel my backpack; its completely empty. She helps me put on my clothes before answering, You didnt need your books or anything anymore so I emptied your book bag; youll still need it for here though. We are in your new home, the Academy of The Descendants. Basically, its a boarding school. This room is called the Hospital, with a capital h.

I wake up, but my eyelids are still closed. I feel fresh, cool, and there is no pain. The sheet beneath me is smooth, like the way pebbles feel. The sheets, no pain? I jerk my eyelids up and lurch into a sitting position. I gasp; there are hundreds of beds in the austere room, but not a single one is used. The door on the right wall is open and daylight streams through. Where am I? I ask out loud. I try to get out of bed when a pain shoots up my legs. Then I notice two things that were even odder: Im naked, covered in bandages and my hairband was gone, leaving my hair to fall down a little past my shoulders. Scanning the room, I looked for my hairband. It was nowhere in sight. Anger bubbled up inside of me like a thousand bees; I never go anywhere without one on my wrist or in my hair, never. A shadow passed by the door; I grabbed the sheets and pulled them up to cover myself in fear of being noticed. Adrienne walked through the door, her auburn hair glowing in the light. She

Is this your new way of sending me to school? No, I must have said that wrong. This is your home. Its just like a boarding school, not a real one. Now, do you remember those girls? The vampire girls with snakes for hair? Yeah, but that was just a dream right? Adrienne started to shake her head. Please dont tell me; it was real, wasnt it? All of it was. You may not have known this for a long time, but your parents are different than others. You know of the Greek mythology, right? I nod my head yes and push up my glasses. Well, one of your parents is a Greek god. That makes you a demigod.

My jaw dropped. That couldnt be, could it? Theyre just fake, right? They have to be! Now I know this is a little hard for you to take in, but youll be fineish. She pulls out a black loop from her pocket and hands it to me. I thought you would need it. Thanks. I pull my hair up into a ponytail and expertly band it up with one hand. Now, can you walk? I try again to get out of bed, but another bullet of pain shoots through me. Adrienne whips out a bar of chocolate and says Eat it while you walk. Its made of ambrosia and chocolate. Ambrosia is a food or drink of the gods. Itll help dull or even stop the pain. Mortals think it gives immortality, but really, because you are half god, you dont get immortality. I take a bite and get up. The pain is blunt now. Mortals? Why not say we, as in all people? I take another step and crumple to the floor. I said to eat it while you walk. And I say mortals because we are not fully mortal. We have godly blood. They dont. I take a bite and get up. Then I start to walk and eat at the same time. It soon becomes automatic to me. Adrienne leads me outside. I gasp at the sight of the place. Grand columns of marble and granite hold up dozens of buildings, including the Hospital. The roofs are made out of entire gold and the ground is made out of quartz. A beautiful river flows on the west side of the hospital. It shines in the daylight like a sapphire does. Behind the river is a field of flowers. On the east side of the hospital is a field of various fruits: cherries, strawberries, oranges, peaches, and what appear to be olives.

Okay, so beside the Hospital is the River of Leno. It was named after a demigod here. Behind it is the Field of Beauty. In front of it is the Weaponry Hall. On the other side of the Hospital is the Orchard of Demeter. She helped us build it so she got to name it. In front of us is the Lounge of Gods; the upper floor though, is the Meeting room. We also store the oracle of Delphis spirit in there. Behind the Hospital is the Forest of Pan. We walk forward till we reach the Lounge. In the middle of the place was a gigantic fountain; golden rimmed with shimmering crystals on the sides, stood a statue of a man, holding a lightning bolt. Zeus, he is your uncle Zeus, said a voice in my mind. I shook my head; that was only my inner conscious, right? On the right and left are the dorms, but we like to call them Houses. That one houses the children of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy, and Ares, the god of war. Its called the House of Strategy. She pointed to a building on the right closest to us; the House was covered in scrolls, books, and weapons of all sorts. This one houses the children of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, and Dionysus, the god of wine. The kids in this House grow and cook our food. And the Dionysus kids like to drink a lot of coke. Its called the House of Nature. She then pointed over to a House that was decorated with crops, vines, mirrors and roses. Lying around the place were bottles and cans of coke; the floor was practically made out of them.

Further south is the House that holds the children of Apollo, the god of the sun, music and healing, Hermes, the god of messages, and Hephaestus, the god of fire and metal. Its called the House of Activity. Adrienne was pointing at a House that had been decorated with music symbols, pieces of metal, suns, envelopes, and boxes labeled Healing potions inside; very fragile. Just as I thought it couldnt get any crazier, a three legged table on wheels zoomed out of the door and down the steps. Adrienne jumped out of the way and I tried to jump also, but pain cascaded onto me and I fell. Darn it, I forgot to take a bite of the chocolate! The table turned towards me and smashed into my side. It fell on impact and I cried out. Adrienne screamed out a name in an angered voice: Noah. Smoke came out of the doorway and a guy about my age coughed. Then his eyes lit up as he shouted You found him! He ran over to us, his brown hair sticking out in every direction. Then I saw what he was wearing. Pants burned to his knees and half a shirt, nothing else. No shoes or anything. I tried to get up but fell instead. I heard Adrienne say Noah! Do you know how long shes been in the Hospital? A week I tell you, a week! Now get your stupid thing out of here! I stopped breathing when I heard that. Ive been in the Hospital, for, for a week? A week! My birthdayI wasnt even awake for most of it. Tears formed in my eyes; mom always said dad was going to visit on my fifteenth birthday. I had always told her she was wrong, but had secretly hoped for him to come. Now that chance was gone. I looked up at the two bickering people and

say Ive been in there for a week? A whole week! Did anyone come by while I was in there, preferably a man? Adrienne looked down at me and said No, Im sorry Crystal. No one came to see you at all. I was the only one. A tear fell down my face, but that was all; none came down afterwards. I clenched my hands into fists. Mom had lied to me, like every other soul I have met. Anger bubbled up inside of me like a volcano. I stood up. There was no pain, nothing at all. I looked at Adrienne with a stern eye; Lets just finish this tour. And fast; the sun is almost setting. She gives a curt nod and we walk away from the scene. I didnt need any more of that chocolate now. Hey wait! I didnt get to say sorry! And I dont know your name! The boy starts to run towards us, but I dont let him get far. Turning around I grab his shirt and pull him up close. Growling, I say Apology accepted. I let go of him and walk back to Adrienne. So, about that tour. Oh yes! So that building next to the Ares and Athena House is the Library. And thats basically it! I look around the place; there wasnt much, and everything looked unproportional. If only there was another House next to the one we just came from Then I noticed a shadow next to the House of Activity. It was small; not much bigger than an apartment. Hey; what is this building for? I point at it to get Adriennes attention. Her face turns pale. Thats the worst House anyone could go to. Its called the House of Three. Thats where

the children of the major gods Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades go. Theyre the one who killed Kronos, the King of the Titans who ruled over the world before the gods. Zeus is the god of the sky, Poseidon is the god of the sea, and Hades is the god of the underworld. If a child was ever born from just one of the three brothers, the world could end in destruction and chaos. Of course none of them are probably going to be your father! Its getting kind of late. We should head to the Lounge; thats where we sleep tonight. Cmon. She starts to head over to the Lounge, but I stop her. But wait! Zeus made a ton of kids. What about Heracles and Perseus? They didnt destroy the world though! How do you know this? I read a lot. Well, things are different. Theres a prophecy. What prophecy--- but I stop talking when Adrienne turns away and walks toward the Lounge. I follow her and dont say another word; shell probably tell me more tomorrow. We enter the Lounge of Gods; there are smoothie machines and vending machines all around the room. The couches have a velvety silk cover and are so soft theyre like heaven; I took off my band, letting my hair fall down to my shoulders and put it on my wrist like a bracelet. Slipping off my book bag, I lay down on one while Adrienne lay on another. The second my head hits the couch Im out like a light.

************ Im standing in a room; the light is dim and the walls are wooden. Knock, knock, knock! I turn around to see the door creak open. A man stood in the doorway. He wore a black bowler hat, a long fur cape, golden robes, and sandals. In his hand was a knife, the blade a dark black color, if black could get any darker. He had a short, curly beard. The first word I thought of was: hobo. Then he spoke in a low, haunting voice. Crystal. Do not fear me. I am your father. I stumbled back in surprise, falling over on my own toes. This, this hobo is my dad? That is so messed up! I looked up to see his clothes change. The cape and robes melded together to form a Grecian robe while his hat turned into a crown made of skulls. W-who are you? I stammer. Why are you here? What is this place? He smiled, and even though as wicked as it looked, it calmed me. I am sorry I couldnt see you on your birthday you were unconscious. I do have a very important message for you, but you mustnt tell anyone of this conversation. I am Hades, god of riches and the underworld. It is, not as bad as you would think, even if I hate my rank among the gods. Right now, I am sending souls to their doom or glory. But, how? This is a dream cube. Hephaestus made it for Hypnos, the god of dreams, to allow gods and their children communicate with each other. Now I want to make it very clear that you are important. Tomorrow, you will know why. I want to show you

something. You are my only child, so you have some of my abilities. Take off your glasses. No. Mother said to never take them off. Well your mother is not here, is she? Tears pricked at my eyes, but I wouldnt let them go. Shes dead, you idiot! He stared at me, appalled at what I had said. Young lady, you are to speak to me with respect and discipline, do you understand. Now take off your glasses! I slowly removed my glasses from my face, ready to be blind. But I wasnt. I could see perfectly, without the slightest blur in my vision. The only thing different, was that there were more people around me. And gems were scattered on the floor. I slipped on my glasses and then whipped them off; still the same result. What the heck is going on? I dont understand! I look at my dad, and he smiles again. It is true! She has the Sight! My dear girl, you have the Sight! And what is that exactly? The Sight is when a child of mine can see the same things as I do. And you do! You can see all of the people around you and the minerals on the floor, right? Yes Then you have it. Those people you see, theyre disembodied spirits, or Shades. Go put your hands through them.

I waved my hand through them, and the people disappeared in a wisp of smoke. They reappeared on the other side of the room. I stared in wonder. They are beautiful, but dangerous. You see you cannot touch them. But they can touch you. They can hurt you. Be careful. These glasses were made for you so you could never see them. They are the barrier between your connections with them. Only take those glasses off when necessary. And you see those gems below your feet? You are pulling them out of the ground. How is any of this possible? I am also the god of riches; that means minerals and metal from the earth are attracted to you. You can control this over time. I have not the time to explain much further. He hands an object to me. It is flat and circular, like a large ring, and had one straight handle for my hand to grip. The black, razor sharp blade gleamed at me. This is a Stygian Discus; the blade of the weapon is made of Stygian Iron. Specially made by my servants in the Underworld, it will prevent any living monster from returning to Tartarus, the home of all monsters. It will also kill any living being, whether it mortal or immortal, and will send spirits back to my realm, the Underworld. It takes the life force of any object or item, so use it well. I must go now; please, you are my only child. Do not harm; you are special. Take care! He started to vanish; first his arms, then his legs, and then his body. No! Dont go! Please, you make me happy! I cry out.

He replied back, his voice faint, Your eyes are that of your mothers. You make me happy too. Then he was gone. I stared at the spot he was standing in; it looked empty. I pushed my glasses onto the brim of my nose and all of the people vanished. Only the gems were left. I stared at one of them; the blackest of them all, but it had the brightest shine. A pain shot through my head and the world became black.

Chapter 5: Crystal

My eyes flutter open. Like a fish out of water, I gaze ate the ceiling, thinking. The world; it seemed more different, like I finally fit. Something cold and metallic touches my hand; I look down. My hand grips the Stygian Discus; the weapon he gave me. Standing up, I realize the floor is covered in jutting minerals. Just like the dream. Fortunately, my glasses are still on my face. Grabbing my book bag, I slip the discus inside; something tells me that its not a good idea to leave it out in the open for everyone to see. Just the black smoke curling up from the blade might scare someone. Walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I vow to keep it near or with me at all times. When I came back, my newly made ponytail swishing, I stomp the jewels to push them into the ground so no one could notice them. Hey, youre up. Cmon, were going to P.E! Then after that its lunch and your academic classes. I looked up to see Adrienne standing in the doorway, holding something else. Here

is your honorary Academy uniform. You wear it everywhere here except when youre training. She hands me a blue sweater, the color of turquoise. In black outlines, there was a symbol of a cartoon horse with a horn: a unicorn. This is the uniform; a sweater? Well, you could have a t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, or a sweater. I thought youd like the sweater the best. Oh, and you cant wear your jacket and sweater anymore. Theyre dirty. Then you know me well. She turns around and walks outside as I take off my jacket and other sweater, exposing my shirt underneath. Then I slip on the uniform, and it glows. Suddenly, it reshaped its self on me, and a second later I was gasping. Adrienne called back, You can tell it to change to make you look how you want to! That would have been good information to know. Okay, so uh, sweater, can you loosen up a bit? The sweater instantly glowed and grew longer. The sides loosened up, and I could breathe again. Walking into the bathroom, I looked at myself. The sweater fit neatly around me, slightly curving around my body: success. Adrienne walks in behind me and she smiles. I think its time to tell you about why I became your parent. She air quotes the word parent, and keeps talking. When you mother died in the fire, it wasnt normal. Normally she would have been able to get out, being a demigod and all, but it was Greek fire. Greek fire can literally ignite on anything, even water. Thats why she died. Now I became your

parent because of a ceremony the Academy does for the nymphs. It is held in the forest of Pan, where the nymphs live. Wait, so youre a nymph? Yes, well, not exactly. My father is Pan, the god of the wild. My mom is a nymph. I have the uncanny ability to become any animal I choose, that is if I acquire it first; I am a rare, almost never seen nymph: one of the Proteus. I was chosen for you because of my personality and skill. Of course, they never told me who your godly parent was. Apparently, its supposed to be kept a secret until your parent claims you. I feel like an older sister to you now, and so when I almost saw you die a week ago, I freaked out. And thats why you were so protective in the tour too? Um, no; I just really hate Noah, that kid we saw--- Yeah, I know his name. So, past all of this mushy emotional stuff. Now to the fun part of your day: training. That involves physical activity, doesnt it? She smirks and I groan. Slinging my backpack over my shoulder, I follow her outside. We head towards the Weaponry Hall and walk through the open doors. I could hear a guy shouting words out; it boomed in throughout the walls of the corridor. I turned a corner and saw a boy, about seventeen years old, shouting on a stage. He had blonde hair and blue eyes from what I could tell. Across from him was a great big field of sparkling green grass.

There were about twenty kids, differing in races and ages. Then everyone in the room turned to face us. They wore the same colored uniform as I did and they were angry; uh oh.

Chapter 6: Noah

Unlike the others around me, I actually was glad that the new girl was late. That meant less time for me to train and more time for me to go back to my blueprints. Yeah, thats right. Im a son of Hephaestus; jealous yet? No, okay. But my worst subject ever is P.E. Not only am I short and small, but Im also not very strong. Sure Im strong enough to pick up 50 pound weights, but I kinda have to so I can live. My best strategy is to dodge things; it helped that I was only five feet three. Before, Ben was yelling at us. He thinks our class is a big waste of his time and the fact that were pretty petty as a class in fighting makes things even worse. Yo, Ben! Take a chill pill; I mean do we look like we want to be here too? I give a sarcastic big grin and fight his evil glare; I know that hes kidding because weve been buddies since I came to this school. Then he smiles and starts roll call; I listen intently for my name; last year, I wasnt even part of the roll call list. Brasington!

Blonde, where are you? A girl stepped out of the crowd in shining armor; her hair glowed in the sunlight, cheeks rosy pink. Her name is Melody and she was hot. Giving a thumbs up signal, she stepped back into the crowd, but you could still see her. Sarah Canoly! Where are you? A girl with brown, flowing hair stepped out of the crowd; her face was pale and her back hunched in a shy kind of way. Wow, who is she? Id never seen her before. Maybe she came back from a very long quest and I wasnt here when she--Hammaker? Dude, where are you? Cant see you anymore; youre so short, I lost you in the crowd! He gives a confused look; I glare at him. I just lost my train of thought, great. I also hate it when people make fun of my shortness. Just because Im the shortest kid in the whole grade doesnt mean you have to make fun of it. To make a point, I stand on my toes and wave my hands in the air. He grins before going on to the next person. Crystal Salsbury! New kid, right. Get in line! I see the new girl ran down the steps of the stage and entered the crowd, head first; ouch! I couldnt see much of her to tell if she was hot or not, but I did see a flash of black hair from my spot. Because of my chances with the girls here, I would probably be single for the rest of my life, but a guy could try, right? Ben finished the last of the kids and then shouted Because of Salsbury, were not going to fight with weapons for the term! Immediately, most of the kids relaxed, me being one of them. Using weapons were the worst; most times people would go back to their Houses bruised or broken. Ben kept speaking, Instead,

were going to fight with our fists, old school style. After that, well be running and lifting up weights. Well, at least I had a chance at this; I was a fast runner. No one could run away from something faster than I could. I groan when I hear about the lifting of weights though; with not much upper body strength, I was sure to fail. Alright, I have your opponents. Canoly and Brasington, youre partners for the term. Edgin and Lumnar, Medlir and Seldo, Kirke and Dawson, Bergeron and Lounds, Calevi and Swedberg, Salas and Rai, Fisher and Gordan, Wozney and Belen, so are you. Oh and who do we have left, oh, and Hammaker! You have a formidable opponent now! Its Salsbury. What does that even mean? Youre five feet three, right? Yeah. Well, shes five feet, Ben smirked at me. That means your only tactic is gone; good luck! I sighed; even though we were buddies, I still have to sometimes hate that guy. Everyone spread out within the field and Ben sat down at the corner of the stage, watching. Someone tapped my shoulder; I turned around to see the new girl; her bangs fell across half her face in a mysterious way. Id seen her before, but I didnt know her name. The only thing shed said to me was that she accepted my apology, but that was it. I didnt even know that she would find me so quickly.

So, about yesterday. She starts to say, but I interrupt her. Lets just not talk about that. I did say I was sorry. So, uh, Crystal was it? She nods, but I could see a hint of frustration in her face. Shouldering her backpack, she looked at my face, confused. Well, arent you going to tell me what to do? You arent new here, so you must know. I raise my eyebrows in surprise; so she does have somewhat of a fiery spirit, thanks to Adrienne. Leading her to a tree where not many people could see us, I say You might not want to keep that book bag on. Itll probably get in the way. She threw the backpack near the tree and said I guess everyone here has a godly parent. Whos yours? Um, Hephaestus is. Okay, so how does this fighting with our fists thing work? Well, someone has to throw a punch fir--- A fist slammed into my side; it burned like fire. Hey, I wasnt ready for that! I clench my fingers to throw a fist at her, but end up hitting air. I look around confused and see her behind me, an arm on the tree. What? How did she get there so fast? But, then again, shes shorter than me She smiles. Um, Crystal, why are you smiling?

Youre so stupid. You cant even fight a girl and its so fun to punch you, especially since youre the one who almost got me injured! Rubbing the back of my head I mumble a sorry. I throw my fist at her, but she moves aside and my fist lands on the trunk of the tree. Salsbury! Stop dodging! Because of that, Crystal turns her head to see Ben; heres my chance. I lunge at her and grab her arm, judo flipping her onto the ground. She gives out a startled cry and I look down at her; her hair is flipped up and I can see her eyes now. I gasp. Her eyes are shocking blue, like sapphires shining in the moonlight. They were so beautiful; like the River of Leno. I realized Ive been staring for too long; heat rises up to my face and I can feel myself blush. Then I noticed my fingers. They were turning a greenish color; oh no! I stuff them into my pockets and turn around, walking away. Brushing past Ben I whisper, Its happening again. His face grows pale. Turning to the other kids, he says Class dismissed early. Go, have some free time. Then he gets up and catches up to me. Our voices hushed as we spoke. Dude, what the heck is going on? I-I dont know! Calm down, its probably something different. Like, maybe just a rash.

We head out of the Weaponry Hall and down the hill towards the House of Activity. You know, thats not very comforting. Maybe it was from when we were in Tartarus? I give out a small strangled cry. It, it cant be that bad! Heading up the stairs we enter the lounge and head towards the elevator. Each House has the same flooring; first floor is a lounge, second is one of the gods, and so on; on each floor, we have our own little rooms. Someone who skipped class shouts out Hey Noah! You want to help me on something? Unable to speak, Ben replies for me with a thundering no. I keep my head down. The golden elevator doors open and I step in. Pushing the button that said 2, I said I breathed hard. After the second ding, I rushed down the hallway of the floor and opened a door, my door. Ben slides inside and I shut the door behind him. He sits on my bed as I pace around. Taking my hands out of my pockets I look at them; theyre even worse. Scales covered the backs of my palms and my nails werent even there; they had become claws. My whole hand was green and my arm was beginning to become green too. Man what the heck is that? I dont know! Ill get Melody! We need her! Ben gets off the bed and I stuff my hands into my pockets. It was a good thing I was wearing

long-sleeves. The door shut behind me. I paced some more, feeling impatient. Taking out some bolts, pieces of metal, and screws, I twisted the pieces and made a bird. Spinning the little knob at the top, I let go. It flew high up till it hit the ceiling and fell into my outstretched palms. The door opened and Melody and Ben burst through the door. Melody has a worried look on her face, but still looks as hot as ever. As a daughter of Apollo, shes supposed to be amazing in the sunlight, which she does perfectly. Taking my hands into her own, she stared at them intently. How did this happen? Its been going on for weeks now. Most times I can make it go away, but this time I cant! How does it even start? I dont know! Sometimes when Im angry or embarrassed it happens. I think its tied to your emotions. And it looks like that monster, um, what was it? I think its called Typhoeus, Ben said, From when we were in Tartarus. I remember then. It was the worst years of my life. A long time ago, when I was thirteen, Ben, Melody and I went on a quest. After we did, we got trapped in Tartarus by Eris, the goddess of rivalry. She hadnt liked our trust in friendship. We spent two years in there and came back about a month ago, but it only felt like a week.

During that time we met a not so friendly toddler monster; he had wings and more than enough heads for us to count. He said his name was Typhoeus and then had grabbed my arms. Wrapping itself around me, it squeezed. Then fangs sank into my arm. Id cried out so loud; it felt like fire was being inserted into my veins, but then they were able to rip him off my arm. After using all of the ambrosia chocolate on me, I had finally stopped becoming a scaly monster. That was, until now. I stared at my fingers; the scales started to fade back to skin and the green was becoming pinker. It was finally gone. I breathed out a sigh of relief, and sat on my bed, only to cry out in pain. Ben started to laugh, a gurgled You have a tail too, coming out of him. I growled, but relaxed again. I could feel the tail becoming shorter and shorter, my balance becoming worse and worse. Finally I sat on my bed again. Why did it happen anyways? said Melody. Um, well, uh. I stammer. The room was starting to get a little hot. She looked at me a bit before smirking. You have a crush, dont you? New girl, am I right? No, no. I was just, um, getting a little angry at her, thats all. She was beating me up--- Wait, you mean beating you? Now this I have to see! The Great Noah Hammaker beat up by a girl smaller than him! Ben said, laughing harder.

And shes shorter than you! laughed Melody. My face starts to heat up even more when Ben pulls out a silver iPhone and starts taking pictures, the light glaring in my eyes. My hands cover up my face to shield myself. Pushing them out of the door, I slam it shut, before they could make me feel worse. Before they could make me become worse. I could never live this down. I sighed and looked out of my window.

Chapter 7: Melody

I look at the horizon; it was starting to get orange, like an oil painting. Hey, I need to head to class; you go back to the Weaponry Hall. Oh, and teach better. Pfft. I dont need to teach. Im too cool for school, he said sarcastically. I shake my head, laughing, before heading towards the front of the Academy. I pass the library and overhear some people talking. I cant do this now! Its too dangerous. I stop. Walking back to the grand entrance of the library, I lean near the building, looking through the window. It is Sarah. But she is alone. Her mouth starts to move, and a screeching sound bellows through the walls. The windows rattle furiously. I cover my head and squeezed my eyes shut. A pain pierced through my mind like a spear. Images popped in my head, like a stop-motion video, except they were all different pictures. One showed Sarah crying, another showed her angry, but in every single one of them was a shadowy figure. I heard words like loner, stupid, and crazy. Then I heard two words: Help me. It was said in a soft, whispery sound, like a feather in the breeze. Then the images stopped. Abruptly, with no warning, an image flickered in my head. It was of Ben, with a small box in his hands. Then, like a crime scene, blood splattered all over it, and I heard Sarahs laugh; it ringed in my ear, but it was strained, as if she was doing something bad, but was regretting it. She is the one! Protect the keys! Do it! NOW!!!! Another voice tells me this, a scratchy one. Then a more simplistic voice bursts through my head. Ignorant fool! Someone else does this! Have you no brain? Find the keepers, protect them. I scream and

Wow, out of all the people in the world, the only person I know who will have a crush on any girl at first sight would be Noah. He tries to hit on any girl, but he always fails in the end. I sighed. Ben looked down at me; he was seventeen while I was sixteen, so naturally he was taller. So, what do you think of new girl? Who do you think is her godly parent? he asks. Well, if could be anyone of them. She hasnt shown signs of any of them. His lips purse up in doubt. What? Do you think you know who it is? Well, even if you are smarter than I am, Im not always wrong. I think it could be either Athena or Ares from what Ive seen.

run. Past the buildings, past the shops; I had to get away. Tears stream down my face. I finally find a building as grand as the others, but inside, it is the largest building of all. Pushing past the dual doors, I enter. I am almost down the hallway, until suddenly, the voices stop. The silence is shattering and I breathe hard. Then a voice booms in my head, calm and confident. Shut up, all of you; dont you see youre giving the poor girl a headache? That is the last thing I hear. I slump down against a wall, enjoying the silence. My head hurt and my heart was pounding like a stampede of elephants, but I was fine. A door swished open across the hallway. Melody, what are you doing? Were you waiting for me? he says sarcastically. Its Noah, but he has a gentle smile on his face, like he knows somethings up. I-I need to get to class. Okay, come on in! The room is nice and warm and totally not boring at all! I sigh before heading inside. The first thing I notice is that people were staring at me. Then I notice the teacher, who is also head principal of the Academy. Youre late! Um, what are you doing? Are you perhaps, retired of being lazy? I ask. I am King Polydectes! Who ever said I was lazy? He wears a fur cloak with a crown on his head, bedazzled by the Aphrodite kids. He has a golden staff, and swings it around,

pointing to a student, also known as one of his peasants. New girl; tell her why I am here! Go on! Speak. She starts to stammer before real words come out of her mouth. I cant blame her; Principal Deck had a way of doing that to people. T-there isnt a teacher to substitute. B-but now that youre here, hes going to leave. Wait, so youre going to just leave me with a bunch of morons? A couple of people cried out in protest, but I didnt hear them. Mhm. What are you going to do about? I suggest rubbing my feet while you do. That infuriated me. This was one of the wildest, most insane things hes probably ever said to me. Then I saw him wink. What? Then I got it. He just wanted to look weak for the newbies in the room; there were about seven of them, including Noah. The past two years ago in Tartarus were retched; during then the Principal had changed. Now we had to put up with him. The month we got back I established that I was the smartest non-Athena kid around. He got the message then. I smirked. No matter how hard he wanted to look, I was always going to be better than him. The newbies should know this, no matter what. Get out. I am NOT going to rub your feet. In fact, youre going to do it yourself, in the hallway. His fake shocked expression made me laugh. Some of the kids looked at me incredulously. He left the room. Okay, most of you are the same age as I am, if not younger. If your older, then, lets just say be smarter this year.

The class went on like this for about twenty minutes before I even started teaching about Greek monsters. What surprised me the most was Crystal, the new girl, answered every question correctly. Hey, um Crystal? Did you, like, take class on Greek monsters before? Because, last time I checked, I was teaching. Sorry. I guess I just know a lot of the stuff here. Okay Class dismissed. Crystal was the last to leave, and before she could run away, I grabbed her arm. Pulling her close, I whisper into her ear, Youre a good student, promising in fact. Dont let that do anything to you though. Work hard, and if you play your cards right, you might just have friends. Of course Im willing to be your friend, but some of the other students at the Academy may think otherwise. This place has its ups and downs, but youll get used to it. I promise. I smile at her. She seemed a little rattled, but they always do. Thanks. And, um, feel free to call me Lone Soldier, she replied. She walked away, and I thought I saw a hint of a smile on her lips. Then she turned the corner and I was left alone in the hallway. I know you saw me. I jump and turn around. The light in the hallways starts to dim, giving the place an eerie affect. I saw a swish of dark brown hair and place green eyes, before she is gone. Sarah. A daughter of Aphrodite, yet her only talent was being pretty. What a shame.

Chapter 8: Ben

I never thought the first thing Id see when I got back to the Weaponry Hall was a pie, aimed at my face. Yo Ben! This ones for being an awesome bro! Then the pie came hurtling at my face at 60 miles per hour. I had only just about enough to move my head slightly. The pie smashed against the wall, raspberry filling all over the place. I liked raspberry pie. One of the guys in the field said, Man that pie took me all night just to make! Ha ha, very funny guys. But what we really need to go Before they could say anything I was throwing smashed pie back at their faces. It split and hit about three guys before it fell to the floor. I licked my fingers; mmm, I do love my raspberries. I jogged down the steps towards them and said, Get your weapons and battle gear boys! This term were training for battle. Next term is hand to hand combat! Got it? I was the first to get to the supply

closet which was at the edge of the Forest of Pan. Swinging it open, I grabbed chest armor, elbow pads, a sword and finally a helmet. Without it, I was dead meat. Now, I wasnt a bad teacher, but most times I liked to train with the others. I mostly fought with this class because they were more into it than the class I had in the beginning. No nerds or geeks. I mean the girls were okay, but they guys in that class didnt seem to play to their strengths. These guys did. Everyone finds their own partner. Anyone who doesnt have one fights me. It turns out this class had an even number of students, unlike the other class. I sat, watching them and yelling out tips. By the time it was midnight, we were all exhausted and my throat was raw. Lets call it a day. They file out, one by one. Many were bruised from fighting too hard. My blue t-shirt was pretty drafty as a breeze blew by. Walking outside to the night I looked up at the moon. It was beautiful and luminous. I basked in its fluorescent light. I sighed. Its been five years since I came here. Ever since then, my godly parent hasnt claimed me. Most would say its obscure, but everyone knows I was meant to be here; its in my blood. I do wish he or she would come forward. Im not that bad, am I? I shake my head. I just dont get it. I was sent here to protect something. No one even said a thing about it. And now it haunts me every time the moon comes up.

By now Im at the Hermes dormitory hall. Any kid without a godly parent stays in this area. Its actually the largest of all the floors in each of the Houses. I open my door to find the room glowing. Its already starting? No! Slamming the door behind me with my back I stare at my desk. In the corner of the table was a tiny black box. It glows a luminescent blue. I lock the door, shut the windows and jump into bed. Pulling the covers over me, I peeked over the top, still staring at the little box. Shadows danced across the walls and maniacal laughter filled the room. Finally, I couldnt take it anymore. I pull the covers over my head shut my eyes. This happens every time and I always shut my eyes closed. Tears fell out of my eyes and I fell into a sudden sleep. We wont hurt you. Just let us out. Please ************ Light streamed into the barred window. It came from the moon. The cell I am in is so large. It can fit an elephant. The walls are made of what it seems to be rusted iron. Even the door is made of it. The door probably weighs a ton. BANG! Open up Sleeping Beauty! Lord Prometheus wants to see you. Swiveling my head around, I stare at the door. There is a slit where I can see the eyes. They are blue and are attached to one of the guards outside. Instinctively, I shout, My name is James!

Not sleeping beauty!!!! What? Where did that come from? Im Ben, not James. The guard murmured, Well, you sleep all day long I wouldnt be surprised if your name was Sleeping Beauty. I growled. The sound of a door unlocking echoed through the room. Two guards, both buffer and taller than me, grabbed my cuffed hands. The others held knives and swords at my neck. I swallowed. We walked a long way till the corridor stopped. Then, out of nowhere, gears came out of the wall. The spun until something clicked, and then they sank back into the wall. Large French doors appeared, covered in flecks of gold and silver. It reminded me of a silver arrow. It reminded me of the one that killed them. Then, the doors opened, dragging across the floor. Only the Fates know what awaits me now.