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Landmark School Observation

! Date: 9/11/13 Class: Algebra Period: 5 Strengths:

Teacher: T.Bello Supervisor: M. Orie

Areas to work on:

Individualizing instruction and providing individual feedback Clearly explaining expectations (beginning of class, HW, etc.) Dealing with a difficult student (Jake L)

Involving students more in class discussion/notes. You did a good job calling on them and getting their input, but they may have contributed more independently if given the opportunity. E.g. you can ask more open ended questions

FOUNDATIONS yes Collects, reviews, and assigns HW Visible lesson plan/Agenda Facilitates maximum independence of students Effective use of time Begins class on time TEACHING PRINCIPLES USED: Provided opportunities for success Used multiple modalities Micro-united and structured tasks Automatized through practice / review Provided models Included students in learning process no


Used tech, small pieces of paper for sorting, etc.

What took place

Thoughts & Suggestions

Landmark School Observation


Encouraged students to begin warm up & Collected HW

Asked students: Each student give me one thing that you should do when you walk in the class Students gave appropriate answers, and even asked a good question: should we take our calculator out? Began Notes using projector projector failed. Did notes orally and on white board instead

I like how you were able to praise a student for doing the correct thing (without specifically mentioning which student)Much better than repeated reminders for students to begin their HW. Good reminder for the beginning of the year.

Tough luck with technology, but good job being prepared to give notes regardless. Suggestion: help the students structure their notes (2 columns, title at the top, date, etc.) by setting up the board exactly like their notes template. Great way to focus in on the language of math, which is hugely important for students with LBLD

Talked about subtraction. Got them to give synonyms like minus. Redirected a student who was getting distracted. Explained very clearly the mathematical theory behind subtraction, in accessible language. Called on students for input Had students work independently on example problems in notes

Great job really breaking it down.

Jake had trouble with some of the problemsinstructor gave him a tip and then asked him to reverbalize, which he did Student who finished before the others was given options for good ways to continue practicing the skill (khanacademy) Jake is a difficult student who needs 1-on-1 Good job giving him specific tasks and attention to stay on task (he was writing feedback, while balancing individual

Only 3 students in the class, but nice job continuously involving all of them. Provided a great opportunity for students to get individual feedback on their mastery of the skill Asking students to reverbalize is always a good idea.

Landmark School Observation


on himself at times). Instructor gave him very specific things to be working on while she checked on other students. Jake worked well when given specific tasks and feedback. Eventually all students were practicing on Khan (for the rest of the period)- gave one student more challenging problems as they mastered the examples on khan.

feedback amongst other students. Continue doing this! It might be good to try to get Jake out of his seat (up to the board, etc.) Students did a great job on the website, practicing calculator skills, and showing work.

Towards the end of class, students began to lose a little bit of stamina. In last few minutes, went over the HW. Very clear expectations- repeated Told students to write a note to themselves instructions to each student as she passed on the HW. Told them where in their it out. Good repetition binder to put it.

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