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Fitz's Atlas of Coating Defects 2

Fitz!s Atlas 2 comes as a poc"et size boo" or as an App and is ideal or site and o ice use# The Atlas has been compiled by Industry $%perts and supported by coating suppliers& consultants and engineers#

Fitz!s Atlas 2 is the most comprehensi'e boo" on coating and application de ects (orld) (ide# It is di'ided into a number o sections co'ering *elding Faults& Sur ace Conditions& Coating and Application +e ects& ,icroscopy& ,arine Fouling and an Appendi% (ith brea"do(n scales& paint characteristics& paint compatibility& calculations and ormulae# Cost Fitz's Atlas Poc"et Size -oo". 149 The App. 69.99

Who would use the Fitz Atlas 2?

Fitz!s Atlas 2 is a comprehensi'e publication or use across the (hole o the coating Industry and (ould pro'ide use ul re erence material to.

$ngineers Coating Inspectors Consultants Asset and Plant ,anagers Paint and Coating Suppliers Coating Contractors Architects ,aintenance Personnel Students and /raduates ,arine sur'eyors

Co !iled "#$ -rendan Fitzsimons %dited "#$ Tre'or Parry &u"lished "#$ ,PI /roup& Peel 0ouse& 1pper South Vie(& Farnham& Surrey& /12 345& $ngland Tel. 677 89:;2<2 3=2229 Fa%. 677 89:;2<2 >3=222; $mail. in o8at:mpigroup#co#u" 'o (iew so e sa !le !ages of Fitz Atlas 2 !lease clic) he*e++