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Companies and Organizations for the CHINA HI-TECH FAIR Seminar in Hungary

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Contact Person: Mr. Zhu Qi Xuchang Yuanhua Tel: 86-374-3185066 1 Biotechnology Ltd. Fax: 86-374-2788222 Email: Yhswkjgs@vip.sina.com

It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of Linolenic acid. It is a provincial enterprise technology center and one of 50 provincial growth-oriented enterprises. The company's existing products have obtained the "United Nations Nature Medicine Prize", titles of "National Standard Quality Safety Food" and "Chinese Well-known Brand" etc. Specializing in research, The products have obtained ISO9001:2000 Certification, HACCP certification, development, production and GMP certification, and planting has been certified by the GAP, FDA Certification sales of Linolenic acid. and the GMP Certification in Germany. At present the company cooperates with famous Chinese universities, the College of Life Science, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Niu Manjiang Life Science Research Centre, the United States Temple University in hi-tech R&D, and shoulder a major key project unit under the state's "11th Five-Year" Plan.


Looking for cooperation with Biotechnological companies which need natural flavous and aromas, food additive, pharmaceutical intermediates and so on.

Chemical Industry It is a large-scaled state-owned company, specializing in household insecticide such as insecticide aerosol, mosquito coils/mats and electroheaters. We also manufacture other chemical materials such as Pesticide and Daily Chemical Products. Successfully we have been titled as Top 500 Industrial Enterprise in China, National Torch Major High-Tech Enterprise, National Top 100 Chemical Enterprise, National Top 10 Industrial Profit & Tax Enterprise etc. Our company is one of the 15 National Fine Chemical Manufacture Bases in China. Equipped with the powerful Science and Technology, AESTAR holds a Statelevel Enterprise Technical Center. Adopting internationaly advanced management system, AESTAR is the first one in domestic trade to achieve ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO10012 Measurement Inspection System Certification, and ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification. AESTAR has already become the largest production base of household Insecticide and formulated raw material in China, and even in South-east Asia. AESTAR is also one of the largest production base of Synthetic Pyrethroid in China. Clothing Shen Zhen King Kaiser Costume Co., Ltd specializes in designing and making high and middle level professional uniforms and suits. The company has formed its own characters of elegance, pizazz, fashion and classics. Men's suit "LING KATSER" is handsome and elegant; Women's suit "CHRISTYMORA" is Specializing in designing and beautiful and romantic. All the materials are imported. The company forms making professional uniforms unique styles combining French and EU style with the skeletal character of and suits. Chinese People. Making the best of advanced mechanical method of International Costume Industry to elaborate manufacturing. The Company owns a stable personnel of great technicians and high-tech equipment. The design and quality earns good reputation in this industry.

Contact Person: Mr. Zhu Qi Zhongshan Aestar Tel: 86-760-88703869 2 Fine Chemical Inc. Fax: 86-760-88700139 ltd Email: zslinqy@163.com Website: www.aestar.com

Specializing in household insecticide, other chemical materials such as Pesticide and Daily Chemical Products.

Chemical Industry

Looking for local companies in Aerosol products, insecticide active ingredient and chemical materials.

Shenzhen King 3 Kaiser Costume Co., Ltd

Contact Person: Yu Yanbin Tel: 86-755-25563376 Fax: 86-755-25570901 Email: szyyb@126.com


Comprehensive Group Company Founded in 2000, Shenzhen QingPeng Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise licensed by Qinghai State Assets Committee, governing 17 subsidiaries. With 180 staffs and headquarter in Shenzhen, other subsidiaries are in such places as Qinghai, Beijing, Shanghai, Shanxi and Tianjin. QingPeng now has developed a comprehensive operational system, covering real estate, mineral resource development, hotel, automobile sales, import and export and property management. Cultural Industry It is jointly funded and established by Puli Industry Group and the Hong Kong Arts talent Jie Hua Foundation with the registered capital of RMB 20 million in 2004. It covers a construction area of 6000 sq. m., operating more than 200 kinds of books of the 2nd category in 9 professional libraries, Coffee Station, Art Book marketing & publication, Gallery, Shangshuyuan, Readers Club, Civil Masters Hall and Cultural Products mobile bookstores etc. like the specialty gallery. This combination of marketing & publication, mobile bookstore, discount book market and network sales will make a threedimentional marketing system creating a concept of Cultural Commercial Mall. Engineering Sinohydro Engineering Bureau No.4 Company Limited, affiliated to Sinohydro Corporation, is a large state-owned enterprise upon which have been bestowed a special-class certificate as an overall contractor for hydroelectric engineering construction, an A-class certificate for earth-rock engineering and steel structure engineering, a B-class certificate for municipal utilities projects, building projects, tunnel projects and road projects, and a certificate for import and export business. We can provide services in such areas as construction, survey, design, fabrication and transportation. Health-care It is a high-tech therapeutic apparatus manufacturer engaging in R&D, manufacturing and sales. The multifunctional apparatus to check and cure diseases with the brand name of "Hanshen" is a high-tech product to combine Chinese traditional acupuncture with modern electronic technology. It has two Phone +86411-82496814 functions of checking and curing diseases, also has four effects on beautiful 13609826081 care, health care, preventing and curing diseases. Checked by the Ear Needle Fax +86- 411-82497084 for 1-3 minutes, the apparatus can alarm all diseases over the human body and Email Hanshen_yhg@163.com point out the positions. It also can automatically find out the relevant Contact Yu Hangang acupuncture points in order to adjust vital organs, unclog meridians and Website www.zhenshen.com collaterals so that can improve the immunity. As it is easy to operate, it is an ideal family health-care apparatus in the 21st century, and it has gained great reputations throughout the world and has been called "Chinese Magic Needle" by people from home and abroad for its accurate diagnosing technology and magic curing effect. Hi-Tech Zone Operator

Shenzhen QingPeng Group Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Ding Yajun Tel: 86-755-83547910 Fax: 86-755-83547926 Email: qiuxuming879@163.com

Real estate, mineral resource Comprehensiv development, hotel, automobile e group sales, import and export and company property management.

To Survey the local market

Puli Capstone Culture Plaza Ltd.

Contact Person: Liu Yanting Tel: 86-411-86868999 Fax: 86-411-86868600 Email: betty_liu@china.com Website: www.8848-1.com

Cultural Industry

To tap into overseas market, looking for agents interested in cooperation, or opportunity for chain-stores in EU in order to promote the Chinese traditional crafts to overseas.

Sinohydro 6 Engineering Bureau No.4

Phone +86- 971-7113322 Fax +86-971-8149160 Email Contact Lu Huaimin Website

Providing services in such areas as construction, survey, Hydraulic design, fabrication and Engineering transportation.

Visiting and surveying the local environment

Dalian Magic needle Electron 7 Research and Development Center

A high-tech therapeutic apparatus manufacturer engaging in R&D, manufacturing and sales, also Health-care producing Hanshen multifunctional apparatus to check and cure diseases

To Explore Overseas Market and seek cooperation, looking for local agents of our products.

Nanyang High & New Technology Industry 8 Development Zone Administration Committee

Phone Fax Email Contact Website

+86- 377-63295667 +86- 377-63295690 nygxzs@126.com Chen Xi www.nygxq.gov.cn

It is located in the northwest of Nanyang city, which is a provincial high & new technology zone approved by the Peopele's Government of Henan. We have laid emphasis on such industries as photoelectron, electromechanical equipment manufacturing, electronic information and new materials according to Administration of the Hi-Tech direction of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) since Zone. December 2005. Three industrial parks have been well planned in the high & new technology zone, which provides easy access of entry and an advantagous enviroment for all kinds of projects. Information & Electronics

To seek cooperation with investors, R&D institutions and Hi-Tech Zone local companies in photoelectron, Operator electromechanical equipment manufacturing, electronic information and new materials.

China Mobile Phone Group Guangdong Email Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Contact Branch

China Mobile Group Guangdong Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch, started to provide mobile phone services to the public in November 1988, and went spin-off listed in October 1997. Up to the end of 2008, Shenzhen branch has reached a customers scale of 15 million, an operational income of more than 10 billion for +86-13922828712 four consecutive years, and taking up a market share of over 80%. Our Providing mobile phone 13922828712@139.com contribution of taxes to the country turned over to the city's highest ranking. For services to the public Mr. Chen six consecutive years more than one billion yuan was turned over as Government Rent. Our companies adhere to the "duty-based and costeffective" development, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, becoming a good corporate citizen to promote the construction of harmonious information society.


1. To learn the local mobile communication operators' experiences in operating 3G, and to explore the cooperation in products and business. 2. To learn the latest foreign development trend of mobile communication technology, and to explore modalities of cooperation

Dalian Daxian 10 Network System CO.,LTD.

Phone +86- 411-84735511 Fax +86- 411-84735522 Email liuchaodl@163.com Contact Mr. Liu Chao Website www.daxiannet.com

Founded in 1999, Dalian Daxian Network System Co., Ltd. finished its shareholding reform in 2002. It is a professional high-tech enterprise engaging in R&D, manufacturing and sales of digital TV front end/Terminal, broad-band network products, network system solution design and service as a whole. The Company possesses 3 categories and over 20 kinds of products, including digital Set-Top Box, CATV broadcasting and control series, Cable Modem series, digital home gateway series. Furthermore, the Company can provide products and solutions for DTV Front-End System of Network Center. The Company enjoys a good fame among the fellow traders.

Including R&D, manufacturing and sales of digital TV front end/Terminal, broad-band network products, network system solution design and service as a whole.

Manufacturing : electronic components and related equipment

Looking for partnership, capital and investors, as well as STB agents.

Established in 1998 with the head office in Zhuhai, Eastcompeace has set up R&D and regional market service centers in Beijing, Zhuhai, Hangzhou, Phone +86- 756-8695221 Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India. The Company was listed in Fax +86- 756-8695237 Shenzhen Stock Exchange of China (002017.SZ) in July, 2004. Email Since its establishmentEastcompeace has soon become the leading smart Eastcompeace 11 gaona@eastcompeace.com card company in China. Now the Company is the NO.1 SIM card vendor in Smart Card Co.,Ltd Contact Gao Na China in market share and the biggest supplier for China National Contactless Website www.eastcompeace.com ID card project. According to the annual marketing survey of 2006 by Card Technology, Eastcompeace ranks No. 5 in the world in smart card sales. Up to 2008, Eastcompeace has supplied over 700 million pieces of smart cards and 2.7 billion pieces of other card products.

Supplier of smart cards

Electronics, ICT

To Explore overseas market, looking for related local agents and government agencies

We are a manufacturor and exporter of consumer electronics (including audio products: Hi-Fi series, Tube amplifiers) and home appliance series. SR-Audio products include tube amplifier, hybrid amplifier, CD player, line conditioner and hi-fi cable. All hand-made tube amplifiers use audio transformer which has low magnetic leakage, wide frequency response and low impedance. Perfect and precise handcraft ensure high quality. Our hybrid amplifier and tube CD player all use specially designed brand-new tube amplification circuit, which is made of advanced electronic toroid instead of traditional output power Phone +86- 757-83328444 transformer, helping get the best sound effect. Foshan Sun-rise Fax +86- 757-83366803 SR-E & I serial products include humidifier, air purifier, paste food & soymilk Economic & Trade Email audio@cn-sunrise.com maker and computer case. The humidifier with anti-seep design using build-in 12 Co., Ltd. Contact Teresa Liang Helena ionization generator to improve air quality, auto alarm and cut-off protection in Yuan case of waterless, advanced noise control, nanometer and anti-biotic Website www.cn-sunrise.com technology effectively protects against fungus and bateria. Our paste and soymilk maker use the patented power-inlet technology which is a breakthrough in the field of soybean milk maker, and use the patented STEW technology which makes the milk more fragrant and delicious. The air purifier using washable electrostatic bubble cotton filter, can effectively filtrate and absorb the dust, hair and pollen in the air, inside using HEPA filter, build-in activated carbon and nanometer cold catalyst filter to purify air effectively and the build-in ionizer generator to improve the air quality. The computer case has novel appearance, uses high quality material and high-class craft and has high cost performance.

manufacturing and selling consumer electronics products, including audio, tube amplifier, hybrid amplifier, CD Consumer player, line conditioner and hi-fi electronics cable; such small home appliances as humidifier, air purifier, paste food & soymilk maker and computer case.

To Explore Overseas Market and Seek Cooperation Looking for local Importers, dealers or sales agents in comsumer electronics, especially in audios or small home electric appliances.

Guangzhou Huanhui 13 Technology Co., Ltd.

Phone +86- 754-85751763 Fax +86- 754-85302053 Email lihan13763@yahoo.com.cn Contact Li Han Website www.xenon-l.com

Guangzhou Huanhui Technology Company is a subsidiary of SHANTOU HUANHUI LATEX PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD. It specializes in the filed of automative electronics, including research & development, production, sales and technical service, cooperating with many overseas and domestic research institutions and high-tech factories, providing high quality innovation products, resolutions and technical service for HID electronic ballast. We are the first one in China to apply Digital Signal Processor (DSP) on HID electronic ballast for intelligent control and obtained DSP ballast invention patent. Our factory has more than 300 workers and is equipped with many high-class machines like SMT, ICT The workshop covers an area of 3500 square meters with a monthly output of 50,000 pcs. Strictly governed by ISO 9001 Standard, we do not only conduct random selection tests but check the product piece by piece. This makes our products a low defect rate of 0.3%.

Research & development, production, sales and technical service in the filed of automative electronics, providing high quality Automative innovation products, resolutions and technical service for HID electronic ballast

To Expore Overseas Market and Seek Cooperation, Looking for Agents and Local Car Makers, Wholesalers and retailer of car parts; especiallly for Auto Aftermarket.

HanRun 14 Electronics Co.Ltd

Phone +86- 760- 22126805 Fax +86- 760- 22132339 Email sales@hanrun.com Contact Xu Jingyi Website www.hanrun.com

HanRun Electronics Co., Ltd. is a High-tech Corporation which integrates development, manufacturing and sales of communications equipment, green lighting products and electronic components. Our products are widely used in network communications equipment, such as XDSL broadband communications equipment, network switch, hub, NIC; telecommunication equipment, optical transceiver, IP telephone system, Home Plug Turbo (85Mbps) PLC, audio device, embedded system, digital television, power supply system, personal computer, laptop and so on. At the same time, our company manufactures the switch power supply module; and Ethernet Bridge, Inverter Modules for CCFL.

Including development, manufacturing and sales of communications equipment, green lighting products and electronic components.

Electronics, electrommunic ation

To seek business relations with hungarian and German Hi-tech enterprises in electronics or electrommunication.

Shenzhen SED 15 Electronics Group Co., Ltd.

Phone +86- 755- 83324225 Fax +86- 755- 83350313 Contact Gu Dewei Website www.sed.com.cn

Business covers R&D, manufacturing, integrated logistics, real estate SED Electronics Group Company Ltd, a large-scale state-owned enterprise, is development, property affiliated to China Electronic Information Company (CEC). SED formed an services and other business industrial pattern of electronic information including R&D, manufacturing, including importing and integrated logistics, real estate development and property services. This pattern exporting of electronic covers mobile communication terminals, computer equipment, electronic products. Products include components, network equipment, consumer electronics and other business mobile communication including importing and exporting of electronic products and electronic logistics terminals, computer industry. equipment, electronic components, network equipment, consumer electronics. Aimed at providing advanced technology, excellent products and perfect services, the Tianze Digital Sci-tech Company is involved in software, system integration, network engineering, industry automation etc. With its strength and vast experiences in R&D,the Company offers a service package of such solution projects and technological products as data-standard formulating, software, system integration, automatically on-the-spot data collecting, system integration, network network engineering, industry engineering, remote sensing data processing and trainings in application and automation etc. technology etc. Particularly, the company has demonstrated extraordinary proficiency in data management system, software and supporting services for oilfield with its long history of business and technological practice engaged in the work with oil companies.


To Explore Overseas Market and seek cooperation with related local companies.

Tianze Digital Scitech Co.,Ltd., XinJiang

Phone +86- 13911521826 Contact Shan Zhenghua

Electronics, ICT, Software, telematic

To Seek Cooperation, looking for Local Companies To Survey the products and solution projects for future introduction into our company.

Yinsheng 16 Technology Co. Ltd.

Phone Fax Email Contact

+86- 755-82556501 +86- 755-82556989 zengxj@eptok.com Selina Zeng

Yinsheng Technology Co. Ltd., a nationwide electronic payment applications and services provider, specializes in finance value-added services. The company has innovated and has been promoting payment services in a multipurpose, lower-cost, safe and efficient way.Relying on the mature electronic billing payment system of China UnionPay, the company adopted a digitalized sales and service model, constructed a POS network by itself, independently developed and is operating e-Bill--a network platform for digital financial service to open up the value-added services in financial, telecommunicattions and other industries. With headquaters in Shenzhen and based in Guangdong province, the company is expanding nationwide step by step forward, dedicated to creating a first-class domestic financial payment network platform.

A nationwide electronic payment applications and services provider, specializes in finance value-added services.


To explore overseas market, seek cooperation. Looking for a developer of security and payment technology software solutions or provider of eservices. To introduce payment and transaction technology, service and business modes from Europe to China. We would like to communicate with related local companies.

Investment / Venture Capital Companies / Trade Associations

Phone ShenZhen Venture Fax 17 Capital Association Email Contact

+86- 755-82912573 +86- 755-82909418 bzhu@szvca.com Zhu Bo

Exploring and setting a new system of entrepreneurship and investment, encouraging the development of venture Founded in 2000, Shenzhen Venture Capital Association is China's largest selfinvestment enterprises, disciplined trade organization for venture capital institutions and venture capital enhancing employee management institutions. The Association now has 252 member management and trainings, companiesamong which 132 are venture capital institutions101 are venture promoting communications and capital management institutions, and 19 are agents. As of 2008, the Association cooperations within the trade has invested in more than 2000 projects, with a total investment volume of 40 home and abroad, conducting billion RMB. surveys and consultations and participating in making the relevant national and municiple laws, rules and policies.

Trade Association for Venture Capital Companies

To seek cooperation and communication with local government agencies and relevant companies.

China Merchants Technology 18 Investment (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd.

Phone +86- 755- 26888600 Fax +86-755- 26888628-0 Email yuling@cmhk.com Contact Yu Ling Website www.cmtech.net

Established in Hong Kong in Jan. 1999, China Merchants Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (CMT), the venture capital arm of China Merchants Group, is engaged in investment, project management and development of venture establishment for high tech and entrepreneurship industries. CMT's total assets are over 1.2 billion HKD and with more than 3 billion HKD under management. Being one of the earliest venture capital companies in China, CMT has invested in over 80 companies, ranging from IT, telecommunication, semiconductor, bio tech, advanced materials, alternative energy & creative media etc. Meanwhile, CMT puts forward an innovative mode binding "business incubation" with venture capital. By building the platforms of "business incubation", value-added services and network of venture investment, CMT provides all-in-one package of "incubation" services, including policy support, "seed stage" investment, business and daily facilities, etc.

Engaging in investment, project management and development of venture establishment for high tech and venture industries, proving all-in-one package of services to venture companies, Venture including policy support, "seed Capital stage" investment, business Company and daily facilities, etc.

To explore overseas market and cooperation, would like to communicate with investors, government agencies and local companies.

Phone +86- 755- 25951629 Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fax +86-755- 82091877 19 Investment & Email hys2911@126.com Guaranty Co., Ltd. Contact Huang Yushan Website www.szhti.com.cn

Shenzhen Hi-Tech Investment & Guaranty Co.,LTD.hereinafter referred as HTIis an independent legal enterprise which was registered and founded in December 1994, jointly invested by Shenzhen Investment Holding Company, Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau, Shenzhen Project Bureau and Shenzhen Economy and Development. HTI participates in various capital financing business in Shenzhen, including bank loan guarantee, government loan guarantee and capital managemen etc.

Participating in various capital financing business in Shenzhen, including bank loan guarantee, government loan Investment & guarantee and capital Guarantee managemen etc.

To Seek Cooperation and would like to communicate with local investors.

Phone Shenzhen ChiJian Fax 20 Investment & Email consultant Co., Ltd. Contact Website

+86- 755-88351704 +86-755- 82822281 sy6689@126.com Sheng Yin www.chjian.com

Founded in 2003, the company is located in the central area of Futian, Shenzhen, relying on the strong technical support of United States Securities PCITrade and wide experiences in investment management and operation of money, providing advisory services in investment and financing for enterprises and individuals. PCITrade securities companies was founded in San Francisco in 1996, which is the nation's leading online service company, located in California and surrounded by Silicon Valley high-tech park. To provide customers with comprehensive financial management and online trading, advisory services in investment. PCITrade is manned by experts from banking, securities, futures Providing advisory services in industries and professional technical companies, providing customers with the investment and financing for highest quality professional services for a reasonable commission. PCITrade enterprises and individuals. provides professional investment consulting services through fast, reliable online systems and online processing tools, the business ranges from cash management, online trading, investment advisory and other professional financial services. Shenzhen ChiJian Investment & Consultant Ltd. has financial asset management consulting department, marketing department, human resources, legal department and finance department, above 95 % of the pesonnel are graduates from universities or masters or above, including senior financial consultants who are experienced in financial operation management on Wall Street in USA.

Services in Investment and Financing

To seek cooperation with local companies.

Phone +86- 755- 83515113 Shenzhen Fortune Fax +86-755- 83515115 21 Venture Capital Email nn829@163.com Co., Ltd. Contact Liu Huining Website www.fortunevc.com

It was founded in April 2000 in Shenzhen, and we also have branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong. As one of the market-oriented professional investment agencies in China, Fortune VC now manages a fund of over 2 billion RMB and has invested in over 40 cases. Fortune VC has been voted as one of the "top 50 VC firms in China" every year from 2001 through 2008. It was selected as one of the "Most Influential VC Brand in China" (2006, 2007, 2008). In the Year 2008, 6 deals Fortune VC invested in were listed in "China's Top 50 Best Deals", and in the same year, Fortune VC was honored China Venture CV AwardsBest GP of the Year 2008(3rd Place). The founding partner Mr. Liu Zhou was selected as one of the "Top 10 Venture Capital Investors in China". So far 2 deals Fortune VC invested have been listed successfully, and both are expecting a 40 fold return on the initial investment; 8 deals are engaged in the IPO process, and it is expected that another 10 deals will involve in the IPO process this year.

Investing in energy saving and To seek capital and cooperation, environmental protection, An Investment would like to communicate with modern agriculture, cultural Agency investors, agents and media and consumer services. government agencies.


Phone +86- 755- 82237697 Shenzhen Country Fax +86- 755- 82252652 Express Logistics 22 Email laoxian@szcel.com Co., Ltd. Contact Lao Xian Website www.szcel.com

The company was established in January 2008, with a registered capital of 20,000,000 Yuan, jointly funded by Shenzhen Jianianji Food co.,Ltd Subordinate Enterprise and Hong Kong Country Czechoslovakia Co., Ltd. It's Main business includes: Supply chain logistics, cold chain logistics, stores housekeeping, line haul and distribution, International freight forwarding, customs broker service, import and export and other value-added services.

Supply chain logistics, cold chain logistics, stores housekeeping, line haul and distribution, International freight forwarding, customs broker service, import and export and other value-added services.


1. We have newly-built a 16000 M2 high-class integral warehouse and a 2200 M2 office building in the Shenzhen Yantiangang Port, and are seeking investment in equipment; and seeking customers who need export warehouse, offices or advertising in the port. 2. We have a 36000 M2 land in the Shenzhen Pinghu Logistics Park, and are seeking partnership in developing logistics projects.


Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Capital Group (SCG) demonstrates leadership in the China venture capital industry because it has a nationwide network of 18 local offices, the industry award ranking as the No. 1 venture capital firm in China, the largest investment team in China (80 professionals), an investment pace of 50 60 deals per year, and the most IPOs (34) of any VC in China. SCGs experience in the China venture capital - private equity arena is long and diverse. As of 2008, SCG had invested into 208 companies, the most of any firm in China, with 34 IPOs from its portfolio, the most of any firm in China. SCG also participated in several private equity deals. Material Supply and Marketing Domestic Commercial, Material Supply and Marketing To tap into new market and make further step to enter international market; to invest in overseas market. Would like to communicate with local government agencies and local companies.

Yulunda Investment 24 Development Co., Ltd.

Phone Fax Email Contact

+86- 755- 89325225 +86-755- 89325358 stapollo@126.com Wu Shaobo

The company has been working on investing and developing affordable housing Investing and developing by cooperating with government since it was founded in 1999. We provide our affordable housing by clients with goods which can totally meet their requirements. It is developing cooperating with government. towards the variety of supplies and internationalization.

New Material Phone +86- 353-7051585 Fax +86- 353-7052688 Email yyb660325@163.com Contact Yang Yanbin Website http://jycc.und.com.cn/ Jingyu Magnetic Material Co.Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise which is mainly engaged in producing and developing the technology of magnectic material. According to its advanced technical standard, Jingyu has an annual output of Producing and developing the 1500 tons of sintered NdFeB. Jingyu can produce various styles of permannet technology of magnectic magnetic materials and ore than 100 kinds of products including N(N35-N48), material. M(N30M-N45M), H(N27H-N44H), SH(N27SH-N42SH), UH(N25UH-N38UH) and EH(N25EH-N33EH). Optics Phone Henan Huaxiang Fax 26 Optics Group Email Co.,LTD Contact Website +86-13937741917 +86- 377-63557023 Ldjh1188@126.com Ding Jinghai www.huaxiang.com.cn Pharmacy

Shanxi Jingyu 25 Magnetic Material Co., Ltd.

Magnectic Material

Looking for magnetic material related companies.


Henan Fusen 27 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Phone Fax Email Contact

+86- 13838998280 +86- 377-69299997 xm6526@163.com Li Shuping

It is a share-holding enterprise which was set up after its recapitalization. The predominant products of the company include five series of 68 Chinese and Western medicines varieties, such as Shuanghuanglian injection, Shuanghuanglian oral liquid, flunarizine hydrochloride capsules, Taini(nicardipine hydrochloride) injection, Luo Jun Qing (Roxithromycin) capsules, rhizoma corydalis analgesia oral liquid, blood brand compound ferrous sulfate particles, liver vitamin tablets etc. The company owns many domestic first-class production lines accredited by the National GMP such as capsules, tablets, granules, injection, oral liquid, infusion solutions, chemical synthesis, extraction, Chinese traditional medicine extract etc, becoming one of the largestscale pharmaceutical companies in China-mainland.

Five series of 68 Chinese and Western medicines varieties, such as Shuanghuanglian injection, Shuanghuanglian oral liquid, flunarizine hydrochloride capsules, Taini(nicardipine hydrochloride) injection, Luo pharmacy Jun Qing (Roxithromycin) capsules, rhizoma corydalis analgesia oral liquid, blood brand compound ferrous sulfate particles, liver vitamin tablets etc.

Local companies related to medicine, especially Germany Corus Group

Printing Since1971, Golden Cup Printing has been providing printing services for the worlds top international companies. Golden Cups mission is to provide our customers with the highest-quality and best-value products by making use of our state-of-the-art technology, innovative processes, and a wide range of inhouse equipment. We provide one-stop professional services, managing every aspect of the production cycle from design and pre-press to printing as well as a full range of binding and finishing. Over 100 printing awards have been won over the years. Property Right Management & Capital Operation With a registered capital of RMB 4.6 billion, It is established on the basis of 3 state-owned capital-operating enterprises in October of 2004, which is now a municipal state-owned enterprise. It's main functions are property right management and capital operation, involving in various fields such as real estate, finance, transportation, hi-tech, industry, travelling, property management, public utilities etc. By Dec. 31, 2008, the net assets of the company has reached RMB 37.1 billion. It has 31 wholly-owned or controlled enterprises and 42 share-holding enterprises. Research Institutes

Dongguan Golden Cup Printing Co., 28 Ltd.

Phone +86- 769-83394888 Fax +86- 769-83394999 Email xh.chen@goldencup.com.hk Contact Chen Xiaohua

Providing one-stop services from design and pre-press to printing as well as a full range of binding


To seek cooperation, looking for R&D Institions to develop new printing technology

Shenzhen 29 Investment Holdings Co., Ltd

Phone Fax Email Contact

+86- 755- 83883826 +86-755- 82912066 hrc@sihc.com.cn Hu Ruichao

Involving in various fields such as real estate, finance, transportation, hi-tech, industry, travelling, property management, public utilities etc.

Property Right Management and Cpital Operation


Phone +86- 991- 3837796 The Xinjiang Fax +86- 991- 3837796 Technical Institute Email of Physics and Contact Chen Zhiwei Chemistry Website www.xjipc.ac.cn

The Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (XJIPC) has a history of more than 40 years and has three key rearch fields: resource chemistry, meterial physics and chemistry, computer science and technology. There are three doctoral programmes with the right to confer degrees (Organic Chemistry, Microelectronics & Solid Electronics, Computer Application Technique) and four master programmes with the right to confer degrees (Computer Application Technique, Organic chemistry, Material Physics & Chemistry and Microelectronics & Solid Electronics), and has set up Xinjiang Fine Chemical Engineering Centre for post-doctoral researchers. Now, there are 267 professional staffs including 199 researchers and technicians, 116 assigned to innovative stations, 18 full professors and 70 associate professors and senior engineers in XJIPC, more than 120 students. XJIPC has undertaken more than 200 projects including "863 Project", "973 Project", National Nature Science Foundation of China, Technology Support Projects, projects from CAS, local projects and so on, of which 76 projects have been accomplished. XJIPC has made an important contributation for our country's aerospace, national securitybuilding, especially for ethnic minority areas in personnel training and technological progress. It has gradually become a "bridgehead" of eastern institutes coming to Xinjiang and western Asia forming a base of technological innovation, development and techology transfer.

Three key rearch fields: Resource chemistry, meterial physics and chemistry, computer science and technology.

Physics and Chemistry

To explore overseas market, seek cooperation and ideaexchange with related companies.

Phone Xinjiang Institute Fax 31 For New Energy, Email China Contact

+86- 991- 3835922 +86- 991- 3835920 Lwh61827@sina.com.cn Li Weihua

Engaging in the research and development of solar energy technology use.

Research and development of Energy solar energy technology use.

To Seek Cooperation, Looking for local research institutes or related organizations in solar collecter technologies and products

Retail/wholesale or Import export Phone +86-13502862870 Shenzhen Hubei Fax +86-755-25562151 32 Baofeng Industrial Email century_j@163.com Co., Ltd. Contact Zheng Jinxing Website www.szhbbf.cn Import and export: metals, minerals and chemicals, machinery and Electronic products, textiles arts and crafts, foodstuffs, Property managment, Huibei hotel

It is a state-owned company with multiple functions including import & export, domestic business, real estate lease management, hotel industry, and hi-tech research and development.

Real estate, traders, high tech R&D

Looking for cooperation in the field of our business

Public sector Dalian Foreign Trade and 33 Economic Cooperation Bureau Phone Fax Email Contact Website +86- 13940953386 +86- 411-83780580 jishuchu2591@sina.com Ma Jianyi www.wjm.dl.gov.cn

To Seek Cooperation with local government agencies

Phone +86 -27-85783839 Department of Fax +86-27-85773668 34 Commerce, Hubei Email bgs@hbdofcom.gov.cn Province Contact Zhu Jianping Website www.hbdofcom.gov.cn

Department of Phone Information Fax 35 Industry Hubei Email Province Contact

+86- 27-88859970 +86- 27-88874548 zb@hbxxcy.gov.cn Zhang Bo

Electronics & Information Industry Planning, Supervision & Cooperation, Industrialization of Technological Achievements, Information Technology Progress, Radio Control

Looking for companies/organizations related to electronics, ICT, software


Phone +86- 311-87909387 Hebei provincial Fax +86- 311-87909387 commerce Email department zhangjungen@hecom.gov.cn Contact Zhang Jungen

Phone +86- 371-63576308 Henan Provincial Fax +86- 371-63576773 37 Commerce Email Hncom_kjch@sina.com Department Contact Yuan Janhu Fujian Provincial Department of 38 Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Phone Fax Email Contact Website +86- 591-87270253 +86- 591- 87842682 csx@fiet.gov.cn Chen Shixing www.fiet.gov.cn It is a government agency, comprehensively in charge of scientific and technological administration of Lucheng District. Its main functions are: implementing the Scientific Policies made by the Chinese Communist Party and national government; making long-term plans and annual sientific plans of the In charge of scientific and district; organizing scientific personel to innovate and develop science and technological administration of technology; coordinating and administrating the intellectual property protection Lucheng District and patent affairs of the district etc. There are departments such as the Office, Science and Technology Adiministration Section, District Patent Adiministration Section, and Scientific Information Center.

Science and Technology Bureau 39 of Lucheng District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province

Phone +86- 577-88612269 Fax +86- 577-88629935 Email kjj@lucheng.gov.cn Contact Dong Xiaohua Website www.lckjj.cn/

Seek cooperation and communication with scientific technology oriented companies, colleges, universities or research institutes.

Science and Technology 40 Department of Zhejiang Province

Phone Fax Email Contact Website

+86- 571-87055370 +86- 571-87055370 zengxp@zjinfo.gov.cn Zeng Xiaopeng www.zjkjt.gov.cn


Science and Phone 86-572-2576971 Technology Bureau Fax 86-572- 2037942 of Huzhou, Contact Chen Yan Zhejiang Province +86- 573-82159806 +86- 573-82159810 clkmail@163.com Chen Lunkai www.zk21.com Promoting trade with scientific and technological strategy; administrating exports of technology and high-tech products and imports in technology; implementing the state export control policies, responsible for non-proliferation export related work. To Seek Cooperation and communicate with Local Companies

Phone Science and Fax Technology Bureau 42 Email of Jiaxing, Zhejiang Contact Province Website

Phone +86- 351-4076120 Department of Fax +86- 351-4074851 43 Commerce, Shanxi Email liufuyun666@sohu.com Province Contact Liu Fuyun Website www.docsx.gov.cn


Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province

Phone Fax Email Contact

+86- 28-86718520 +86- 28-86718265 kjtcgc@126.com Mao Yuanqing

It is a government agency, in charge of scientific and technological administration.

In charge of scientific and technological administration.

To communicate with related organizations about transferring technological achievements. To Explore overseas market, seek cooperation; Looking for R&D institutions and local companies

Xinjiang Department 45 Science Technology

Phone +86- 991-3836618 of Fax +86- 991-3835442 & Email dongp_xj@yahoo.com.cn Contact Dong Ping

It is an integral department of Xinjiang government, in charge of scientific administration affairs in Xinjiang, such as making science and technology policy, organizing and carrying out scientific projects, directing scientific development and so on.

Scientlfic Admintstration

Department of Phone +86-13602881788 Foreign Trade and Fax +86- 20-38802219 Economic 46 Contact Cai Chanjuan Cooperation of Website Guangdong www.gddoftec.gov.cn/index.asp Province Zhuhai Foreign Trade and 47 Economic Cooperation Bureau Phone +86- 756- 2159883 Fax +86- 756- 2228640 Email 951127xhy@163.com Contact Xu Haiyan Website www.zhuhaitrade.gov.cn/

The Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Phone +86- 757-83350029 Cooperation of Fax +86- 757-83350029 48 Foshan Contact He Aiwen Municipality, Website www.fsboftec.gov.cn/ Guangdong Province The Bureau of Foreign Trade and Phone +86- 760-88823742 Economic Fax +86- 760-88848735 Cooperation of 49 Email wmk@zsboftec.gov.cn Zhongshan Contact Cheng Jichao Municipality, Website www.zsboftec.gov.cn Guangdong Province Shantou City Chenghai Foreign 50 Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau Phone Fax Email Contact +86-754-85830721 +86-754-85830704 lichao.ch@163.com Chen Lichao

Phone +86- 13682534070 Shenzhen Office of Fax +86- 755-82221157 51 Yunnan Provincial Email Government laoyingzide@yahoo.com.cn Contact Pan Haiying

Economic Coordination Division of Shenzhen Office of Yunnan Provincial Government is mainly in charge of coordination, connection and carrying out affairs such as inviting investments, organizing and facilitating in meetings or fairs, project introductions and talks etc. in the Zhujiang River Delta Area, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas markets.

In charge of coordination, connection and carrying out affairs such as inviting investments, organizing and facilitating in meetings or fairs, project introductions and talks etc. in the Zhujiang River Delta Area, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas markets.

To seek cooperation, looking for investors and government agencies.

Department of Commerce 52 Heilongjiang Province Shenzhen Branch

Phone Fax Email Contact

+86- 755-82143558 +86- 755-82143558 swb1228@126.com Sun Wenbin

Introducing foreign investment and trades to Heilongjiang Province; A link for import and export of high-tech products for Heilongjiang Province

Introducing foreign investment Chemicals, and trades to Heilongjiang Electronics, Province Machinery

Looking for local companies in machinery and equipment, petroleum and chemicals, wooden product processing, textiles and garment manufacturing.

Shenzhen Office of Phone +86- 755- 82910139 Qinhuangdao Fax +86- 755- 82910093 53 Economic & Email zyy680@163.com Technical Contact Zhang Yan Development

Qinhuandao Economic and technological development zone, hereafter referred to as Qinghuangdao Development Zone, is one of the first national-level economic and technological development zones set up with the approval of the State Council in October 1984. It is adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin and located in the center of the rapidly growing-up Bohai Circle, connecting the two big economic areas of North China and Northeast China. It covers a sea area of 23.81 kmand has a coastline of 6 km. On November 9, 2005 the state Counci officially approved an expanded area of 16.08 kmof QETDZ, and the whole planned and controlled area of the development zone has reached 56.72 km.

Economic Looking for local companies or An operator of Economic and and organizations related to comic Technological Development Technological and animation, digital products or Zone. Development IT. Zone