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Previous year papers

Q1. how does planning help in management? discuss any 3 types of planning tools or tchnqz tht a large orgnztn such a pso, railways, coke or any other would ordinarily prepare and discuss the goals n benefits is would hv frm sch plan Q2. evaluate usefulness of technlgy as a managmnt tool. select any 5 technlgy tools such as emails, blogs etc and discuss there positive n negative impact on managing operations in an organization Q3.wt are the advanteages n disadvntgs of selling on credit? how could u minimize the risks Q4. if u were asked to devise an advrtsmnt plan for pia wht 3 features would u focus on.
Previous year paper 1. Name 3 challenges in managing change in pakistgani organizations? 2. Explain bird in hand theory? Under which circumstances it would not apply? 3. Apply 4 p to launch a new chocolate brand in Pakistan 4. Why toyoto has successfully implementing the TQM philosophy? Previous year paper 1. 2. 3. 4. Wht is team define its goals in organztn with examples? Wht are the operations of WAPDA? Should a comp. take excessive degt in recession? If hotel is build near air port wht will be its mkt strtgy to compete with awari and pc