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ODonnell 592 Web Plus (Clinical Competencies) January 11, 2014 Jessie Wilson Clinical Competencies Competency X: Leadership Related Task: Job Shadowing Narrative Description of Task: Spend a minimum of three days (including after school and evening responsibilities, if any,) shadowing the cooperating administrator, Latricia BrownCoates. Narrative Description: Assist Latricia Brown-Coates, the school leader when appropriate to accomplish the responsibilities of the School Leader over multiple days. It is necessary to maintain a journal of performed activities and functions, and prepare written reflections of each day that will analyze the agenda, problems, and decisions-making process of the school leader as it relates to the administrative duties. I will highlight crucial lessons taught and learned, in regards to the art of administration and principal ship.

Job Shadowing Smart Goals By April of 2014, I will attend three administration meetings and spend the maximum three days job shadowing the principal Latricia Brown-Coates. I will take notes and highlight the strategies and methods that focus on school improvement. Specific: Participate and job shadow Latricia Brown-Coates for the maximum of three days and documenting tasks that she performs within those days. Measurable: I will participate and job shadow for a maximum of three days and document each task. Attainable: The Job shadowing competency will be completed by April 2014. Relevant: The idea is to create an understanding of the proper procedures and events administrators perform on a daily basis. This will allow me to gain experience as an administrator and their awareness around the school. Timely: By April 2014, I will participate in the maximum of three days of job shadowing and providing assistance when needed.

Competency 1: Accountability (Teaching and Learning) 1.1. Related Tasks: Ability to interpret meaning of various standardized tests to the school board, teachers and lay citizens. I will highlight deficiencies and trends, analyze them to develop reasoning and provide alternative solutions to improve academic deficiencies. 1.1.3. Specific Task: Ability to use assessment data to identify weaknesses and recommend strategies for improving student performance. Narrative Description: Assist the Administration Team and Data Coach, by presenting data from post assessments and Global Scholar/or MEAP assessments from the 2013-14 winter and spring test periods. I will also review MEAP data and Global Scholars and analyzes third grade cohort reading and math. I will analyze in depth, factors that identify areas in which students are particularly proficient and those areas where they are deficient. Based on such analysis, recommend school improvement strategies tailored to strengthen student performance. Share the findings with teachers, parents or the board of education.

Job Shadowing Smart Goals By April 2014, analyze MEAP/Global Scholars assessments, recognize learning trends and deficient areas within third grade, and provide a plan of action to correct the deficiencies. Specific: Analyze MEAP/Global Scholars Assessment scores and recognize three deficient areas. Measureable: By April 2014, Implement a plan of action addressing 3rd grade deficiencies. Attainable: Relevant: Identify the trends and deficiencies to guide classroom instruction by analyzing assessment scores. Identifying and solving problem areas within cohort assessment scores is vital for the existence of the school. It is also important to meet our Annually Yearly Progress. By April 2014,I will identify third grade cohort deficiencies and develop an action plan to solve the issues.


Competency 4: Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision Related Task: 4.3 Conduct a clinical evaluation cycle including observation in a typical classroom. By using the Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation System. Narrative Description of task: Conduct at least one clinical supervision cycle including preobservation, classroom observations and evaluation session with a teacher. Using the Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation System, Mario Hollins will be observed and evaluated over the course of a month. A written evaluation will be completed up to district standards. Following the post evaluation, an interview/reflection will be conducted to review the district format of the evaluations, address concerns and deficiencies, to assist with the instructional and academic growth of the teacher. Provide a meaningful reflection for staff members. Smart Goal: By April 2014, I will conduct a complete teachers evaluation of Mario Hollins by including walk-throughs, pre and post evaluations including interviews for feedback and reflections. Specific: Measurable: Attainable: Relevant: Observe a pre and post teachers evaluation from beginning to end. Conduct a full teachers evaluation cycle. Evaluation will provide good practices and reflection to improve teacher effectiveness. Teacher evaluations are mandated by the State of Michigan to improve teacher quality and effectiveness in the classroom. Mario Hollins will use the evaluation to make set appropriate goals. By April 2014, I will observe a full cycle teacher evaluation.


Competency 12: Multicultural/Diversity Issues Related Tasks: 12.1 Analyze and compare one or more schools serving diverse students. Create a partnership with that particular school to address concerns and issues within the school. Narrative Description of Task: Create a partnership with Bridge Academy, interview several employees and discuss the issues and concerns within the school. Simultaneously, expose Northridge Academy students to the different Arabic Backgrounds, including Bangladesh, Arabian, and Chaldean. The idea is to bring two predominately different schools culture together to engage written and oral communication to build some knowledge about each others background. Utilizing Skype, and written letters, students will communicate and establish friendship. Teachers will monitor dialogue by screening students letters.

Smart Goal: By April 2014, I will visit and conduct an interview with an administrator at Bridge Academy in Detroit, Michigan. I will analyze problem issues within the schools culture and document strategies used to address these issues. Northridge students will establish a Pen Pal System with other diverse students from a different school. Specific: Interview a cooperating administrator from a diverse school and identify and address culture issues within that schools culture and compare it to Northridge Academys culture. Build a partnership with the participating school. Measurable: By April 2014, compare two different diverse schools and build a partnership with the participating school. (Bridge Academy) Attainable: Identify similarities and differences within two different schools. Relevant: Regardless of the background of the stake holders, all schools may have similar problems and issues regarding school cultures. It is important to identify and compare strategies used to solve these problems Timely: By April 2014, I will compare issues and cultures of two schools. Simultaneously, I will establish a partnership and create a Pen Pal System.

Competency 10: Staff Personnel Related Task: 10.2 Ability to assist staff members with individual problems, needs, feelings and frustrations. Narrative Description of Task: 10.2.2. Interview administrators regarding means of handling personal problems of staff. Review policies and procedures that were used during the process of resolving problems with parties involved. Summarize the issues and concerns that arise, and provide the conclusion of the problem and the explanations that resulted in the final decision. Smart Goal: By April 2014, I will conduct a meeting amongst staff that will assist with individual problems, needs, and feelings. Specific: Measurable: Attainable: Relevant: Timely: Conduct a meeting concerning call-in procedures, including time off and school closings. By April 2014, I will interview an administrator and conduct a meeting addressing problems within the school building. Identify the proper company policy to call-in, time off, and school closings. It is relevant to increase the morale of the overall staff to create a stress free work environment. By April 2014, I will conduct an hour meeting addressing major issues within the schools climate to help solve problems amongst staff members.

Competency 2 Communication Skills Related Tasks 2.1.4 Conduct staff meetings. Narrative Description of Tasks: Conduct several staff meetings as a lead teacher and/or committee member, to assure the continuous progress and functioning of the school. Meetings will focus on instruction, data teams, grade level team meetings, and PBIS. The focus is to provide an agenda, highlight important issues and concerns, roles of staff members who are involved, and elaborate on the outcomes of each meeting. I will complete two to three meetings of each category. Smart Goal: By April 2014, I will conduct staff meetings as a lead teacher and/or committee member. Specific: Conduct a meeting as a lead teacher and/or committee member to assure the continuous progress and functioning of the school. Measurable: By April 2014, I will have conducted at least two K-3rd grade level meetings. Attainable: Grade level meetings will be conducted every Friday. Relevant: Grade level meetings are significant to the overall progression and functioning of the school. Timely: By April 2014, I will conduct at least two grade level meetings pertaining to the overall functioning of the school.

It is understood that this proposal, once approved by the Cooperating Administrator and University Faculty, represents the agreed plan of work for this clinical experience. Upon the satisfactory completion of this plan of work a grade will be given and credit for the course granted. Submitted by: _____________________________ _________ ___________ Date________________________ Administrative Candidate Approved by: ______________________________________________Date __________________________ Cooperating Administrator Approved by: ______________________________________________ Date _________________________ University Faculty