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FORM UCC-1 Identifying File No

If transactions wholly or partially subject to recordation Tax indicate amount of taxable debt here. $____0____

If this statement is to be recorded In land records check here

This financing statement Dated April 7,2014 is presented to a filing officer for filing pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code.

Type of Trust Organization Organization ID Jurisdiction



BC FILE # Virginia 145-59-083068

Address: 55 WATER STREET NEW YORK NY, 10041 2. SECURED PARTY Name: Little John Stewart, Estate. Address: c/o 5600 54th Avenue Suite 219 #2 Prince Georges County A Bankrupt Corporation Near. [20737-9998]

Name And Address Whom Statement is to be returned is above

3. This Financing statement covers the following types (or items) of property: (list) This is the entry of the DEBTOR in the Commercial Registry and the following property is hereby registered in the same:

1) Preferred Stock Certificate issued as Birth certificate for Little- John: Stewart, Estate. number BC FILE # 145-59083068 as received by the STATE OF VIRGINIA Vital Records Department on 12/11/1959 and the pledge represented by same including the Bond issued and sold by the UNITED STATES Department of the Treasury and Commerce bought by the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and held in Trust at 55 Water Street New York City by the DEPOSITORY TRUST COMPANY and traded on the circle 750 Stock Exchange for the Settlement of ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE predicated on the UNITED STATES Vessel described above as the debtor, but not limited to the pignus, hypotheca, hereditiments, res, and the energy and all products derived therefrom, including, but not limited to, the BAILEE all cap name LITTLE J. STEWART, LITTLE STEWART, STEWART LITTLE, JOHN STEWART, L. STEWART, J STEWART, or any variation/derivation thereof, except the real man, Little John Stewart, Estate. And all signatures on all contracts, Trust and agreements predicated on the UNITED STATES Vessel described above as the debtor. 2) WASHINGTON, D.C. Driver License Number _____________. 3) Social Security Administration form SSA-3000 (6-99) document for account Number including but not limited to employer identification number, cusip number for my Social Security Account with Fidelity and my Birth Certificate Cusip Number259479465 with Fidelity and auto tris international tracking numbers. 4) Registered Master Bond RR 123 456 789 US US, Foreign situs (pre-pay) trust BC FILE # 145-59-083068 and Cestui que (Social Security Insurance) trust numbers front SSN#-back __________________ 5) Future proceeds tracking assignment numbers JLM/02/27/1970 thru LJS/12/11/1959) Obligation of Debtor in favor of Secured Party as set forth in the express, written Security Agreement No. LJS/12/11/1959 -SA, amount of said obligation: One Hundred Billion UNITED STATES Dollars ($100,000,000,000.00). 7) The following property is accepted for value, exempt from Levy, and herewith registered in the Commercial Chamber and liened at a sum certain at etc etc etc . All property is accepted for value and is exempt from levy. All Adjustments of this filing is from Public Policy HJR-192 and the Uniform Commercial Code 10-104. All proceeds, products, accounts, fixtures and the orders therefrom are released to the Secured Partys UNITED STATES Vessel and all account information held by the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, DEPOSITORY TRUST COMPANY and the Department of the Treasury by power of attorney is hereby revoked and transferred to the Secured Party / Authorized Agent also known as the Authorized Government Contracting Agent. 8) Offspring of Secured Party;
Little John Stewart, Estate. UCC-1 Maryland

The following below do apply: 9. (A) Proceeds of collateral are also covered. (B) Products of collateral are also covered. 10. Alternative designation BAILEE\BAILOR. 11. Debtor is a TRANSMITTING UTILITY. 12. Debtor is a Trustee acting with respect to property held in Trust.

LITTLE JOHN STEWART, ESTATE. _______________________________________ Signature of Debtor by Accommodation Government Contracting Agent

Signature of Secured Party/Authorized Agent UCC 3-419 Little John Stewart, Estate.

Little John Stewart, Estate. UCC-1 Maryland