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By Tony Verdicchio

Incident Basics
Occurred April 28, 1988 at 1346 Flight was at 24,000 ft. En-route to Honolulu from Hilo Model of aircraft was a Boeing 737-200 Carrying 89 passengers, 6 crew members

One person fatally wounded (un-secured flight attendant sucked out by decompression forces) 7 passengers and one flight attendant received serious non-fatal injuries as a result of debris Plane reported as non-reparable, dismantled on-site

Fatigue damage and dis-bonding (forming a slightly visible crack) of the outer fuselage materials was present before takeoff Caused a large tear to form in the plane due to decompression which continuously increased in size Unnoticed by the maintenance program

Resulted in an in-depth inspection of Aloha Airlines management and B-737 design reliability Increased FAA regulations for fatigue inspection for aircraft

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