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Volunteer Coordinator The Vote Renita Hamilton for State Representative Campaign is seeking volunteers to serve as Volunteer Coordinators.

Volunteer Coordinators will work with a team and solo to recruit, train, place and manage campaign volunteers. Volunteer Coordinators will: Recruit 5 volunteers to be part of their team; Maintain a list of all volunteers and volunteer contact information; Communicate volunteer activities to volunteers; Take responsibility for filling a specific volunteer needs for the precinct using email, phone and personal requests until all volunteer slots are filled; Manage volunteers engaged in the various volunteer activities; Thank volunteers; and Share volunteer contact information with the Vote Renita Hamilton for State Representative Campaign so that the headquarters further recognize them. Volunteer Coordinators will recruit, train, place and manage volunteers in the following types of volunteer activities: Phone banking; Canvasing; Crowd building for events; Event set up and management; Sign placement; House Party Hosts; Spreading the word about the campaign via online networks; and Other activities as defined by the campaign. Time Commitment The time commitment for Volunteer Coordinators will increase as Election Day draws near, but the estimated average commitment is 5 hours per week. For more information and to sign up to serve, please contact Regina Davenport 1st Vice Chair

Gwinnettians & Friends Elect Renita Hamilton Post Office Box 1491 Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046 Phone: (678) 506-0771 E-Mail: