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Process for Changing Organizational Culture

The Company with sustained profitability and above-normal financial returns are characterized by certain external condition such as: o High barriers to entry o Non substitutable product o Large market share o Suppliers and buyers with low bargaining power o Rivalry among competitors o Rare product or service Successful companies have developed something special that supersedes corporate strategy, market presence, or technological advantages. Powerful: Developing and managing unique corporate culture. Two different approaches to the culture based on the two main disciplinary foundations of organizational culture: sociological and anthropological. o Sociological: a functional approach like culture emerges from collective behavior. o Anthropological: a semiotic approach like culture resides in individual interpretations and cognitions. The steps to process moving an organization's culture: o Clarifying meaning: Clarify the things that wont change and the things that will by implementing the new organization's culture. o Identifying stories: Identify the incident or events that illustrate the key values that will create the organizations future culture characterize. o Determining strategic initiatives: Determine what action that company should take and also what activity that should stop. o Identifying small wins: Find something easy to change changes it, publicize it. After that find the second easy thing to change, change it, and publicize it again. o Craft metrics, measures and milestones: Determining the key indicators of success, what to measures, and how to measure it. o Communication and symbols: Individuals basic way of live will be challenged and changed, and familiar territory will be altered. o Leadership development: lead the company on the organizational change their need the leadership, champions and owner. The leader should make point in aspect of the culture change process and the leader must be prepared to lead the organization when the culture change has been put in place.

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