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Endorsement Subject Class Unit Lesson Resources Standard

Secondary Education (Junior high) Social Studies American History Civil War Union vs. Confederates non-print (videos, animations, websites, etc.) materials SS 12.4.5.b (WLD) Obtain, analyze, evaluate, and cite appropriate sources for research about Modern World History, incorporating primary and secondary sources (e.g., Cite sources using a prescribed format.) We will be studying the particular details of both the Union (the North) and the Confederates (the South). The students should be able to identify the specific views of each side as well as their strengths and weaknesses. The students will then research an important figure in the Civil War and give a presentation using Wevideo. The teacher would use Wevideo to give an example and a general overview of the Civil War. The students will then make a video of their own on Wevideo about an influential person from the Civil War. Objective 1: Create an interesting and accurate video using Wevideo about both side of the Civil War. Objective 2: Discuss more in depth with the students about both sides and what cultural aspects shaped the beliefs of both sides. Objective 3: giving the students two new technological tools to use in the future (WeVideo and Google Drive) Objective 4: Get the students to pick an influential person from the Civil War. Objective 5: The students will research their influential person Objective 6: the students will put together their own Objective 7: the student can accurately present and explain their character and why they were influential to the Civil War.


Technology Uses/Materials Needed Objectives

Preparing the Student

The students will need to have knowledge of video making and video editing using WeVideo. The students will have to have an understanding of the Civil War, and be able to do research on the Confederate and Union sides and be able to research an influential person that contributed greatly to the war. Also discuss the aftermath of the Civil War.

Assessment of Student Learning

Create-by having to create a video about the information, the student will have to have a knowledge and comprehension of the material in order to apply their knowledge to the video. The students will have to evaluate the information and analyze it in order to make an educated and correct video of the learned material. The teacher will start off the class with their own Wevideo. The Wevideo will briefly explain the Confederate and Union sides of the Civil War. Once the video is over, the teacher will lead the class in a discussion about both sides and why they fought for the beliefs they had. The teacher would include topics like why the South seceded in the first place and why they lost. Other aspects that should be discussed are each sides resources and strengths and weaknesses. Once the class discussion has come to an end, the teacher will explain the assignment. The assignment is to have the students find an influential figure from the Civil War. You can either assign a person to each student, or have them pick from a pool of options. The teacher will need to help the students set up an account and explain how to use Wevideo and also how to upload pictures and videos using Google Drive. The requirements of the video will be: no longer than 3 minutes use all kinds of media (pictures, video, etc.) if video is used, only have about 45 seconds of clip in presentation some sort of audio school appropriate relevant to topic Once the students have put together their presentations, they will get to present their influential person to the class.

Lesson Sequence

Measurement of Success

-how well the students participate in class discussion. -how organized and easy to understand the video was -how well the students understand and can describe the information presented in their video.