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April 11, 2014 Dear Commissioner Katz, On behalf of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), I write

to you with deep concern regarding your agencys transfer of a 16-year-old transgender girl to an adult prison, despite the lack of any criminal charge against her. As a leading organization advocating on behalf of transgender youth and adults nationwide, we urge you to reconsider. DCF has not moved a youth in this situation into an adult prison in over two decades. Based on the information reported in the press, it beggars belief that this girls case is unlike any other youth DCF has had in its custody in more than 20 years. Given the many traumatized and troubled youth DCF cares for, the only distinguishing feature of this case seems to be that this young person is transgender. In fact, this girls transgender status makes placement in adult prison all the more inappropriate and dangerous. This girl has not been charged with any crime. She is a minor, and belongs in a facility for girls her own age. We call on DCF to take this young person back into its custody immediately, and to ensure that all children in its care are protected regardless of whether they are transgender.


Mara Keisling Executive Director

1325 Massachusetts Ave. NW Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005

202.903.0112(V) 202.393.2241(F)