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Background Aims Types of Education Primitive people had Training for Practical narrow social and citizenship cultural contacts. Theoretical/Religious Security and survival The form of government is tribal Conformity headed by the eldest member Preservation and transmission and traditions

PRIMITIVE EDUCATION Contents Physical training Spiritual/Ceremonial trainings Social trainings

Agencies of Education Home/Family Environment

Method of Instruction Unconscious imitation Participation Simple telling demonstration Trial and error

Contribution Started the rudiments of education from which evolved the modern and educational system.

Background Aims Agricultural and Training of teachers commercial people Training of scribes King (patesi) as temporal and Training of spiritual leader bookkeepers

Types of Education Mathematical Language Writing Arts

SUMERIAN EDUCATION Contents Astrology Medicine Architecture Architecture Hydraulics Jewelry designing Literary arts Law and

Agencies of Education Home Temple school Apprentice school

Method of Instruction Imitation Preparation of tablets

Contribution Cuneiform writing

Vocational Training of learners Professional to be good

Background Aims Depend their activity Cultural to Nile River Utilitarian Has unified system of government led by Religious pharaohs Training the scribes

EARLY EGYPTIAN EDUCATION Types of Education Contents Agencies of Education Domestic Language and Home literature training/home arts Temple school Religious Artistry Vocational Military school Professional Mathematics and Military Engineering Court school Priesthood Music and dancing Vocational school Public administration Physical Education Language Military skills

Method of Instruction Practice Internship Observation participation Dictation, memorization repetition and

Contribution Geometrical measurement and Surveying


Background Aims Believed in the Excellent doctrine of karma intellectual and skills development Developed rigid social system Attainment of perfection as exemplified by self control Preserve system

Types of Education Intellectual Vocational Military Religious

EARLY HINDU EDUCATION Contents Agencies of Education Vedas Home Religious dancing Linguistics, philosophy, theology Military trainings Other fields of study Outdoors Monasteries

Method of Instruction Imitation Memorization

Contribution Decimal system of arithmetical notation particularly the use of symbol 0

cultural Domestic

PRESENTED BY: Miss Catherine Q. Aragon (MAEd English)