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Columbus his enterprise: exploding the myth by Hans Koning , book abstract The author says that Christofer

Columbus is conceived as a hero for many people who believe he was a brave sailor who discovered a new continent by convincing the spain king and queen to support his voyage, but this Columbus image is wrong and many histories in books are unreal so the author tell us some descriptions of the facts and actions that took Columbus to get his voyage and discovery. Hans Koning describe Spain at the time when Columbus was planning his voyage, so at that time Spain consisted on several small kingdoms wich became unified by the marriage of the king of Aragon, Fernando and Isabella queen of Catile, somehow Columbus managed to convince them to let him sail to the west. Americas

According to the author Christofer Columbus was born near or perhaps in Genoa in the Italian coast possibly in 1451, his fathers were a weaver Domenico Colombo and Sussana Fontanarossa, he did not wento to the school so he was a selfthought child not many things are known about his childhood, Columbus had two brothers Bartolom and Giacomo both accompanied him on his voyage. Although many Columbus paintings and portraits shows him as a Anglo-saxon man he might have been a short according to his armor and others artifacts exposed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, all this show us that Columbus appearance describe in some books and portraits are false. The author tries to explain why and how Columbus conceived the idea that was possible to arrive to the India by sailing to the west, the author believes it was due to the books publications like Imago Mundi and Marco Polos reports about his voyage to the China that started se he got impressed and influenced on the Columbus world conception. Another important topic about Columbus is how he got into the sailing, according to the book Colombus begun to sail not as a seaman but a trader in the Mediterranean sea working for other and then investing himself this was possible because the trade in the Mediterranean sea allowed him a rapid transitions getting conections with the Spinola and DiNegri banking firm.