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Littens Management Plan

Meghan Litten Coldwater Attendance Center 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Grades Social Studies: US History and World History English Electives: African American Literature & Public Speaking Oh, and Learning Strategies

A well organized and defined classroom management plan provides the students with a structured environment that allows them to reach their greatest potential. Classroom management helps the teacher provide fairness to all students.

Philosophy of Discipline/Classroom Management

Definition of Classroom Management

Classroom Management is the set of rules, procedures, rewards, and consequences that enable the the classroom to operate in a time efficient and effective manner. It is designed and enforced by the teacher and provided to both the students and their parents. Classroom Management keeps the classroom together so the teacher can focus on student learning and the students reaching their full potential.

Description of a Positive Learning Environment

Where both the teacher and the students feel comfortable to be themselves and learn, while still following the classroom management plan.

Do not waste time.
You are expected to work from the time the tardy bell rings until Ms. Litten dismisses you.

Follow all directions the first time they are given. Respect yourself and others. Do not disturb the learning environment; keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Always use appropriate language.
No Put Downs, No Your Mamas

No personal grooming.
Do not talk or make any other disturbing noises when the teacher is speaking.

Warning Writing Assignment Double Writing Assignment Seat Change Hall Conference Parent Phone Call Home


Hall of Fame- Post student work Verbal Praise Tickets and Ticket Economy (school supplies, bathroom pass, extra credit pass, homework pass, and/or treats) First to leave Positive phone call and emails home to parents

Entering the classroom
Students will be in their seats by time the bell rings

2 bathroom passes a semester

Raise fist; free supplies if you ask before class; use tickets to buy supplies and or

The bell does not dismiss you. Ms. Litten does.

Student Make Up Work/Absences

Binder in the classroom with make up work. The students responsibility

Parental Involvement
Letter home to parents; return with signature for 5 bonus points Parent phone calls home the first week If students and/or parents provide emails, email them Make at least 5 parent calls home a week Send parent newsletter home every 9 weeks

Give opportunities for parents to donate supplies to classroom

Offer parents opportunities to chaperone field trips Coldwater Attendance Center open house