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Ms. Larson

7th grade Social Studies – Blue Team


Our 7th grade Social Studies classes will begin with the discovery
of St. Louis Park. We will become masters in mapping, planning, and
the overall history of St. Louis Park. The second part of our class will
digress through the study of Minnesota as a territory and state. We
will be focusing on how our natural resources and geography played a
major role in who we are today.

Rules/ Regulations:

As a blue team member you are expected to:

1. Be respectful of your classmates, your 6. Check with individual teachers for their
teachers, your building, and yourselves. late-work policies.

2. Listen to all announcements. 7. If you are absent, it is your responsibility

to find out what you missed.
3. Check PowerSchool regularly to keep
updated on your grades. 8. Check with your partner, and ask your
teacher if you need help.
4. Use your agenda everyday for every
class! It will help you be successful in all 9. If you plan to stay after school, check
your classes. with the teacher first to make sure she is
5. Turn in your work on time for full credit. available.

10.Be on time to class everyday. On time means:

 In the room
 In your desk
 With your supplies
 Under control
 Ready to learn
Required Classroom Supplies:
Grade Scale:
Red Pen
Colored Pencils 100%-90% A
Scientific Calculator (everyday for math) 89%-80% B
Ruler 79%-70% C
Three-Ring Binder 69%-60% D
Loose Leaf Paper 59% and below F
Pens & Pencils
Pencil Pouch (for your pens & pencils)

*Late Work will be penalized by half of the points possible. Late work will be collected
until the last day of the quarter. All work not turned in at the end of the quarter will be
given a ZERO. All tests must be made up in a timely manner. Students with EXCUSED
absences the day of a test will be asked to take the test the next day. If the student has
been absent multiple days, they must make arrangements with me to take the exam.

Contact Information:


Web address:

Phone Number: (952) 928- 6379

Please feel free to contact me at anytime with questions. Thank you!

I am looking forward to having you in my class!


Kayla Larson
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