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SVPrecis_9th_Maths_Linear Equations in two Variables 1. Express 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. in the form .

the weight of a man is four timed the weight of a child. write an equation in two variables find the value of K in the equation if express y in terms of given that for what value of the point lies on the line Find the value of if is a solution of the equation given the point find the equation of a line on which it lies. how many such equations are there? Fill in the blanks: a. For the line b. If is a solution of then c. the line passes through the point 9. Draw the graph of show that point does not lie on it. 10. The cost of petrol in a city is Rs. 50 per litre. Set up an equation with representing the number of litres and representing the total cost (in rupees) 11. Give the geometric representation of as an equation. (i) one variable (ii) in two variable. 12. Twice a number decreased by 7 gives 69. find the number. 13. Give the equations of two line through how many more such lines are there and why? 14. draw the graph of the equation from the graph, find (i) the value of when and the value of 15. Draw the graph of from the graph, find whether is a solution or not. 16. if the point lies on the graph of the line find the value of a. 17. The taxi fare in a city is as follows: for the first kilometer, the fare is Rs. 50 and for the subsequent distance it is Rs. 20 per km, taking the distance covered as km and total fare as Rs. write a linear equation for this information and draw the graph 18. Draw a graph of the equations and on the same graph paper. Find the coordinates of the point whose the two lines intersect. 19. A and B can do a piece of work in 8 days which A alone can do in 12 days. in how many days B can do the same work? Multiple choice questions 20. which of the following equations is linear? d. c. a. b. 21. If the point a. b. 22. Any point on the line is of the form a. b. 23. The graph of the linear equation a. b.

lies on the graph of the equation c. d. c. cuts the y-axis at the point. c. d. d.

ANSWERS (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) , infinite number of lines can be drawn. (8) (i) x-intercept = 4, y- intercept=3 (ii) k=22 (iii) (0,0) 10. part (12) 38 (13) 48 (15) (I) (17) part (18) (19) (2,3) 20. 24 days 21. (c) 22 (b) 23 (d) 24 (d)