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Matt Alderton Unit 2 Appraisal Planning Sheet AoS AoS Harmony & Tonality, Texture & Melody and

nd Timbre & Dynamics. Strand Western Classical Tradition. Link Instrumentation, Orchestration. Why did you chose your AoS? Harmonies, chord sequences, experimental instrumentation. Why did you chose your strand link? Orchestral music. Composition Key B-Flat Minor Main Chord Sequences i-VI-VII-v & i-v How did it change? Started in B-Flat Minor with repeated I chord 1st sequence then back to I then back to sequence 1. Modulated to C Minor, using II7-V7. Chord sequence in C Minor was i-v, then modulated back to B-Flat Minor using bVII-v-VI- bVII - bVII - bVII -#vii-i-iii-V-v-II4No3-II. When back in B-Flat Minor, the original sequence was used.