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The Muslim Conduct of State (1941) Introduction to Islam (1957) Battlefields of the Prophet Muhammad (1992) Die Rezeption Europaischen Rechts in Haiderabad (1953) Emergence of Islam (1993) Islam in a Nutshell (1996) Le Coran Et la traduction franaise du sens de ses versets (2001) Le Saint Coran: Traduction Et Commentaire de Muhammad Hamidullah Avec La Collaboration de M. Leturmy (from 1959 onwards) Embassy of Queen Bertha of Rome to Caliph al-Muktafi Billah in Baghdad (1953) The First Written Constitution in the World (1975 and 1986) Introduction to Islam (1969) Islamic notion of conflict of laws (1945) Islam: a General Picture (1980) Islam, Philosophy and Science: Four Public Lectures Organized By Unesco June 1980 (editor) (1981) Kurn- Kerm tarihi: Bir deneme (Ilmi eserler) (1991) Le "Livre Des Genenalogies" [D'al-Baladuriy by al-Baladuri] (1954) The life and work of the Prophet of Islam (1998) Muhammad Ibn Ishaq, the biographer of the Holy Prophet (Pakistan Historical Society. Publication) (1967) Muhammad Rasulullah: A concise survey of the life and work of the founder of Islam (1979) Muslim conduct of state: Being a treatise on Siyar (Siyar), general introduction (1953) The prophet of Islam: Prophet of migration (1989) The Prophet's establishing a state and his succession (1988) Why Fast?: Spiritual & Temporal Study of Fast in Islam (Centre Culturel Islamique Paris Series) (1982)