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Week 1 (07.01.2014 10.01.2014) Goals: I will get to know my cooperating teachers style and expectations.

s. I will understand what I need to accomplish this semester. Journal: This week was a culture shock. DoDDS have a totally different atmosphere than schools in America. Not only do the teachers feel the safety to teach how they want, because there are no standardized tests that affect the teachers job, the classroom simply feels like a better environment. The students are similar to ones I have had before. I was told there would less discipline problems because there are not as many negative factors affecting the students lives it is the truth! My kids are very well behaved and do the work that they are asked to (for the most part). I really enjoy collaborating with my cooperating teacher. She is very supportive and is helping me to get to know the classroom. I was thrown into some classes on Friday and I am so glad it happened. I was nervous at first, but, as always, once I get into my groove, it is smooth sailing. I know I am in the right place the classroom. My cooperating teacher is all for me getting creative, trying new ideas, and doing my own thing. I really look forward to the coming semester! Week 2 (13.01.2014 17.01.2014) Goals: I will make a conscious effort to get to know the 9th grade class. I will not use lesson plan as a script. I will re-do the seating chart to group students by varying abilities (this means that I will not have four low-level students in one cluster, they will be spread out among the classroom) to help with getting into groups for groupwork quickly (without having to move seats). Journal: This week flew by! I think I was too excited about going to Belgium I taught 2 lessons about analysis essays thats what the students are working on and they went fairly well. I just need to get more comfortable with the material and work on my confidence. Week 3 (20.01.2014 24.01.2014) Goals: I will work hard to learn my students names by the end of the week. I will complete the planning of my lamp unit. Journal: Planning a unit is so much fun because the possibilities are almost endless! While planning is fun, I cannot wait to start sharing my unit with my students! I am really excited about presenting and working with this information about Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet. One of the big things that I like about my unit is that it contains so many ways of conveying information. Students will start by listening to a dramatic

reading of the play so that they can hear how they should read. Then, they will start reading on their own outside of class and reading aloud together during class. I cannot wait to see how the speaking and acting part of the unit will go. I am a little worried because these students seem a bit shy, but I think building up to that will definitely help! Week 4 (27.01.2014 31.01.2014) Goals: I will establish a routine for the beginning of class that includes grammar work and passing back papers. I will work to keep students on task by reminding them of the amount of time they have to complete in-class assignments. Journal: I was happy to finally get a routine figured out for the beginning of classes. When students come in, they do their grammar work for 10 minutes while I pass back papers and accomplish other housekeeping tasks. I am taking over LA 9 completely and I think it is about to get hectic! Week 5 (03.02.2014 07.02.2014) Goals: I will prepare handouts and plans for Week 6 (Week 3 of the RJ unit) during Friday prep period. I will keep on top of goals and reflections and make it a scheduled habit ( goals on Monday morning, reflection directly after school on Friday). Journal: This week I learned that I often underestimate how much time it will take students to complete an activity. As I go through the motions of planning and doing, I will get a better sense of my students and their abilities, and adjust accordingly. With this particular activity (paraphrasing and comparing the balcony scene of three texts), I was able to adapt as I went and students finished the prompt at home. The only downside to this was that they now have quite a bit of homework for the weekend and two quizzes on Monday. My supervisor and I talked about how I need to explain things more explicitly and in multiple ways last week. This week, I was able to put that knowledge into action. I explained instructions carefully and asked students to repeat back to me. I can tell that my students are learning because they are consistently passing quizzes and I frequently check for understanding throughout the lesson. A particular incident that caused me to feel uncomfortable was when students were asking questions about my personal life (i.e. are you dating someone, do you have (social media account name here), etc.). I absolutely know that I should not talk about these things, but I often do not know how to brush off these questions without being awkward. That is the part I struggle with. I think this goes into my

professional demeanor. I know and understand how to, and often do, act professionally. I just come off as awkward sometimes. Other than that, I get along with every type of person. The only type I struggle with are those who do not put any effort into their and then proceed to complain about failing grades. However, I think this is how many teachers feel. Week 6 (10.02.2014 14.02.2014) Goals: I will know 75% of the AP students names by Friday (80 students total). I will send emails to parents about grades by Friday. Journal: This week was a long one! I learned (again) that sometimes plans for class periods dont always pan out and modifications need to be made. On Monday, in my 9th grade class, we were unable to get everything I had planned done because of our setback last week. I had managed to cut some activities out catch us back up in terms of the reading (Romeo and Juliet) and the class work (some which had to be done as homework). This worked out well at first, but I felt super rushed this week and that was no fun at all. I am really getting to know my students and how they work best. Two of my 9th graders are really great with creative projects and content, but their grammar skills are lacking. In my P4 APLAC class, most of the students are very social and tend do best in group discussions. I learned that I am adaptable and can handle pretty much anything thrown at me. Woohoo week 6, bring it on week 7! Week 7 (17.02.2014 21.02.2014) Goals: I will start adding artifacts to my portfolio. I will try to lose you guys from my vocabulary. I will check for understanding in a new way (aka not asking do you understand and waiting for a response). (I asked, Ok, what did I just say? and more specific/meaningful questions such as, how many sentences should have?) Journal: This past week was because we had a tragedy in the community. It made a short week seem super long. In addition to worrying about lesson plans, I was even more worried about my students well being. They were sad so, oftentimes, it was hard to concentrate and it took longer to get things done in class. This taught me that you never know what outside factors are affecting your students lives at any point in time.

On another note, I love how well my teacher and I get along. I have now taken almost full control of all the classes. We agreed that it was best to plan and collaborate together for the AP course (I did not realize you had to get a certification in order to teach AP). I am definitely learning a lot about myself and my teaching style through this process. Also, I know all my students names!! Week 8 (24.02.2014 28.02.2014) Goals: I will walk around, consciously checking for understanding as they work in groups. I will differentiate instruction. Journal: This week was rough and I am not completely sure why. I think I am becoming fatigued - teaching is a lot of work when it comes down to it: the planning, talking almost constantly, and thinking on your feet. It is exhausting. I am transitioning into taking over the planning and teaching of both the APLAC and Grade 9 LA courses. One of the nice things about DODDs schools is that each teacher gets two prep periods, plus a seminar class. This provides ample time to accomplish work at school. I do not have to take a lot of work home with me. While I am passionate about who I am teaching and what I am teaching, I like the idea of keeping my work life and home life separate. I hope this is how it works in schools in the United States. Week 9 (03.03.2014 07.03.2014) Goals: I will complete the Romeo and Juliet Unit. I will plan and organize next week (The Odyssey). I will completely transfer my portfolio to weebly. Journal: I think teaching every hour, every day is a lot of work, but now I know that I can definitely handle it. Getting to know my APLAC kids has been really cool, too. One thing I am not a huge fan of though, is the thought of teaching in the states where kids are tested all the time and their results decide teachers fates. Here, teachers try their hardest, but if a kid is not willing to put in the effort, they can only blame themselves. It will be an interesting transition. Week 10 (10.03.2014 14.03.2014) Goals: I will vary strategies for gaining students attention. I will try harder to make eye contact when speaking to the class as a whole. I will utilize the Socratic seminar method when reviewing The Great Gatsby.

Journal: Week 11 (17.03.2014 21.03.2014) Goals: I will not show that I am frustrated with students that tend to push my buttons. Journal: This week was pretty laid back. Because of extended seminar time, I was able to plan out the rest of my lessons for the time that I am here. I was a little worried about being stressed in the middle there, but I have found that if I use my time wisely and efficiently, I am able to get everything done with time to spare. Week 12 (24.03.2014 28.03.2014) Goals: I will find ways to reach my students individually. I will work towards completing my portfolio. Journal: I did a stations activity with my APLAC students this week to review key parts of a synthesis essay, as well as to work on some grammar that they were not quite getting. The students really enjoyed the stations it was something new and they were able to move around. It was interesting because they were allowed to work together to complete stations, which means they could talk. However, all four classes were almost completely silent and working diligently the whole time even my hyperactive classes! Week 13 (31.03.2014 04.03.2014) Goals: I will continue to work on my classroom management by providing clear consequences rather than multiple warnings. I will finish the graphs for my LAMP. Journal: This week, I got a little frustrated with my blue class. I think it is because I give a lot of warnings for talking out of turn and not staying on task, but there are no real and tangible consequences. Something to think about Week 14 (07.04.2014 11.04.2014) Spring Break Week 15 (14.04.2014 18.04.2014) Goals: I will finish strong!

Journal: Week 16 (21.04.2014 25.04.2014) Goals: I will enjoy my students and my last week in Germany. I will tie up any loose ends in terms of grading and schoolwork. Journal: