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Global market for critical materials in nanotechnology to reach nearly $9.

4 billion by 2018
Critical materials are economically and/or strategically important raw materials that are at significant risk of supply disruptions as a result of resource limitations, political instability in producing areas, or political decisions by producer governments. Potential shortages of critical materials and related price increases can impact the nanotechnology industry in two ways: by jeopardizing e isting nanotechnology applications of these materials and by creating new opportunities for other nanotechnology applications. !CC "esearch provides an in#depth analysis of the global market for critical materials in nanotechnology through its report Critical $aterials in %lobal &anotechnology $arkets. 'ccording to the report, this market was valued at nearly ().* billion in +,-+ and is e pected to increase to nearly ().. billion in +,-/. !CC "esearch projects the market to grow to nearly (..0 billion by +,-1, and register a five#year compound annual growth rate of ).*2 from +,-/ to +,-1. Use this report to:

%ain a market overview of the critical materials used in global nanotechnology industries. 'nalyze global market trends, with data from +,-+, estimates for +,-/, and projections of C'%"s for the period +,-/ and +,-1. 3 amine coverage of those critical materials whose shortages can be alleviated or avoided through the application of various nanotechnologies. 'ssess 4uantifications of potential reductions in critical materials consumption and the net economic cost to achieve them. "eview comprehensive company profiles of major players in the industries covered.

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