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Uthana Dwadasi (Thulasi festival): This festival falls on Karthika Shudha Dwadasi, in the month of Alpisi.

The Thulasi plant is considered to be a very sacred plant and the leaves of Thulasi is used as garlands in
Vishnu temples. It is believed that God can be propitiated by offering a single Thulasi leaf, which is
available even to the poorest among the poor. There is a well known Mythological story "Sri Krishna
Thulabharam", of how a single leaf of Thulasi tilted the balance, when the entire wealth of
Sathyabhama, could not out weigh Sri Krishna. Thulasi leaves have many medicinal properties and is also
used as a herb in cooking, in many parts of the world.

The Pooja to Thulasi plant in the Brindavan, is usually performed in the evening on that day, in presence
of invited ladies. A twig of the Gooseberry tree (Nellikkai or Amla) with a few fruits, which represents Sri
Krishna, is set by the side of the Thulasi plant, in the well decorated Brindavan. This is considered to be
the wedding of Krishna and Thulasi. Lamps made out of five gooseberries are lit in front of the Brindavan
and oil lamps are lit all over the house, and Arathi is performed to Thulasi. The Pooja ends with
distribution of betel leaf, nut and fruits to the invitees.