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The Three Chinese Philosophies

Name: Anne Couturier Grade Level of Lesson: 7th Grade Subject/ Content: World History China
Michigan Curriculum Framework: Social Studies Content Standards and Benchmarks: W.3.2. rowth and !e"elopment o# World $eligions !"lain ho# #orld reli$ions or belief systems of Hinduism% &uddhism% Christianity% Confucianism% and 'slam $re# and their si$nificance( %&W3.2.' 'dentify and describe the beliefs of the five major #orld reli$ions( (nit )utcome: )he learner #ill be able to identify% describe and com"are% Confucianism% )aoism% and Le$alism( )he learner #ill also be able to com"are the three "hiloso"hies( *esson )utcomes: )he learner #ill be able to describe and analy*e the influences of the three Chinese "hiloso"hies( 'n addition students #ill be able to com"are the three Chinese "hiloso"hies(( $ational+Purpose #or *esson: 'n order for students to learn about the ho# future rulers ruled China% students need to understand the different "hiloso"hies they $overned by( ,ssessments: )here #ill be a tic+et assi$nment for the students to com"lete to chec+ for com"rehension $esources+ Materials: )e!t boo+% "o#er "oint% note sheet% e!ist sli" -ntroduction: .&'/ minutes )he #arm u" #ill consist of a fe# ,uestions to lead the students into the influences of the three Chinese "hiloso"hies( )he day before% #e s"ent time in class readin$ a section of the )ao of -ooh% and relatin$ the )aoism to the character Winnie the -ooh( )he #arm u" as+s the students to e!"lain ho# -ooh re"resents )aoism( After sufficient time has "assed% #e #ill $et bac+ to$ether and tal+ about the #arm u"( )he teacher #ill then lead into the influences of Chinese culture( Procedures: 0/ minutes .( Cover the objectives for the day #hich are as follo#s: .( Students #ill be able to e!"lain ho# )aoism% Le$alism% and Confucianism has effected Chinese culture and $overnment( /( Students #ill be able to com"are and contrast the characteristics of )aoism% Le$alism and Confucianism /( )he class #ill start #ith a $uided lesson over the influences of the three Chinese "hiloso"hies( )he students #ill be $iven a fill in the blan+ note ta+in$ sheet% and #ill be encoura$ed to ta+e additional notes( )hrou$hout the lesson% the instructor #ill as+ the students ,uestions to dra# u"on connections(

0( 1nce the $uided lesson is com"lete% students #ill brea+ u" into $rou"s of t#o to three( )hey #ill ta+e out their 2enn 3ia$rams% and finish com"arin$ and contrastin$ the three "hiloso"hies( After about ten minutes% the class #ill come bac+ to$ether and #e #ill as a class $o over the 3ia$ram( 4( After the class has finished com"arin$ and contrastin$ the three "hiloso"hies be sure to $o over an ,uestions or clarifications( 1omework: )heir home#or+ #ill be #or+ on the cha"ter /. study $uide( )his study $uide is based off the boo+ and #ill have similar ,uestions as the test at the end of the #ee+( Closure: .&'/ minutes )he students #ill be $iven time to as+ any ,uestions they have about the lesson that just occurred( 1nce all ,uestions have been ans#ered% "ass out the e!ist tic+et for the day( )he e!ist tic+et is meant for students to reflect and for the teacher to chec+ com"rehension( )he tic+et #ill as+ the students t#o5 three short com"rehension ,uestions( )he students #ill have the remainin$ time to turn this in( Students must turn in their tic+et before they leave( 2"aluation and $e#lection: )he teacher #ill reflect u"on the follo#in$ ,uestions( What #ere the stren$ths and #ea+ness of the lesson6 What about the teachin$ of the content6 What could be done better ne!t time6