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Reflective Analysis of Portfolio Artifact Rationale/Reflection NAEYC Standard:

STANDARD 7. EARLY CHILDHOOD FIELD EXPERIENCES Field experiences and clinical practice are planned and sequenced so that candidates develop the knowledge, skills and professional dispositions necessary to promote the development and learning of young children across the entire developmental period of early childhood in at least two of the three early childhood age groups (birth age 3, 3 through 5, 5 through 8 years) and in the variety of settings that offer early education (early school grades, child care centers and homes, Head Start programs). (NAEYC, 2011)

Brief Description of Evidence:

I have attached my resume to show that I have had two practicum experiences during my time at Ivy Tech. During my ECED 100 class I was able to work in a variety of elementary classrooms. I was able to work in a special needs preschool, a Title 1 classroom and a 4 th grade class. I created and implemented lesson plans, attended parent teach conferences, and helped with after school activities. During my second practicum, ECED 235, I was placed at the Muncie Childrens Museum. I was placed on a project to create a new room for The Winter Wonderland exhibit. The room is called Mrs. Clauses classroom. The room
contained a small group and large group lesson plan, an ornament decorating area to match the correct color with each Christmas tree and a pasta area where the children can cook and measure like Mrs. Clause does. Both of these practicum sites allowed me to work with children from ages of 3-8 years old.

Analysis of What I Learned:

Through completion of both of these practicum sites, I was able to use positive interaction, social skills and promote the development and learning of young children. I was able to create lesson plans, activities, and centers to allow the children to express themselves. Being able to work with all ages of children, allowed me to see how each child learns, understands, and retains information. I now know the importance of early childhood professionals working together and sharing ideas about content and classroom practices. Through this artifact I have learned how to use my knowledge, skills and professional dispositions to promote learning for the children.

How This Artifact Demonstrates my Competence on the NAEYC Standard:

These practicum sites allowed me to work with all age groups of children from age 3 to age 8. These sites allowed me to gained field experience in the early childhood field, allowed me to use my knowledge, skills and professional experience to promote learning for young children in a variety of settings. My practicum sites included many different stations that allowed the children to develop and learn at their own pace and level. Through creating this room, lesson plans, and centers, I feel more informed that my teaching practices are developmentally appropriate for young children.