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800 McCue Dr.

Oshawa, ON L1K 0R1

Phone: 647-628- 86! "-#a$%: &anessa.&ee&ee'(#a$%.co#

Vanessa Vasquez
Objective Seeking a challenging position where I can grow professionally and personally with a reputable organization.

Summary of Qualifications

Superior in customer service Honest, reliable, productive, and professional in appearance and presentation Ability to interact compassionately and calmly with others Willing to take initiative to help and learn !cellent organizational skills and detail oriented "reat analytical, decision making, and problem#solving skills Able to work independently and as a cooperative team member $roven e!cellent interpersonal and communication skills %emonstrated pattern of good attendance &nowledge of 'editech patient care information system !cels at multi#tasking in a fast#paced environment efficiently and accurately Able to type ()#(* words per minute $roven computer skills including Word, !cel, +utlook, and the Internet 'otivated to do more and to learn more.

Work Experience

,ebruary -)./ 0 $resent

Support Services (CSR)

1ouge 2alley Hospital 34entenary5

Scarborough, +6

Handle a very high volume of inbound calls by providing e!cellent customer service with clear and understandable telephone voice Input accurate data entry given by nurses, doctors, and team leaders. %ispatch support service tasks to $ersonal Support 1epresentatives, ,aculty Support 1epresentatives, and7or nvironmental Support 1epresentatives for both 4entenary and A8a! sites. Interact compassionately and calmly with patients, visitors, and hospital staff $erform clerical duties as assigned $rovide helpful information to patients and visitors 'aintain the confidentiality and privacy of patient health information and personal information of staff

6ovember -).. 0 ,ebruary -)./

9'+ ,inancial "roup

'ississauga, +6

Customer Contact Agent (Everyday Banking)

Handling a high volume of inbound calls and using the 4ustomer 4onversation ,ramework to build and develop customer relationships. ffectively manage the customer:s initial re;uest and then through additional probing, position solutions targeted to the needs of the customer.

4onsistently met and e!ceeded sales targets Ac;uired additional skill sets allowing me to assist customers with virtual account opening. Analyzing client needs, resolving clients concerns, and proactively offer solutions Successfully manage the three accountabilities re;uired in my role< ;uality, sales, and productivity.

%ecember -))= 0 +ctober -).)

Business Service Consultant

1ogers 4ommunications Inc.

9rampton, +6

$rovided outstanding customer service in a consistently positive and helpful manner Assisted customers with billing in;uiries as well as processing re;uested account changes and accounts receivable on high revenue business accounts nsure that the customers: accounts are completed efficiently and accurately >iaise between team manager and clients on specific issues Implemented effective probing skills in order to e!tract information from customer to ensure that they receive the best service 4onsistently met and e!ceeded sales targets and goals 4onducted one#on#one coaching sessions with team members $rovided floor support as a Sub8ect 'atter !pert for new hire employees

'arch -))? 0 September -))=

Service Advisor

rin 'ills 2olvo

'ississauga, +6

+versaw and resolved customer concerns with their vehicle 4ommunicated with technicians to confirm nature of mechanical problems and advocated solutions Assisted customers with re;uests for repair and obtain customers written approval on all repair orders 9ooked service appointments for customers according to maintenance schedules for their vehicle

@anuary -))A06ovember -))= 4awthra "ardens 6ursing Home 'ississauga, +6

Volunteer Assist with all activities of daily living, including bathing, toileting, dressing, mobility and feeding $rovide optimal support 4lean and tidy resident rooms 1ecognized and report changes in clients: behavior7conditions Work with individuals with cognitive impairment and mental issues

September -))* # 'arch -))?

Appointment Coordinator

4ooksville %odge

'ississauga, +6

+perated a multi#line telephone system to transfer all incoming calls to the appropriate individual7department in a courteous and professional manner 1esolved customer concerns $rocessed and received payments for customer transactions Scheduled appointments with customers for the service department


Durham College (2013 - present)

General Arts Science ! "ealt# $reparation

Sheridan College (2010-2011)

Community and %ustice Studies $rogram

Father Michael Goetz Secondar School

+ntario Secondary School %iploma


! "# $#E %&ON REQ%ES'

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