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Once upon a time there was a crab that lived on a beach in southern Spain. The other crabs called him Croqui, because he loved to cover himself in the sand, a bit like a croquette. Croqui loved sunlight and when summer came he went mad about getting the best place on the beach to sunbathe. He was always very tanned, but he never listened to the older crabs advice. The adult crabs always told him to put on sun cream to stop himself from getting sunburnt on his shell, but he would say that it wouldnt do him any harm.

One splendid hot summers day, Croqui was sunbathing when suddenly he began to smell burning. What could that be? he thought. Then he realised thatsmoke was coming from one of his claws, and that it was scorched. So he raced into the sea to cool off.