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Date ______________________ CORNELL NOTES CHAPTER 20: THE ATMOSPHERE, CLIMATE AND GLOBAL WARMING What are the 2 main pieces of evidence for climate change? Increase in surface temperature and increase in CO2 What is the difference between weather and climate? Weather is whats happening right now in the atmosphere and climate is over long period of time

What does a climatogram show? It shows the changes in climate in that area

What is the composition of the atmosphere? Describe each layer. It is made up of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, CO2, Water vapor and traces of air pollutants The first layer is the troposphere and it is where the weather occurs, then it is the stratosphere and it acts as a ozone later that protects us from UV light, then it is the Stratopause, mesosphere, mesopause, and the thermosphere

How does atmospheric pressure change with altitude? Explain. It is cause by the weight of overlying atmospheric gases on those below What causes winds on Earth? The earths rotation Describe the Earths albedo (Heat/Energy Budget) Earth reflects about 30% of the light and absorbs 25% the last 45% get to the surface What instruments are used to study paleoclimate? Tree rings, sediments, ice cores, fossil pollen, corals, and carbon-14

APES Explain the Greenhouse Effect- What gases are involved? The light from the sun the reaches earth is absorbed to keep us warm and the stratosphere reflects harmful UV light, oxygen, water vapors, methane, nitrogen, and CFCs

What are positive and negative feedbacks? Negative feedback is then there is more evaporation forming more clouds, reflecting more sunlight making the surface more cooler, Positive feedback is when water evaporates but stays as water vapor increasing temperature with the greenhouse effect

What are some natural causes of climate change? The rotation of the sun keeps the pole in different angles making hotter a certain time of the year

How does the Ocean affect climate change? Water absorbs more heat and the when it evaporates the water vapor heats up the surface What is El Nino and what causes it/what does it cause? Warm surface water piles up in the western pacific, trade winds blow west across the tropical pacific

Explain how we can forecast climate change: By seeing formation of clouds and the direction they are going


What are some possible effects of climate change? Increase in temperature, CO2 concentration will increase changes in river flow, rise in sea level,

We can either adapt or mitigate the effects of climate change- explain. By using alternate sources of energy we can reduce the CO2 concentrations

What are things we can do to reduce the potential of climate change? Use alternate energy sources, reforestation

What are some international agreements to help mitigate with global warming/climate change? Carbon trading so that no nation exceeds the cap, reduce greenhouse emissions