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Game Simulation or Metabolic Training A. Goal: Develop game specific conditioning by position B. Warm-up: Step 1: (1 min! do a s"orter version of t"e same #arm-up you do for t"e Speed Day Step $: (1 min! do positional drills building intensity %. &ace: Simulate your game speed D. 'est (ntervals: Appro). * seconds bet#een plays and *-+ minutes bet#een drives ,. Distance: Belo# are t#o Game Simulation e)amples. -ou can design and develop your o#n Drive se.uences. 'emember to #or/ t"e s/ills of your position and follo# t"e guidelines outlined above. 0ollo#-up #it" 1empo 'uns #it" total distance depending on lengt" and intensity of Game Simulation Wor/out 2-3ine and D-3ine - develop foot#or/4 agility and position s/ills - do not do any sprinting. 1"at is done on your Speed Day - if possible #or/ #it" eac" ot"er #it" D3 reacting to 23 movements 2t"er positions #ill t"ro#4 run routes and #or/ pass coverages. ''5s #or/ t"e run game foot#or/ as #ell as run routes Se.uence for 1-1 and &ass S/eleton (a! 'eceivers run play (b! 3B6s and DB6s pass cover &lay 1 < + yd .uic/ post &lay $ < + yd .uic/ out &lay * < 1+ yd in &lay 7 < 1+ yd out &lay + < 7 yd up ('est * minutes! &lay &lay &lay &lay &lay 8 9 : ; 1 < < < < * yd corner post + yd stop 1+ yd comebac/ 1: yd post-in (dig! < + yd under

Se.uence for 3inemen (a! 2-3inemen run play (b! D-3inemen react4 pursue and rus" &lay 1 - reac" bloc/ left go up field + yds &lay $ - s"ort pass set left &lay * - s"ort trap left &lay 7 - full pass set left &lay + - long trap left &lay 8 - pull for bootleg left &lay 9 - pull for s#eep left &lay : - side step left + yds and s"ort pass set &lay ; - pull for bootleg left &lay 1 - side step left + yds and full pass set (rest *-+ min and repeat same to

('est + minutes!


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