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Candice Seawright Teaching Science to Children Mrs.

McClary April 21, 2014 School Performance Brookdale Elementary School most recent report card indicates that the school has an Average for Absolute Rating. This means that Brookdale Elementary performance has met the standards for progress toward the 2020 SC Performance Vision. Brookdale also has an Excellent in Growth Rating, this means that Brookdales performance substantially exceeds the standards for progress toward the 2020 SC Performance Vision. Overall, Brookdale Elementary School received an A (95.9) according to the ESEA/Federal Accountability Rating System. This means that the schools performance exceeds states expectations. This is a great improvement Brookdale has made in comparison to the last five years. Brookdale has implemented certain efforts to maintain their grade of an A. First, they had the American Reading Company Family Workshop. The Assistant Principal, Mrs. Nelson, who presented this workshop helped parents understand the writing portion of the PASS Test. She gave these parents general information, a blue print, scoring rubric as well as tips to help their children prepare for the big test. There was also another speaker that helped parents understand the importance of reading, not just for test purposes but also for reading in life. She stressed the importance of reading logs, reading levels and different steps that should be followed while a child is reading at home. As you can see, parent involvement is important to a childs education and Brookdale values parent involvement more than anything. Another effort to keep up student achievement was the College Day at the

Eagles Nest. This was a day when students had the opportunity to wear any shirt of their college choice. The school wanted to encourage students to keep up their achievement in the classroom so that they are able to go their college choice and expand their career opportunities. Another effort the school has in place is the 21 Century Afterschool Group. This is a program gives extra tutoring or help to students who are struggling. This program is usually set at low performing schools. The 21st Century Afterschool Program focuses mainly on reading and math and have been helping Brookdale Elementary School a great deal with their students. According to Palmetto Assessment of State Standard (PASS) test for Science, 53.9% of students did not meet the standards presented while taking the test. A total of 39.5% of the students however did meet the standards presented and 6.6% of students exceeded expectations presented during the PASS Test. To improve these scores, Brookdale has put in a well-equipped science laboratory. There plenty of tables in the laboratory to put students in many groups. Also there is a mini library section to help teachers and students read before they are actually begin their science investigation. This gives students an opportunity to receive background information. Also located in the lab are microscopes and science kits. Just recently, students had to make habitats for some of the new animals they were having come into the lab. This gives students a great visual and hands on activity for learning science.